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Part 5 of Dragon Lore Chronicles

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 1

Finsean had changed with the Light!
He had come to the understanding that He had been duped! The Heir had play him like a pawn on chess board. Knowing He would make sure Squire planted his Marker Knowing he would be taking his best mate to his death.

Here in the Rookery the Sentinels Tower, a Beautiful world he had never seen before. Here he understood he had been used like a nestling, by Evil

he had ask about the Power of Evil on coming here!
And placing Squire in harms way!
he would be more careful now! He knew!

He felt stronger more powerful more alert! He felt there was nothing he could not do! And what he wanted most was to ride the lands of Aledon of Evil and the Heir!

Finsean took it personally as a debt between them!
A debt he knew he would settle!

He wanted to crawl threw the Hidden ways in the Castle. With Squire and the Journal his Grandfathers had given him. With all the True Builders plans, with the secret ways they had built

Finsean wanted to get the Bottom of things,
He wanted to be lurking when the Heir revealed the truth of things, and he could hear What could he learn of the Heir in the Castle from here?

Even in the Sentinels Tower he was feeling Caged
He looked about at the Legendary Library of Merlyn,
the Birth Place of His People.

The Deep Magic of the place caught him
he marvelled at all he saw ,as he Looked about him

Here in a world he had never seen before
the World of Merlyn’s Everything he saw was Breathtaking.
I may never pass this way again! He said to himself as he spied the Counting House

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 2

For Sentinels are War Birds, and they know,
The value of a ledger! The large round Counting House was Grand ! With a circular stair case in the canter with 5 Storys going down deep into the cult rock. It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.
Merlyn’s people
must have all been Builders!
He started at the top! Reading he never saw the day was getting on!

Then he never saw the day was gone, and Getting late
As he read

Then the night had passed he was still reading

He reached the bottom floor of the Counting House
He was nearing the very last of the ledgers
The Lands of Aledon
across the great sea,
there he saw in an Ancients own hand ;
and the Castle called Knelsolawn
The Price the Copper Scroll!
Finsean just stared!
Feeling anxious he was on to something he knew!

But What? Drove him on!

Cayman had found a large table tucked in the back of the Main Hall. There he could see the comings and goings of them all! For he was a young Dragon who had changed his skin. His curiosity was vast

Not Human ,he found their History fascinating
So fast did he read, hidden away behind a rising stacks of parchment, and scrolls. Those he was reading, and those he had read!

He felt a pull to his heart strings
The Legend of Heros was Astonishing!
Generation after generating .
Humans Fighting Evil and Winning!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 3

Squire warm and cleaned started walking down a long Marble, Hall , he still felt childish and silly like he owned the Realm
and all its bordering lands and seas.to be King he pondered
he marveled at it workmanship admired its sense of artistry it brought him joy As He walked, thinking of how nice would be,

Then he turned a corner then another and another as he walked he started to make a mental list of all he saw and admired , all that could be his if he were King!

As a single lad , he could not stop the Dark Power quickly like it must But if he were King, he could order
All Dark Power to stop,

Returning Humanity back to the Light!
And back to understanding the Planet of Eden is Alive!
And the Sun that gives Light
A Power Freely Given Abundantly and Clean

The more he thought the more he walked, taking notice of all he Owned if he were King He had never felt so ready he had never felt so fitHe felt strong ready to take on Evil

The more he thought of it the more he liked it,
the idea of Being King!

The Legend of Heros , had fallen past Legend past Myth,
to tales of the untold! the Library of Stronghold Behind the Wall..
as he walked his many halls,

Then he heard the Voice that Does Not Speak! His step faltered
And the People you rule?
Those you will have to take by force?

A King Yes,
the world could be yours,
But what if you fell to the Dark Power;
What then of YOUR People?

oh Mighty King
What then of YOUR WORLD?

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 4

The Voice that Does Not Speak;
If you fall to the Dark Power
You will want control!

Who then will Save Them?
Those whom you Love!

What this world needs are Heros.
Who are Honest Brave and True

Every person is needed !
not just a few

Who will aid humans in their Reawakening
To ride themselves of this Dark Power
that has Enslaved them

their Reawakening
to find themselves New World Builders
Guardians , and Keepers , and Champions,
on Eden Humans New World Buildersneed no KING

Humanity must have Eden Ready for the Nexus!
To Join the Civilization of the Cosmoses,
the Home of the Heavenly Host

All Humans are needed not just one
to return to the Power of the Light
Before the Nexus comes

If Eden is found Dyeing
By the hands of Wicked Men
killing their own Living Planet
to get this Dark Power

The Black Hole will be summoned
To stop the spread of Evils Contamination,
from the other universes in the Vast Beyond

Squire could argue the point but the voice of creation was speaking the truth he looked about to see where he was,
he had walked such a long way, but still no end in sight!
I know’ he said

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 5

Walking back a different way to his Grandfathers study he had wanted to hear the letter again He notice How big the Library was, and how Empty!

Again He heard the Voice that does not speak
Eden is in Danger!

You are needed,
no matter what it is you chose to do!
Do not fall to Evil!

Fear is not my Friend He repeated the motto like a litany
my family had taught me
that, ane of Evil ‘s 3 Curses
cast over humans

Doubt Fear and Loneliness
to enslave the Human Heart!

But the Library is so empty.
Has No one come? He his heart was filled with Doubt!

Why was no one here,?
Where are the Builders!?

All those Generation,
who passed on the Legend of Heros,

why are the Builders
keep it secret now!
Squire remembered the Council of Shadow ‘s with uncontrolled shivareeing! They were no Longer Men
Their hearts were black, their spirits gone they were Demons in Human Skin

When the world was in such trouble!
Why has the Brotherhood of Builders
Not Built the things Eden needs
Has the Brother Totally forgotten
who they are?
He felt despair

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 6

The Roc had his arms filled with ledgers, stacked dangerously high and not quit stable, as he turned the corner blind not expecting anyone out this far from the Central Hall

He entered the Long Crystal Hall. When he felt the presence
Of someone coming the other way!

He popped his head around the corner of the Ledgers. Being carful not to drop any. He had... Borrowed.... them from the Castle of Knelsolawn, without their knowledge. He wanted to keep it that way!

Surprised to see Squire, but gave him a warm greeting
Hello Laddy
What brings you out this far?
He was hoping to hear a good answer but when he caught sight of Squires eyes

Just walking and thinking
Squire was hesitant, but smiled
The old Bird cocked his head with curiosity
Squire was sad and blue

What is ailing you lad
you look like
your minds in a stew. The old bird jidded

Look at this Place
the Library of the Stronghold Behind the Wall
the Legend of Heros
It feels more like
a Grand Moralism for the Dead!
The Roc could not argue. This was such a busy place once. Where the world had come to learn to fight Evil. But the Halls are so empty now. Every scroll unread, unsung! They were both melancholy now

The Old Bird shook his head to clear it.
That is why we have come!
These walls need Humans, to be filled with content.
For this ancient library to feel complete.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 7

Evil has Conquered Eden Squire
and we are the only ones who seem to know it!
And from here lad we have more then a Fighting Chance!

How can I do any of those things?!
I have no tools to fight this Squire
Evil all alone!

Squire we have only just started
to learn what we must do.
Give your self a chance to learn
what needs doing by you

The answers will come lad,
they will come !
But Squire just turned and walked threw a Portal
Your NOT alone!
The Old Bird Shouted after him!
Might as well be,
if we tell anyone its here,
they will destroy it!
Squire slowed
The Roc, laughed
did you know for 400 years
it was the Death Penalty
for any who preformed
Robyn Hood with the Legend of Heros
it was so popular for 400 years Evil
were afraid of the Spirit of Robyn Hood

I do not think it is the Same Squire was not going to tell the Roc, or anyone about the Council of Shadow . Not while his Mum is being Hunted

The Roc turned again and agin threw the winding Halls. Till he reached the Large Round Chamber that held gateways archways portals of every kind

Squire had found his way heading back to his Grandfathers Study

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 8

The Roc turned into a shrewd portal, an Alcove that opened up to 4 walls with large counters He stepped in

The old bird went to the far corner He laid the Castle Ledgers down carful on the crystal counters

Tobar poked his head in the doorway to see his old friend working
you find anything
we can use yet’

‘Not yet’
‘but I was just about to get
another load which way you going?

The old ones headed off in the direction
the old bird had come down the long Hall
They came upon the spot where the Roc had seen squire
‘I had just spoken to Squire’
‘I feel I have made a Terrible Mistake’.
‘Do you still have THAT scroll,
you keep near your heart? The old Bird wanted to know

What are you saying?!
Tobar looked surprise!
The Lad feels he is alone!
Alone in his struggle, he has quit,
before he started

Alone you say?

‘Yes’ ‘he feels he is the only Human here’
‘What dose he think we are here fore?’
‘He is not Alone’! ‘I have made a Terrible Mistake’!

Tobar gave him a Devilish grin.
‘What does Una think?’
His interest shown by his eyebrow up on his head

The Roc pull himself up and puffed himself out, and gave a dignified look.
‘I was a Clever Bird’

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 9

Old Tobar held a blinding smile
‘It sounds to me as thou Squire
has fallen to a one of Evil spells
cast over Humanity.
Tobar was filled with relief.
He stopped walking at the end of the long hall. Tobar gave a shudder, at the thought! Evil made his skin crawl!

The Old Bird cocked his head.
Like Fear?
Tobar gravely shook his head

‘How do we brake the spell?! He asked his old confidant

‘That might be difficult’.
For this spell is very Deadly,
in its hideous and vile way it works,
it is very effective!
Making it extremely hard to escape Evils grasp!

The Roc soaking in every word
‘I have seen Squire Master his Fear’
‘ I know he will meet this Spell as well’
‘what can I do help
lift the curse’ ‘just to be sure’
‘how does it work?’

Evil is cast over all of Eden,
cast in the murky haze, Tobar who saw this as their biggest fight
the Dark Shroud of Evils Grip.
Every Human is effected!
By this foul and loathsome hex.
It makes Humans feel alone,
as though they no longer connected to life’
they feel they do not belong’
‘OR’ ‘’ they never will fit in’
‘ as the curse grows stronger Humans grow week,
no longer having loved ones, or even any friends’
no longer can they hear the Voice!!

No ! They were stricken by the thought

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 10

NO Not Squire!
NOT Anyone!
The old Bird was shakeb, concern building!
What can we do?!

Humans themselves
Must Conquer this Curse,

Humans must learn to Master themselves
but we who love them Can Not break the Spell.
Like Fear, they must fight this Evil Curse with their hearts!!

But we can remind those who have fallen
the 3 Gifts of Life
are still theirs!
They can master anything
even themselves
Finsean waved as he saw the Old Ones, down the end of a Long Hall, he was heading off the other way

Finsean had come out of the portal in the main hall.
Where his eyes came upon Cayman and Myreal heads together as one.

He laughed as they had not noticed him until he come to the reference desk and waved at them. They returned smiles and waves as they worked glad to see him busy

There he found several volumes that delete with the lands of Aledon, and the castle and something called the Copper Scroll ,

Finsean took down al the directions he would need. for the library was vast and he did not want to miss reading all that held his answers.

Setting out Finseanwalked and walked, trying to find the first scroll on his list. It was very hard to find.
When he happened on the Roc, just past the long hall. Again The Old Bird’s, arms filled with Ledgers, and a quick step

‘I feel Caged Finsean did not even say hello which is proper
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 11

I should be crawling thru the wall of the castle
to find the Truth of things
.I am a Sentinel A war Bird !
The old Bird could not have been prouder!

It is my duty to bring the Heir
up on charges of Treason!
For he is Evil ! That I know
A wicked twinkle in the old Roc’s eyes it made him look rather cheeky. Finsean was caught by surprise
‘Do you wish to see
What the Heir is Hiding?
The old one was off at a lightning pace

What do you have? Finsean always liked it when the old ones were merry

‘Come with me and find out!
Entering the Alcove, Finsean’s face lite up.
All the counters were filed with ledgers.
’Now these are the Official Ledgers
of the Castel I have BORROWED
now we must be very carful
to return all as they are,
they do not know we are spying,
and I like to keep it that way.

So you thought Finsean jumped to work
while the Pixie has the Heir busy
we could take a quick look?

‘Great minds think alike ,
and since we are in sink
it must be a a Good Omen!
They were sorting by types
Eager to get started
Working side by side faster then normal, WHEN

the Old One threw his head up like he had heard something,
then gathered a few things to leave.

The Roc had blossomed before Finsean
he wondered if it was Una calling him.
She turned the Old Bird into a nestling With a crush

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 12

Finsean’s mood to tease someone had come to a new High, when he tested his theory. on the Roc
Are you off to see
He knew none of them had meet Una yet, only the Old Ones had known of her here. Finsean felt the mood was on him and the Roc could became so silly he had to test his theory, he was not really teasing him! But he was!

‘Mind your own business’ Came a Angry Caw!

Are You?! He was The Old bird Huffed and Puffed
with all the dignity he could muster as he went not wanting to lie, or tell the truth!

But Finsean was looking forward to being an Old One, when it was his turn, so he kept his teasing down to a roar, just to keep with in the code

Finsean had spent hours.
Only a few ledgers
on the counters left to sort

as the floor under the counters filled with
ledgers sort by their kinds
He was getting anxious

He put another ledger in a growing pile
that had turned into the whole back wall.
He looked in disgust as he tossed another
pantry and Galley ledgers on to the Growing Pile
’how much could those
skinny Elves eat’‘?
He tossed another ledger,and another ledger,and
Then he lifted another and threw it on the pile
when a scrap of parchment slipped out of its spine

His tail began to twitch as he retrieved the scrap,
opened the ledger dropped it inside and slammed it shut. His agitation growing his tail twitching like mad
He had a feeling he was missing something, then he knew he had. The scrap had fallen from the spine.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 13

Quickly he recaptured the scrap he examined it
A worthless scrap was all it was, until he had the feeling
Are you sure?

Finsean carefully looked it over, it was very cleaver
It had been enchanted with a Elvish charm.â he had almost missed it, and tossed it back in the Ledgers!

It was not a scrap at all .It was an ancient Family Tree,
and it had not been very fruitful! He needed time alone to read it. It had been shoved into the spine, hidden. He had the feeling it was important, and he did not want to give it back,

He needed to read the parchment Not here were the Roc would be coming in and see it. He refolded a scrap of parchment he tucked it into his tethers by his heart.

He did not know what he had, but he did not want
to share it. Enchanted to look worthless As old as it was it must be important, he headed for the Main Hall to find the scrolls he would need

Cayman working at the long table in the Main Hall noticed Finsean at the reference desk again acting odd!

Finsean had a manner of someone who had something to hide, and being a curious Dragon he wanted to know what it was

He walked about here and there in the main hall pretending to shelve scrolls always making sure he walked by Finsean several times

He walked past him another time to see what it was Finsean was hiding. But every time he thought he saw the old scrap soaked in magic, Finsean tucked it away out of sight

Caymen frustrated went back to the long table where he disappeared behind stacks of Scrolls Then he went to work shadowing Finsean to find out what he wanted to know

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 14

Cayman shadowed Finsean out of the main hall and far from where they had been before Finsean would dropped his guard Finsean opened up the scrap and began to read

Cayman became so adsorbed in the Magic Soaked Parchment, he stood over Finsean’s shoulder reading .
Forgetting Finsean was a War Bird

Finsean jumped when he felt someone’s presence

Finsean resuselled his feathers as he looked about
Then he laughed at himself for being jumpy.

A guilty conscience he thought. He wondered if it had been Una , and did she know he had the Scrap!? Because he did not want to give it back he had many questions, why was it was a scrap shoved in a spine

Caymen had to throw himself back to the Main Hall
as quickly as he could, he did not want to explain to anyone why he was spying of Finsean!

On the Old Scrap Finsean had unfolded and started to read,
as he looked for the Heir on a Family Tree,
his name was written Nowhere! Cayman thought

The Ancient Family Tree that was not very fruitful,
as there where not many names on it. Just titles!
But each of the enterics that had been given a name that Had been hand scribed in, each in a different Elvish hand

They had been scribed by different people,
but they were all scribed by Elves. Cayman thought
None that had scribed had been Humans ,
but it was an Ancient Human Family Tree
There was not one Elev. on it! Only Humans! How odd!
At the bottom of the Scrap, he looked to see
that the Queen of the High Elves had scribed her true name

Firssean wanted so badly to tell the old ones of his scrap but he could not take the chance ! They would want to give it back. So they were not found out, the Ledgers had been borrowed

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 15

The Queen of the High Elves Had scribed in-residence as well! As he looked they [ the Queen of the High Elves ]
all had scribed in-residence and their true name,

All those who had scribed where Queen’s .of the High Elves. Female, so were did a Male Heir come from????

But what Firssean wanted to know was ;
Why the Queen of the High Elves have a
The Ancient Human Family Tree
but when he moved his hand
he saw such a sight!

Scribed in the High Queens own hand, where the words in the margin, next to the image of the Sword of Light, and the Crown of Roses. With the Tittle Scribed in High Holy King of Eden ‘’Squire’‘one of the Beloved”?

He quickly folded it away and began to walk.

One of the Beloved.
High Holy King!
He could kick the Heirs Hinny
and send him to Dungeon
for Killing the Great Mountain!
He could do all kinds of Great Things as King, Finsean was getting excited his tail twitched. He was thinking of all the People he could tell and what they all could do!

Then he saw his shadow , his tail twitching like a clicker back and forth. He had that feeling he should Keep the Scrap! But he should Keep it
A Secret!

It was that feeling that always seemed to know best
what was good for him, like when The Roc would stay close just over his shoulder when he was a Nestlings.

Finsean felt it was better to be carful. It was a hidden Secret from someone, and they did not want it found in the Castle that he could feel from the Fear he smelled on it.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 16

But Finsean was pretty sure the Heir did known this,
and that is why he was pushing the Rock Trolls to Play
in the Great Rolloff!

The Heir had known Squire would play, they were one man short so The Heir boldly flaunted his cheating in everyone faces, to give Squire his Challenge,

The Heir knew I would push him into something stupid, but fun. He knew all of their natures and how they would act, like a chess board. Finsean needed to learn More about this scrap, and what to Expect form the Evil Heir on their return

The Roc had been heading back to the Alcove when he turned a Conners and saw Finsean. He was happy to see the Old Bird even thou he was not ready to tell him of the Scrap!
Do you remember grumbling
how much the Elves were eating?

Yes Finsean laughed

No! Joke! Laddy They were both moving fast down the halls
They turned into the Alcove as The Roc pointed At the small bundle of ledgers there were only 12
Those are all of last years
Galley and Pantry ledgers
Those are only until now!

Then he pointed to stacks and stacks of of ledgers, overflowing Finsean whistled then said
That is enough food
to Feed and Army! The Old Bird was pleased!
Finsean had been listing to himself talk!
Past the Sinning Forrest
past the boundary’s of our land.
Are the rugged stretch of mt’s known
as the Dragons Teeth.
They could counsel an Army
but those who keep their lands
keep themselves, to themselves.
To hide and Army I am not to sure!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 17

‘We must know! As The Roc gathered together a few tings
Even if means the Heir
is only entreating Giants
We Must Know !
The Old bird was off again to send word in a dispatch.
He wanted every pair of wings in the skies he wanted this Army found!

Finsean felt caged again he longed to fly, to search for the Army! But he set himself up with clean parchments and scribed in code, that no one had broken they had used it since they were little!

This is what it meant but not what it looked like, it was very ingenious, code with only just dots and dashes
No GAME; Danger!
The Heir
might have an Army
you have the ground
we have the Air
Find his old Squad too
they could be in trouble
~ the shadow, Roll on
He sealed the parchment in their secret way he knew the Rock Trolls ability were Grand and he of all people did not like the Heir, he was one of the first to start trouble for the Rock Trolls

Finsean sealed the parchment and was about to go in search of an Old One to send his dispatch, his mind wondered back to thinking about the Beloved! Squire had never spoken of them not even in his Storys by the campfires they told. Who were they?

Pleased to see Myreal as she poked her head in the door. He had welcomed her company and had told her all about the Game the Great Rolloff! they had been playing when the Heir had cheated! Then The challenged Squire!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 18

Finsean had told her it was his fault that Squire had taken the Challenge, and made his Marker.

She smiled at him, she had heard about the Marker, they were all waiting to see if it would come true No one saying a word to the other. Only Squire it seemed, to Myreal and his Friend Finsean were the only ones who did not know what it meant!?

Myreal understated now, she told him of her needs to invoke that was when she had come on this urgent need! Squire had been in Danger! She knew!

Myreal looked at this War Bird who was Squires best Mate
You two do not know what you
have done? Do you?

Well I know I put Squire in Danger
I pushed him into making this Marker
and with it came
the Death of the Great Mountain
and almost Squire!
Finsean was upset

That is one way to look at it!
Myreal gave him such a cheeky smile
But I am aware of other ways
she giggled then became serious
The World of Eden is under attack
and she is Alining!
And still No Human’s
Gave the Sign
if it took YOU to push Squire
into making THE MARKER
then I say that was a GOOD THING!
The Voice Squire heard
‘Save Me’ was Eden Herself!
We have come at the 11 Hour Finsean
But We Are Here NOW!
THANK-YOU! A Human has come
to Stronghold Behind the Wall
and the Sign of a Gathering Called
now we wait to see where he holds it!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 19

Myreal was so excited she could feel Eden here in this place of such Deep Magic, she smiled like a Cheshire Cat!
But the Marker
did not stand for long!
It fell with the Great Mountain.
NO ONE Finsean knew the Marker was gone
Saw it!

Can you Feel
the Deep Magic Here Myreal gave him a wink

HE could!

the Deep Magic OF the Marker sent out a Signal!
a compassionate remainder
The Sign to Call a Gathering Has Been shown!
The Warning Given; World Change!
And those who are still Human
will feel its Draw
Like the Moon pulls the tide
to ebb and flow, a Gathering Has Been Call
We are just waiting to see Where!?

She watched as Finsean had realized he was
not so bad after all!
We and the Old Ones
have been waiting on Pins an Needles
to see where Squire will call it.
For the signal has been sent to get the Humans Ready,
so when the Location is picked they can journey!
To the Gashing that has been called!

And here was I thinking I had been played for a Fool
and all the time I was Helping. I know I was , I had felt I was
until the Death of the Great Mountain,
and then the near lose of Squire!

Every Action has a Reaction, whether we see them or not
You are here to fight
Not just the Heir
but the Evil,
that runs him,
and put him there

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 20

No what you did
must have been right
look about, it is not just your lands.
Evil is Everywhere, it has the upper hand

Humans are Killing The Living Plant
Trapped by the Dark Power
they do not Understand Myreal gave him a KNOWING LOOK

Élan’ had fallen asleep in the study, sitting in a high-back chair, pulled up to the great oak writing desk. While she searched her 'Ancient Archives Rollo had made, she fell into a deep and hypnotic sleep.

The pull on her life force growing, and it bothered her, nothing Evil had ever had the ability to reach her.
Evil had no Power over Her!

Or maybe now it did! Came the Voice that does not Speak!

With the All Seeing Eye! She thought to herself
It had always been
mean ,petty and crewel
But the Hatred and Rage that it had become,
it was nearly Pure Evil.
But threw her connection to the All Seeing Eye as its
Rightful Holder She can feel its Evil was Growing

As Élan’ fell gently asleep sitting in a high-back chair, in the study, her mind wandered, restlessly, Dreaming of awe-inspiring things, her head only inches above the Curious Velum in the Queen of the High Elves Undergarment Hart had found,, by some odd chance.

Even while her body, could not hold back sleep, her mind was still too engaged to surrender, for she had to untangle the information she had just been given. Fast asleep, laying half across the table filled with scrolls and parchments, her hair just touching, but not quite lying in the ink well. Her outstretched arm extended fully and her fingers gracefully touching her Seeing Stones.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 21

Élan’ had been holding them just moments before
she had fallen quickly into a deep asleep. not fully of her own making

As she slept, her mind had continued to puzzled, about the Talisman The All Seeing Eye, she was trying to understand!

She had always known the Eye was Evil, and it wanted her dead. This was no surprise She grew up under its terrorny but this was different. What was really going on!?

The Seeing Stones Ignited!

The small red spark’s flashed as one, as her Seeing Stones grew in intensity filling the study with a haunting red glow.
The haunting red glow.began to shimmer gently around Élan’

The red light whirled with increasing force to explode in a Blinding Flash.

She suddenly Vanished from sight She awoke on her knees, in a brightness that she watched the throbbing threw her hands over eyelids so extreme ,then lessened to a lesser light until it was gone. Élan’ had to keep her eyes closed till it passed! For sure!

For it who have blinded her! The brightness had flashed with such power, when she vanished and left her home ...
"Where?" she wondered.
Where was she?
She found herself on her knees at the entrance of an Ancient Circle of Standing Stones ,As she stood, she gazed out! Into the plain She Knew where she was!

As a small child she was taught to read the stars and ,Chart them here . She had been here to Study many time s!
Élan’ was on the Holy Isle of Avalon At the Entrance to Celestial Temple the Time Piece of the Beloved’s
She had been shown the Vastness of the Cosmos,
and the Universe we live, she watched each rotations of moons around plants around suns! All a thing of beauty

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 22

Élan’ looked up to see Orbits within Orbits within Orbits, as Orbits, just jeweled perfection!

Before her eyes they turned into Gears within Gears within Gears of a Giant Time Piece created.

She could see the universe working hand in hand with creation .to give the most accurate accounts of the times that are, .The Heavens were the most finely jeweled time piece ever Crafted not just the day and Hour, but the year down to the single moment.

That is how Eden Changes are projected By watching her orbit,’s and her soil, and weather patterns. Just like the Moon Pulls the Tide to Ebb and Flows, all planets pull on each other , learning these things help Humans in their projections on what will be coming as Eden Changes.

She loved watching Eden Travel , her Orbit threw the Heavens ,Supporting the Great Dance of Life in the Cosmos.

She had learned many secrets here about the nature of Life And for Eden’s plans when she was ready to Reproduce when she has fully matured a few millions years from now to fill the Vast Beyond with Living Planets and Life!

Because of Evil’s lie, “What no one seemed to notice: Eden is the 1st!” for no one else has found a Living Planet!

She watched herself with her father When he told her of the Importance of the North Pole, which Noah taught so Well!
showing her how to plot a course across the Deep Ocean’s of Eden, using the Stars at night, charting their course.
To their next unknown lands. She loved seeing New Peoples, and New Lands , parts of Eden, that had worlds of such wonders and magic

Élan’ was also taught a Seceret! Not Even her Family knew!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 23

Because the Deep Magic of the Stone Table was the Magic of Eden it knew she was A Daughter of Life!
And it had called to her to come! +
To find the answer to her questions
What was really going on!?

The Stone Table began to glow as it came to Life
she was drawn to it’s charm Bathed in the Silver Moonlight. The Stone Table Glimmered Before her

She felt as though she had stepped outside of The World she knew The luminescent runes, beamed in the moonlight .
she had stepped outside of Time. Her own Reality

. She was standing in a vision ;Stonehenge not yet standing
the Circle of Standing Stones had changed to the past! 5,000 years before Elan’s time, unfolded before her. and 5,000 years After Noah.

People were all Gathered at the Great Oak, on the open plain On the Holy Isles of Avalon where the Beloved, and Free Men the Navigators, lived in peace. KNOWN by Homer as The Lands of the Caledonians

Elan watched a Stranger as he stood outside of the Gathering He moved to the Great Oak as thou he had lived threw All of Time. He looked as though he were ancient.

She could not take her eyes off this old man, she KNEW HIM! She knew the spirit behind those eyes! But from where ?

The Stranger settled in among them as thou he belonged , while the Special Envoy talked to the Council, giving the Queen of the Change the 3 Books of Knowledge that had once been in the Chest!

Elan could not place the Stranger, but she was sure his eyes missed nothing about him. When he settled among those. He had never met, before now.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 24

But he was from Noah’s Old Guard to keep the 3 Books, of Knowledge that had been in the Chest and 7 Books that Noah had written in his own hand, about his life and what he learned on the Living Planet he called the Garden of Eden

This Ancient old thing had come with the Envoy to Noah’s Oldest Sisters lines, Neurea the Rightful line of the Queen of the Change

Queen Isis as stand in for Queen, who wanted the 3 Books returned, to, the Holy Isle of Avalon to Neurea line of women. She could not allow Evil to Have them!

The Stranger was not Old at All! For he Just barely a Man, in truth ,still a lad in his heart! As he settled by the Fire to get the feel of the crowd growing to listen to his Story he had come here to tell!

The little ones cuddled up in WARM soft woolen blankets by the fire, their mothers, and fathers ,all there with them, as they and their little cousins, and friends waiting for a story to begin, they could feel it in the Air, they could feel it all about them!


A Silence Fell about them, they strained to hear
THE children felt uneasy

Mothers started reaching for their children, just to feel they were still safe within their touch,

Fathers slipped away to make a Defensive Perimeter Then tightened the Circle within Circle within Circle formation For these Men Stood Before their Women, as a Human Shield and around those they loved Each man took his Private Vow, They would not Fall

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 25

The Holy Isle’s of Avalon would Stay Free! When a Rhythmic Drumming was heard

From the Council was heard a return of the Drumming. They were Welcome This had Seth’s attention, a Women of such Beauty, Thick and glossy Raven Black Hair tumbled Down her back, in curls as the light from the Fire shot flames before his eyes Her skin like porcelain and her Eyes by the Fire light were the colour of Violets She was Stunning,

Seth felt himself blush, as he had been so taken with her beauty, he barley noticed the 12 very ,very Large Men, who’s heads was over 6 feet with massive Wooden Clubs who came forward into the light of the Fire

She stopped briefly to Thank Him for coming and the safe return of the 3 Books of Knowledge and the Chest

But as she looked down to speak Quickly as she was heading for the Council’s meeting already in session. FOR she had come with VITAL NEWS Seth Blushed at meeting her eyes

This stunning, Women was caught by his youth! He was not more then a Man-Child, not yet 21, and in his blush Time stopped for her , as she felt he had reached for her sole

She saw His TRUE HEART his Innocense, His Goodness his Love! HIS GREAT STRENGTH!
Thank You for Coming!

She smiled with a cheeky grin ONLY HE COULD SEE that turned his ears Bright Red!

And she was so taken with his Innocence, his Love of Life, His Sister, and the Freedom of his People, and the safety of returning the Chest Now called the Ark From the Hands of Evil that had sought it She watched him as she continued walking to the Council.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 26

When one of the Big Men with a Massive Wooden Club, asked
Where be your manners,?
who be this Honoured Guest?.
For Seth had never been to Avalon ,these were peoples that HE had not yet met!

Welcome Said the Hairy man with a club
We are the Brotherhood
who live in the Holy Isles of Avalon
the Isles of Orkney, we call ours
Though across the World,
we are known only as ORK’s
The Raven Haired vision she looked at HIM and gave him such a subtle look as she stopped to ponder this shining young man.

She pulled herself up to her fullest height, she came here to work! But the Voice that Does not Speak,
Love makes you Stronger
as it does these Men,
look at the Human Wall!
You could fight Evil together she felt his eyes, she heard her friend, and smiled
And You are not yet 19 child

She did, look at the Human Wall! It took her breath away, SHE had stop[ed to realize every man here would Die, to save those he Loved

But they would Sell their Lives for a Very High Value more then Evil wanted to Pay! Even the Fury was afraid of Orks!
Their reputation was flawless.

The Gathering had become quiet, they all could feel the Heat building, and the wee Bairn ‘s giggled and Cooed. When she made her decision

And what shall I call you? Seth said surprised even to himself

We, will talk later She entered the council
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 27

She entered the council still watching him from the corner of her eye. As a Wee Baran ran from the gathering into the arms of an Ork with such force. It took the Ork by surprise
an Imp?
Attacked without warning He hung it by its clothing. It was a wee maiden giggling away
Where are the others?
is My Dorcas coming? Cried the Imp with such Joy

Nay, we did -nee come for fun
my we Darling,
The wee imp was so happy and she was closer to the new comer who had just joined them, she heard them say. They were Orks it made her giggled, and she whispered to the new one.
My Dorcas
lives in the Land of Giants!
Then hid her face in her Uncles shoulder, peeking to see if the new Kindred heard her? And he had, he gave her a dazzling smile

She stayed watching as another of the men called Ork’s went quietly Behind the new comer, as he squatted down on his feet
Be needing anything
on the Return Trip
we be heading East?
THE SCORPION KING ‘s Eyes went wide
The wee one watched they all had it seemed

Seth Turned to see the Voice HE KNEW his mouth hanging slack, everyone laughed

Head of the Merchant Fleet they called the Travellers
We also be Noahs Navigator’s
The First men who built ships
Who travelled with supplies
all about the World,
As we do Now
But I be born on the Isle of Ir He smiled, pulled back his massive teased and shaggy hair
just as my Sister is
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 28
Seth had known this man! They had been friends
Seth heard another a Rhythmic Drumming, when the Pipes began to blow. He understood, His Sister was the Queen of the Change. The 1st was a deception!. He was impressed

How is Isis doing? The Ork asked with real concern, he had always Loved the Isis, but had never told her of his Love, they had grown to be such close friends It was clear.

Yet Seth knew the Travellers were Mysterious, he had never imaged this! As Seth witnessed most people stayed hidden, in a world no one else explored, at the End of the World, separate of the Great Lands, Hidden from Evil, lived Nations and Nations of People! All Free Builders, and Travellers! Navigators and Engineers

As councils after councils came to the Gathering, the amount of the Number of Councils were staggering.
How many people wear there?
He would never imagined, they were still holding the Pulse of the World. The Holy Isle of Avalon had known more then any others the of the Dangers of Warlords in the World As their Council’s fill with Men and Women Come in with their own unique and Rhythmic Drumming, as the lands filled with the Councils of so many People it was staggering

This is nothing! The Ork laughed
the Old Guard that sank Atlantica
the Jewel of the Old World
under the Storeggia Landside
to kill the Warlords that had come
Now live Separated from the World
the Blue Priests at the End of the World
ready to help their fellow man
caught up in Evil, fight for Freedom!

The little one snuggled her Uncle , who said
Evil it about, and a time
to keep safe near your home and your Mum.
He was the father of her cousin and best trusted playmate Dorcas
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 29

For If I am right, this Man
will tell you How
The UN-Dead walks among the Living
Destroying Children and Women
for its Evil needs The Gathering all looked at the Love that flowed about them, and settled down to hear the Story Seth had come to tell! Of the Evil that had taken over their lands, once called Paradise now called Lost,

But a new man told the Story of Seth
As he sat by the Fire, and within the Circles of Living Walls, men who stood before their women and children as Shields
I have come here
in person
with the Envoy to tell you of the

it all began
Osiris had asked to borrow
the 3 Books of Knowledge
in the Chest to Rebuild the Upper Lands of Paradise
Osiris Called for A Celebration Of Noah’s teachings
THE Covenant of the ArkHad Ruled and Governed
Paradise For 5,0000 years,

Queen Isis their sister who wore the Double Crown
gave them to him Gladly, for Queen Isis like Seth their younger brother
had not known Evil had whispered into Osiris’s ear

Why be a Servant of the People?
as Protector?
When you could be their King!
And the People Serve You!

With the 3 Books of Knowledge in his hands
Osiris changed the Upper Lands of Paradise
Overnight to the New Death Cult of the Nile

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 30

this Knew Discovery!
the Lost Dark Power of the Old World

Man can do what has never been done before!
They can take their Wealth, and all their Personal
holdings ,possessions ,effects ,assets, properties, goods
their riches ,their wealth their ownerships their chattels their profits,
anything they wanted even pets, and people

Humans could now take all their Wealth
all their Personal belongs

To the Treasury Priests of the Temple
the New Death Colt of the Nile
came the Lost Dark Power
Incantations of the Old World
and Guided by Osiris
together they quickly rewrote
the books to go with the New Dark Power

The Book of the Dead they say Brings them Life
The Book of the Living they say Brings Death
and the Book of Building
for his Treasury Priest’S
To Build the Wealthy Tombs that brought

Again Evil Whispered
For with this Ancient Lost Dark Power
from Death comes, Life Eternally

‘Why be a Man among Men’?
when you could be a God!?

Osiris had listened as Evil whispers
drawn to the Dark Power of an
Eternal Warlord ruling over the Living Planet

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 31

But Osiris
What this Dark Power Required of him
to let him live as a God?

So he used the People
he had already turned to slaves as victims
failure after failure those who had been Free People
are now all Slaves!

And dead by 30
Youth sells, Eternity well,
and found it most profitable
and those over 30 always wanted their freedom
and objected to being kept and raised as cattle

Osiris, begum the Spell’s Evil gave the Priests
to change himself into a God.
There where gasps and sobs
But Osiris was going to Be Eden’s
First God threw his New Death Cult of the Nile
HIS Lands would be the seat of Knowledge and Art
and the Seat of Secrets of Mysteries
HE would be the Most Powerful Lands on Eden.
The Seat of all Power All could be his,
With the New Power of Osiris
When he finished the last inaction
starting the 1st Divine Male Dynasty
Of Pure Blood
People were shocked, and sickened
Evil had promised Him

The Gasps of Horror were heard threw out theGathering in a world were inheritance comes threw the mother the only way to have a Male Dynasty Of Pure Blood is to marry your sisters

Osiris, told the Dark Power
that the People would not stand for it
it is forbidden

Forbidden to a God,! By who?

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 32

His last act ,Evil had Given Osiris
to become a God!
Osiris, knew Incest is forbidden
The crowd was outraged!!!!!!!!!
But Osiris so filled with Fury
that had consumed him,
He wanted to be more then King
He wanted to be Eden’s God!

Osiris, had gone to his sister Queen Isis
he had wanted to change his Head Piece
on his Crown to a Vulture;
the Eater of the DEAD!
He had told her!
He would be Eden’s 1st Immortal

Osiris came with a huge procession
his Temple Priests in their finest
the Armed Men he paid to take what he wanted

Queen Isis could see in his eyes
he was already gone
he had been consumed by a Fury
Osiris hatred of Queen Isis was so strong
she could feel Hate and Evil
oozing from his pours as Queen Isis
fought tooth and nail to save herself.

For she knew what Osiris wanted
and she said NO! she fought Osiris,
so hard with every trick she knew

Queen Isis would rather Die fighting

But Osiris needed her alive
so Horace could be born into the world.

Horace had been waiting for a Body of his own
so Osiris beat Queen Isis to unconscious
still scramming NO when her lights went out

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 33

Osiris, defiled his sister Queen Isis
and start the 1st Divine Male Dynasty
Of Pure Blood

but Osiris had Listened to Evil
and believed he was going to be a God!
As he made sure A Divine Male Dynasty!
Of Pure Blood would flow

So his son ,will be, her son,
For her son will be the new King!
For Power He has done this thing,
it is more then wicked!

Osiris ruined corrupted! Perverted
He has become one of the Un-Dead
his final Evil act to seal his Eternity

A Divine Male Dynasty!
Of Pure Blood , Week and forbidden blood so week
it spilled from the Body like Water threw sand the whispers ran. threw the gathering crowds

Seth their brother had come into the chamber
threw the hidden door, armed men stood in the Hall
and at every entrance. Something was wrong!

Seth came threw the hearth,
as Osiris covered in Queen Isis Blood
tossed her aside like trash
as he was done with her

Seth saw Osiris defiling THEIR Dead Sister!
He went wild,, was in a Rage,

Seth, killed Osiris a sword straight threw his Heart’
but Osiris, had already become the un-dead!

Dead or Un-Dead , Seth was livid
and would destroy the Monster Osiris had become!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 34

Seth Cut Osiris head off
Shoved an Apple in his mouth to shut it
the pulled off the Table cloth
And wrapped his head to keep it silent
And stashed it behind the hearth in the Seceret way

Thou Osiris, body was still fighting,
it was now blind deaf and dumb!
With the head covered it had no
idea where anything was

Seth Cut Osiris too Pieces,
then wrapped each piece secretly very tight.
then tossed them in the Hidden way behind
the hearth to sneak him out.

Seth scattered the pieces
so they could never be found
or reach by each other!,

Seth told his brother
looking down in at all the bundles
in the wall, moving bits of living pieces
Strangest God I had ever seen,

Seth had left Isis for he had thought her Dead!
What Osiris had really done was not yet know!
And disposing of the Un-dead plagued him

Now these Rich and Powerful Priests were livid!
They needed Osiris to be a God,
Osiris and his Death Cult of the Nile,
had promised people an Eternity of Luxury
threw this New Lost Ancient Dark Power

Osiris and his Death Cult of the Nile,
had gotten use to ships filled with gold,
and treasures emptying out into their Vaults
Or those around the world
who were bringing them Gold and Power
they would want it all back!
And that they would never do.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 35

For these Death Cult Priests
were Temple Treasury Priests
and cared nothing for the Living,
only their Desire for Gold and Power!

The Treasury Priests of the Death Cult of the Nile
ordered Queen Isis
Put him back!

Queen Isis laughed at them
while she was shackled to the wall. of Osiris Temple
Her cloths ruined soaked in her own blood,
her hair in knots.

The Dark Power was lying,
for phantom is what Osiris became
the Un-Dead bound to the Planet
threw his own Hate and Greed

Have your Evil Dark Power, who whispers lies
into Mens ears in the Dead of Night
have your Dark Power put his body
back together, then make him a God
that is what Evil Promised him was it not?

But when Seth heard Queen Isis
was shackled in Osiris Temple,
He dressed as one of there Slaves to slip in and out
No Priest would even bother to look at slave,
unless he needed a Victim

for there were no Free Men of the Death Cult of the Nile.
As there were no slaves in Paradise!

The Treasury Priests squirmed about
There seems to be a problem
The Dark Power can not
do these things

But we know you Queen Isis
have the Power of Life

Shackled to the wall, she laughed

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 36

Queen Isis could feel her Son who Osiris called Horace had come
and with him the Fury that had his claws in him
even from Concepcion but she knew she had very little time
until the Fury had control of her unborn child
as it had her brother. and she was going to stop it
She made a quick bargain

Return to me the 3 Books of Noah’s
in the chest THE Covenant of the Ark


Then I will put Osiris Body back together
and make him a God! For Eternity!
But I will need to have the 3 Books
to do what You Wish!

The Treasury Priests robed in their finest,
while she was shackled to the wall,
returned to look down on her

We have been told the Dark Power
Says No!
it does not wish to give up the Chest of Power!

Then you have your answer
your Dark Power of Evil, will not help you in any way
so why should I?
She laughed again

That is what your Dark Power of Evil
Promised, was it not?

Again the huddling Robes of fine wools. as the
Priests talked it over again then said

We do not know where THE Covenant of the Ark is!

Only Osiris knows, he did not even tell
the Dark Power!
Where he has kept it hidden!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 37

Then I will tell you were to find Osiris Head,
Go ask him if he will make this Bargain?

Osiris is the Talking Head of Abbydos

She was trying to stiffed another laugh,
when she could feel the Evil Fury yelling
and fuming at the Priests, at Horace,
trying to make Horace’s little spark
to order her to comply with the Fury’s Will

Together Seth and Queen Isis,
they had made a plan. As The Treasury Priests
robbed in their finest, returned with the head of Osiris

THE Covenant of the Ark was
returned to his sister Queen Isis
who was still shackled in Osiris Temple,

Osiris was going to be a God For Eternity!
Even threw his sister Queen Isis if he had too,
he was not going to be Known for Eternity
as a Talking Head of Abbydos

Osiris gave the Order himself
un-shackle Queen Isis

For Osiris gave Queen Isis
THE Covenant of the Ark
but Queen Isis knew
Evil never would let her keep it!

Queen Isis had Seth sneak
the 3 Books of Knowledge
out to safety until she could get free

But she kept the Chest that held
THE Covenant of the Ark empty

Queen Isis set their plans to work

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 38

Queen Isis Told Osiris to make very sure
to get everything she asked for
and in the popper amounts s

IF Your Priests use less than
what is wanted they will be taking
Your Power!

in the Temple of Osiris,she had them
build an Alter befitting the work needed to make him a God!

She had people working and building a Special Alter
to cover the Noise Seth had his men were making
Under the Temple building a tunnel,
a Gateway to a New Underworld !

The Alter Finished and the equipment
had all been brought the building had all stopped

It was time and Osiris knew it!
He was going to be God at Last!

To Make YOU a God! For Eternity!
That is what Evil Promised, was it not?
Queen Isis said with hatred she tried to conceal

Then I Queen Isis have the Power
to do what Evil can Not!

I Queen Isis have the Power
I will put Osiris Body back together
and make you a God! For Eternity!

She had the art and speech of these Death Cult Priests ,
she had watched and used their fears against them
as she conjured spells that were smells,
and no one around her could concentrate on what she was doing,
she was a whirl, a ball of brilliantly sparking lights
dazzling lights blinding them with beauty and awe

Then Queen Isis stopped
She measured this and measured that
it looked very awe inspiring,

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 39

Queen Isis had the pieces of Osiris gathered
as she arranged his body parts, On The Alter

then rolled them in mixtures of many things
more spells that were smells and the confusion returned
she took all those bits that were intestinal or brain matter
and stored them each in their own jar
And set them in the Chest,
the 3 Books of Knowledge had been!

Then Queen Isis stitched his pieces All back together
but not his head.

Then she wrapped the body
with bandages Neck to toe! None of his flesh could be seen
wrapped in over 200 rolls of Gauze

Queen Isis gave the secret sign to Seth’s people
they all took the Antidote, and she whirled in the light
tossing the loose power from Alter into the Oil lamps
the popping and sparking dazzled their eyes
as those of the Death Cult of the Nile Fell Asleep!

The Temple began to move, as The Alter slide down
a large tube underneath it. They used a Water Clock,
for the Power mixed with the Light,
to lower them down deep below the Ground
to the Special Aperture Sethls People had made from Her designs

Made for the 1st God of the New Underworld
Home for the Undead!

Where those who believed these lies of the Death Cult
That Death Brings Life
bound themselves to the Living Planet threw Greed
they became Spirit without Flesh!
Ghosts. Afrets in the Dead of Night

Even thou Humans had lived in Subroutine Caves
for 70,000 years threw the Last Ice Age
before Noah and the Great Flood
when the world was to cold ad Dry to live above

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 40

There had Never Been
an Underworld on Eden, Just her Core!
No gathering place for a Spirit without Flesh, a Ghost

The Human Spirit had always gone home, back to the Light!
And many who returned to Eden time and time again,
to get done what they knew only they could doe

Osiris for his Crimes against the World,
the First WARLORD to control a once free Nation of Paradise
for his Crimes of listening to Evil, that it could make Him a God

Isis made Osiris the First God of the UNDERWORLD,
the First God of the UN -Dead
for his crimes to his sister and his own child

Osiris had violated her, and his own child
for Nothing! Evil had lied!
She told Osiris ,head as she sticked it on
I have made Osiris what he truly wanted
what he could not do for himself
he wanted to bring Horace into the World
like a Mummy
but he could NOT

So Queen Isis made Osiris
the First Mummy,
for Osiris jealousy of her being female,
and Evils Hatred of Women,
who hold the Key to bringing forth Life!

For that is what Evil hates most
Mummy’s Women who protect their Children
From Evil.

Osiris God of the Underworld by Day
But by the Dead of Night he walks the Lands

Looking for any he can carry away
tp fill his empty world
The children eyes were wide with excitement, the whispers
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 41

A Mummy! Could we go see it?
The Bushes rasulleled, a mournful wail set threw the trees as the Trembled ! The Trees that felt that they were in Danger from the Un-dead!

Little ones theft their older siblings, and ran to their own Mummy’s for safety as the men in Circles of Human Walls grinned hear to hear!

Seth had been the Stranger, and he needed help with battle planes, against the Death Cult of the Nile! But he had found more With his Love, the Quean of the Change

Seth no more, he was Now the Scorpion King!

Elan stood outside of the moment, as time flew past her but she was not alone! She had become a aware of the
most beautiful Dark Eyes that were like ebony, or onyx Stone, they sparkled!

But with tears searching threw time for something of their own? Those Dark Eyes shined with Sad tears For they were the Eyes that had seen so much pain, they looked as though they could no longer endure it!

Looking for something, she watched the Dark Eyes .Almost Haunted looking searching seeking ,combing, hunting out side of her time but what was she looking for she had felt they were Eyes of Mother who’s heart had been broken !

What were those eyes seeking?! As thought the Dark Eyes had heard her thoughts, they turned and found her!
Something passed between them a rapport, an understanding, it tinged with mirth,

The understanding become established between them! It echoed like the rumble of a deep bell tone in her sole ! LOVE

The LOVE, so strong so ready to protect the Innocent ,but she saw The LOVE that was frightening, this Love would

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 42

As the Dark Eyes that had found Elan, and smiled as she watched in a Horrid Fascination, the Vison cleared to show Isis . She looked up into her eyes, those Dark Eyes, filled her with knowledge as she hand tooled in the silver circlet
To; The Vital Life Force
From ; NemIsis

She enclosed the Silver circlet as its base on the Talisman she had made,. The All Seeing Eye, she had sent it threw time to Elan but Why!?

Those Dark Eyes smiled, as they made contact with a jolt to then both, But the Eyes were pleased! Indeed

The Eyes Smiled When thy looked straight into hers!
And the Dark Eyes shared her thoughts.as a new seen swirled about them for they were sharing a monument threw time, the Deep Magic held them fast

The Talisman, the All Seeing Eye!,
This was the Missing Story of the Odyssey of the Eye
the Beginning her father had been tracking down since her birth , why the Talisman was hers?

The Stone Table glowed as the Dark Eyes were sharing a monument threw time, threw the Deep Magic

Queen Isis had made a soft beautiful feather hood for her newborn baby. She told the child the Hood was Horace Not You! He believed her

The Dark Eyes of such depth, and passion, were the Eyes of
Queen Isis. the Temple Priests took her son by Armed Guard. The Fury had called for his Coronation as King now that he was born.

Osiris held his Ritual, Having Queen Isis give over her Power, to Horace as King over the Lands`

Now her only power was Isis Queen Mum who held the New Royal Line! Like breeding cattle!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 43

But the Fury had no idea that Humans were born small and week. They still needed Isis Thou they had reduced her power to that of Queen Mum, the holder of the bloodline, Osiris wanted.

For they could not trust a slave to care for the infant incase they killed it, knowing it was meant for Horace. But also the Slaves would switch their children to save them falling to the fate of the others. The Slaves were getting desperate! Evil was growing!

Queen Isis. was making in Secret a Magical Talisman. It was the All Seeing Eye!

As the Dark Eyes shared her thoughts. the Dark Eyes Still with Elan, she was trying to make her understand!
What it was she was doing!

The Coronation over, her power was gone. When Orris taunted Isis Crawley.
Your child is week, Sister,
I should kill it
and WE make another
now I am a God
and You are nothing!
Osiris taunted her, not knowing what he was doing
Isis began to shake,, the Priest dropped to the floor and prostrated to Osiris, the Un-dead God, but their back ends were walking out the doors behind them leaving the 3 alone
Is that the best you can do is shake
I must have taken all your powers indeed
to give me such a week son,
he has no TEETH
how long will it take to grow him
for better use for the Fury

He watched her shake so badly her chains rattled, it was a sound Osiris did not like It Haunted Him,! When he saw her stop. Holding her infant she went dead Calm
Osiris screamed and sank into his crept below the ground
Something had happened, as she went dead calm!
Un-dead or not he did not trust her now! He retreated

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The Dark Power of the Fury does not known anything of Life! He knew nothing of Birth and Children, and how Humans worked! Isis had come up with a Plan!

Isis made a copy of the 3 books in her own hand, in a script not readable, by others. For she had always known she would not let her child be Horace! Or any if she could save. them But now she had work to do
Her power was not gone, it had just begun!

She set up the furthest corner in her chamber, and the little one was fast asleep. she sat over the bed with her back to the Door behind her. Reading old Scrolls. behind a thin silk drape

Over and over they would come to see what she was reading? Always when they took her reading, to see what it was ? It was the same,! Another Volume of the Old Wives Tales on how to care for a New born baby!

Any who touched the curtain had a current run up their arm and stop their hearts. She said it was the Power of Horace, they had crowned him, and she gave him his power! So soon no one bothered them ever, as she set more and more traps about the chamber they were held in

And they would leave her. Angry because it came to be known that someone would die! Horace was supposed to be Evil! So he was! if 2 entered, one who die but alone it was YOU!

So Horace was Evil the soft comfy dress-up head of a Hawk., they stopped coming and checking incase they wake Horace

She told the child even in its infancy, Horace is the Hat Not YOU! The crown they make you wear!
And the child believed her for it was true.

And while they set fake babies in his bed, and set up cloths filled with pillows. they slipped out, threw a Tunnel, her brother Seth had used . No one the wiser, for a usurper the White Fury liked was talking up his own power

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The Dark Power whispered into the ears of the Treasury Priests of the Temple
Isis has failed
her child was week
it had no teeth,
it was a drooling
a ugly little thing
that was found wanting.
But the Fear she had bread in them coming in her prison, she was left alone, they were more afraid of Horace then the Dark Power. they were already Prisoned what else could they do!

World Change, the Sun was now drying out their lands and it was getting warmer 5,000 years of Sun made some lands Barren and Desolate Wastes, those lands became her Home When she was asleep with her child in their prison the Priests thought

And from the tunnel, Isis and Seth Built threw the Temple of the Death Cult. Isis went to were no man would go, to the Barren and Desolate Wastes Lands filled with caves. that she needed. For she had started something she could not let them see!

Deep in the Cliffs Ran a Dry Wadi, that was not hospitable to Man, it was known as the the Valley of Jackals, where the Jackals lived! But since she feed them so well she was welcome!

Elan watched this with such fascination, what was going on
And why were Isis ‘s eyes watching her, what was it she was trying to tell her? The Dark Eyes were watching Elan to see if she yet understood! Isis showed her more!

Deep in the Cliffs known as the Valley of Jackals the cliffs that will be known as the Valley of Kings near what will become Thebes It was a well hidden Rock Cut that no one had yet ventured to for the Jackals were not found of company, except for the feed they enjoyed ! Of men who tried to follow

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For their in the Rock Cut was a massive War Chariot, built like None Other, Isis made for herself from her own design, and a copy she had made of the Sword of Light
she had named her sword after herself. Nem*Isis !

But To Pull the War Chariot,, A Pair of Giant Griffins For she was Queen Isis, no more, she had turned herself into a Warlord God! ! She had turned herself into Nemisis !

Nemisis Had Noah’s Cane that made men Able.,
Noah’s Measuring Rod those men who did not measure up Meet their Fate! Nemisis took their Heads!

Nemisis The Avenging Angel to cut down any men, who were found not to measure up to Noah’s standards. Those who profit from harming Mothers and their Children

For those who were her people were now known as the Children of the Nile, For the Children were bread at the age of puberty, and killed all by 30~ For those who were over 30 who were slaves began to disbelieve their New Gods, and want Freedom
But the Cult of the Nile was Now Selling Eternal Youth, and Eternal Life . Old Slaves looked tacky to Evil, Old Royalty was bad enough

Elan’s eyes filled with Tears, they had broken her, she had picked up the Sword, when Isis was filled with Such Life! Elan just wanted to hold her and Heal Her, when the Dark Eyes responded Isis needed to be healed! She had picked up the Sword A Sister of Life! But How!?
Threw the Deep Magic she saw more!

Isis’s son had grown to be a Great Man before the People, his records sung in the Legend of Heros. As he fought for the Peoples Freedom

And he married a Women who the People Called

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For the Wife of Isis Son was The Head of their Resolve their Fellowship ,AS THE OLD BUILDERS of the 3 Gifts, and the 3 Books of Knowledge! Who still could hear the Voice that did not speak

Isis’s Son who learned to fight Evil at his Uncle, Side
The Scorpio King, and his Aunt the Beauty known as the Queen of the Change ! And with his mother to make their great escape, of the Death Cult of Osiris

And with his Mother Nemisis they Freed the Children of the Nile, Evil turned to Slaves

Time swam past again and Elan and the Dark Eyes were both looked down; back to were they had started at the Silver Circlet the moment when Nemisis had hand tooled inside the sliver base the words to The Vital Life Force

SHE UNDERSTOOD! Nemisis did not make Horace the Warlord that sought out Seth to kill him! She had a Son, that became a Great Man, and he and his wife had 2 Daughters they called the Angles! Who went into the City’s and stole Women and Children in the Night, taking them to safety in caves they had prepared in the cliffs above

When the Army of Darkness showed Nemisis’s Loved her new Daughter who was the Pillar of her People she blew the Pipes the Warning,
Run men and do not look back,
the Lightening is set to go off!
she had already told them
The Explosion will Burn the Stone
and Melt the Sand,
do not look into it light,
it is set to Kill the Army of Darkness
Do not look into the Light
You will be blinded and Killed
The Women and Children are safe!
She looked into those Dark Eyes, she wanted her sons name to be Cleared! Nemisis was to only Warlord Vengeful God she Isis had made! Osiris made his own Hell

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And those who came down from those caves, became the People of Amon, her family had Built down on the banks of the Nile, in the area now known as Thebes where the Offspring of Isis her Son and his Wife Built the First Temple of Karnack which means the Hidden One, the Voice that does not speak! The Voice of Creation that wants us to Succeed and be Free!They built a Temple, that believed in Life!

And these were the People of her son and his wife and their 2 daughters who were the Angles of the World, who had came to the Valley of Jackals, with Nemisis to work .

But as Elan watched time spin again, it turn into the Valley of Kings, the Necropolis the City for the Dead built on the West bank of Nile ! For a man who called himself Pharro that had been consumed by a Fury, and called himself a God took The first Temple of Karnack, the first Temple of Amon, the First Temple of the Hidden One, with the 3 Gifts to Human’s from Creation! Deformed the Hidden One, The Voice that does not speak to an Image of a Man with Rams Horns

Amon had been taken over by the Death Cult of the Nile, with its use of Raging Hormones

the Dark Power of the Fury who possessed Men who ruled as Gods as the rebuilt the Temple for their needs, as the old Temple disappeared

Elan watched as she went back into those cliffs . She found herself starring with a horrid fascination when she realized she could not stop looking at the 3 Books

Copys YES but Good ones Nemisis used them to make the Talisman! The All Seeing Eye it had not started out as an Evil Talisman, she felt for their pain . As Tears fell from her eyes like Rain But the Dark Eyes threw the the Deep Magic of the Stone Table held them Fast!

Nemisis had other Secrets to tell!, The world about her was always changing, and 5,000 years was gone in less then a blink of the Eye! And another 5,000 years flashed by
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 5 Page 49

The Universe spread out before her, it was such a moving sight. Circles within Circles within Circles
Life within Life within Life

Isis was showing her threwThe Stone Table Noah’s Nexus! It was amazing! So this was the reason, why Humans charted the Stars, not just for the Safety or Love of the Living Planet, to understand the changes coming
Not even the Navigation of Open Waters After the Great Flood crossing the Great Seas to aid in the Taming of Eden Isis was showing her Noah’s Dream of The Nexus!

The Nexus! The Joining! The Next US! As we Navigate the Open Stars! Accent to the Heavens When we Join those some call, The Heavenly Host! When they Welcome us unto the fold

The Dark Eyes fluttered , the Stone Table changed again from the joyous future to a horrible image she did not like.

Floating Trash! Bits of Rubbish! It looked like a Asteroid Belt wadded up! When she realized she was looking at the Living Planet hidden away behind her Unkept Space. Her insight became shapely focused! With the Stone Table she came in for a better look!

She heard to The Voice of Men and Women Calling out to the Heavens
Is there anybody out there?
Can You Hear ME? No one answered them, how could they, how could any Living thing ever trust Humans Who are killing the only Living Planet known OF! When she heard the week and broken cry that gripped her heart

Save Me! The Living Planet, was calling out for Help,
She had fallen to a Season of Death!

Alone wounded and scared . Elan’s tears fell like Rain, then stopped
Nooooooooo She Creamed across time and Space
You are not forsaken!
You are still Loved! But Eden had become like a wounded animal! DANGEROUS

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Elan Vital began to draw power like a battery as the Ancient Temple of Stonehenge began to glow! Covered in the moonlight, she looked like and Elemental of Silver Light
My True Name Is
Élan’ Vital
The Vital Life Force
A Daughter of Life!
And I invoke in you
Eden, The Living Planet,
the Will TO LIVE!
as she made her Vow to Eden to SAVE HER!
The Stone Table Honored her Vows to Eden’s Life
The Dark Eyes threw the Deep Magic saw Elan Vital ‘s understanding!

And know Nmeisis had as Seceret to tell, that even the White Fury did not Knew! There was another Evil plot in motion !

Schemes within Schemes within Schemes Manipulates Contrives Conspires Intrigues Conspiracies Feints The White Fury had No Idea of their Subversions Their Deceit, their Duplicity! The White Fury had no idea of their treachery! As they followed The Furys orders then made their own!

Osiris the 1st God of the Un-dead those who fell to lies of being a Pure Blood, God those, who believed they could take their wealth with them when they died, they became Angry Shades, upon the world, Afreats, Phantoms, Wraiths, that have become so tattered and torn threw the long ages, suffering upon Suffering as they live, Spirit without Flesh! Bound to Eden for Eternity! Threw there own Greed and Desires Never to rest!

Those Spirit without Flesh! that had become the Night Ryders, that Swarmed once again! To become the Ryders of the Storms! Amassing in greater numbers then ever seen before! They have become the Masters of the Murky Haze that Defiles the Skies! The Dark Shroud of Evil ; that spreads, Fear, Doubt, and Loneliness over the People like a plague!

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For still they did not care about Eden, or her People, Warlords, Pharos, Emperors, cared only for themselves And the end of Their Suffering

But the Ryders of the Storms had not even shared with their Master; The White Fury! Their hideous and grotesque plans ! Their pursuit of their own wants and desires!
A mass subside, from all of those who had corrupted life, they who would end it all to further their own needs!

This was more of a threat then the White Fury! They were going to cut off the Realm of Human Dreams! Killing All Humans! They had already called In the Black Hole

Their only Freedom from endless suffering, would be to kill the Living Planet, before the Nexus can come!

How could she stop the Death of Shades!?

Panic set threw her she was stricken to the Core! What could she do? When the Dark Eyes beseeched her to remember; Heal the All Seeing Eye!

And the Deep Magic of the Stone Table and brought up the Sound of a Man from the Legend of Hero called Amos
Let Justice Roll Down
like the Waters
And Righteousness
like an Everlasting Stream!

The Deep Magic Took Hold of the Vow to Save the Living Planet And she knew now, that she had to Heal the Talisman The All Seeing Eye to do it!

Part 4 of Dragon Lore Chronicles

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Squire became caught up in the excitement, the magic that came to life on their arrival, so pleased to have company he felt the red carpet came out, just in time to jump!

And there they both saw it! It was a work of Art it was stunning, it was a Memorial to Merlyn and the Queen of the Fay. And the Story was Stithied in Gold!

It came a a shock! Merlyn carried not for Gold or Power, he cared for those he Loved Squire thought when he heard Finsean began to read out loud

we have been waiting for you!

My gift to you, in your Battles against Evil
is the Story of Merlyn and the Queen

The world was closing in on
The Holy Isle of Avalon
for Evil was seeking
the Queen of the Change,
it was hunting her down
like a Predator stalks it Pray!

The Queen’s Rose Crown had been seen,
With the Sword of Light.
Evil calls the Flaming Sword ,
But you and I call Ex-Calabur

Just at the Time when Caesar believed
He had won, all the Lands and the People

There Rose up before the People a Hero
the World had never seen, the likes since
the Days of Noah, which was a very long time.

It was the Hero who had taken
the Queen of the Change’s heart.
For he was a Hero un-compared!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
And she gave to him
with all her Love ALL
her Power as Queen of the Change,
in Times of Trouble, and Change
She Lead the World
and gave to him her
Rose Crown

In a World going threw Vast Changes
Eden’s course her Orbit would be difficult
for All Life as Volcanos’ were blowing,
the Ground would shake and crack ,
meteor showing were Coming,
the Sun would be blocked out
for years in certain places on the Globe.

Evil used this against the People
into believing it was their doing.
Resistance to The Golden Path,
Was futile!

The Fury who called himself a God
Caesar who would
find and Kill all of her line,
and the Old Guard
if he could find them.

Those who lived under
the Golden Imperium
were pushing in on them

And The White Fury had made his way
into Merlyn’s Beloved Britannia,
and they could no longer
take the chance that they could be found.

Since the Fall of the Ancients Temple
When they had Built The Great Wall
to stop the Vipers from looking in
as they took all their belongs
in the Library and the Treasure

The Wall that Still Stands today
te Great Wall of Defiance
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
When Evil seized the Ancients Temple and
found it empty of all it wanted

Evil had set out once again to find.
The 3 Books in the Chest,
some called the Covenant of the Ark
Now Seek the Chest of Power
called the Ark of the Covenant

Merlyn saw the Future as he read about
the past, and knew that it would not be long
before this Emperor of souls, who called himself Caesar!
would no longer allow Humans to read or write at all,

For the Golden Age of Literacy was over!
Caesar Had built in Zeus Temple
with the Scroll’s of the Ancients stolen ( borrowed)
rewritten and twisting for his express needs
for the world to fallow His Golden Path.

As the Golden Imperium began to collect
all the written words they could find!

His Golden Path Humans :
Slaves to his will for he owned them
All. Body Mind and Sole!

The Golden Imperium had their
Were-men of Swords beat down the People
until they could take no more

Some Humans growing Evil
and fell to become Were-men of Swords

But Evil could feel the Life Force it
consumed in Some men, were Strong
those it dangled Desire.
To become Empty men,
who’s skin was worn like clothing

Evil turned good men into
hideous Blood Traitor’s for Gold and Power!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
The Emperor of Soul had taken control of the Great Lands,
threw his Golden Imperium’s, and the Demon Horde.
Were-men of Swords

Together they had spread
Terror and Disease every where they went

Now The Story’s of Merlyn has been told!
But this is The Legend of Hero’s

When Merlyn used his knowledge
And Love for the Queen and together
how they Saved the World and its Peoples

Those Free People at the End of the World
those of the Beloved, and of the Secret Brotherhood
those who had not fallen to the Desire for Smooth Things,
for so many had .

That they had to fall back to a Magical
World of Stronghold, still Defended still Free!

The Army of Darkness could not advance,
for it was a Magical Land, filled with Magical Creatures,
and some that looked Almost Human!

Almost Human With Skin of the Dead,
a blue cast to their Naked Flesh
Hair that looked Flames
and something as thou it had grown on Trees.
Dark Symbols printed on them some call a Tattoo

But those who lived their would laugh!
For it was the blowing of the Pipes and drums
into the Rock Cut made in the Caledonian Mts
to amplify and echo the sound all about the Army of Darkness

Ringing in their ears like the Death Trap it was made to be.
They were Playing A Tattoo.
And those who did not turn and Run would DIE!

As those Free men with massive clubs,
who came down from the Orkney Isles,
The ORK’s who Treasured their Freedom
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
Side by side would they fight Evil with their Women and Children
for these Holy Isles of Avalon to save them from the Gold Path!

For Evil had Conquered the known World
And it was spreading Fast!
Merlyn, knew wicked Priests
valued Gold over Life!

And The White Fury had made his way
into Merlyn’s Beloved Britannia,
and they could no longer take the chance
that they would be found.

Merlyn, wove his magic to catch all those who had fallen
to Desire for Gold and Power!
In a Plan to Save Eden from becoming pure Hell!

For only Gold was Divine On Eden.
Human lives were worthless,
unless they made good slaves or had something
The Fury who called himself a God named Caesar! Wanted!!!

Gold had been discovered as the Only Substance,
that does not Rust, Rote, or Ruin .
Gold can be made in an image,
and 13,000 years or 130,000 years latter
it still looks the Same!

Gold the Only substance
that did not Decay!
That kept its value threw time

Not even the Body’s Caesar stole from Humans,
TO WEAR rotted on him, he had to change his people often!
Which Merlyn knew and used to his favour!

The White Fury changed his body again,
to a Man once called Harridan,
now called Caesar!

Merlyn took his chance!
The Scroll came from the catch cell
where damaged writing’s wait to be repaired

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
One the last incantation that could not be
clearly read on the ancient Scroll of Merlyn’s.
That made Gold from Lead

Merlyn went to the Library of Alexandria
he and a Young lad, had slipped in
without notice

As Merlyn over and over
made Identical Lumps of Gold

they begun to spend the Gold they Made!

Merlyn the old man had a VERY old Scroll!
The Whispers started then grew, and grew

Every head in the Library Turned!
Then the circus really began

Now the talk of a man that could
make Gold was everywhere!

And the boats sailed into the Harbor
filled with men who wanted to learn,
for now the talk was of lessons,
on how to make Gold,
as whispers turned to gossip
and spread it became a famous story!

Merlyn the Magician ,the Wizard.
Had Come! He could turn Lead to Gold
They called it Alchemy

Merlyn from Britannia made gold nuggets
after gold nuggets before all to see!

When Merlyn’s who heard very well,
for a very old man heard the Fury had been tempted !
His Greed, was perked for he Cesar
A God could not make Gold, only use it!

everyone crowded to watch,
and all took notes as they tried to follow
what Merlyn had done but never getting gold
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
He showed them One the last incantation
that could not be clearly read on the ancient Scroll
Only I know he said

When the word was spread
Merlyn sent formally invitations
To The East, To The West.
To Men, who Desired Gold and Power!

Men who had fallen from Grace!
And men came from everywhere,
to see such a sight.

For Merlyn had been spied on
when he had said to the skinny lad,
‘Did you make sure
The Philosophers Stone was tight!’

It was his friends to the East,
the High Elves that had thought
the lost Incantation
must be a catalyst to turn to the Lead to Gold.
They called this Catalysts
The Philosophers Stone

It always made Merlyn chuckle,
and then he would see a face
that did not see threw his altered appearance.

But he had known them!
And it had broken his Heart,
for there were those of the Secret Brotherhood,
that had been wanting to join their group

Merlyn’s trap was complete. As men
Priests Clergy Clergymen Clerics Ministers
Pastors Preachers Ecclesiastics Monks
Evangelists Preachers Vicars Rabbis
Reverends Bishops Chaplains Parsons
Abbots Friars Hermits Monastics
Ascetics Hermits Recluses
their was not a place of worship
that did not turned to be Alchemists
their attention turned to Making Gold!
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
And in the quite of the Night,
his silent tears fell,
for their had been those
who had loved most,
show themselves to him
with their Greed still in their eyes.

Though no one knew his appearance as Merlyn
he could see people he knew and Loved.
And knew when he was done with this part of his plan,
these would people who could never step foot on Avalon again.
For they smiled sweetly But Evil stirred in their Hearts

He was Merlyn from Britannia
An old Man and young lad
In the Library of Alexandria, where
The bargain was made,

The Wizards Millennium
The Millennium of Wizards
Some called the one thousand years Wizards Wars
Alchemists worked Around the world
looking for the One Agent
One incantation that could not be clearly read
on the ancient Scroll of Merlyn’s. That made Gold From Lead!

Merlyn had Tricked Evil!
That Lasted for the Next 1,000 years!
He occupied Evil Men with making Gold

Merlyn would give to Caesar,
The ancient Scroll That made Gold!
And would teach his people to make it!
And a Circular, on how to Build the Wall

In exchange for building The WALL!
A Wall to keep the Britannia people Safe,
from the Fairy Folk, Vail Folk, Ork’s and
those who are called the Fay

In the Library of Alexandria
the Bargain was Made,
and The Great Wall,
was Built to Save those of Loved Britannia.
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
And the Work Began, Merlyn had copy’s
Of all their work orders,
he knew who and how they were Building

So while the Demon Horde
where used for brute strength,
Merlyn snuck his men into Place,
and coordinated a brilliant plan!

With the Noise of making The Great Wall
from one end to the other,
cutting the Caladenias off to themselves,
they used the Noise and the Dust,
to hide their Rock Cut Chambers of amazing size.

But they had to Time their Explosions,
to fit with the noise’s they where making with Wall.
For they had not shared with the
Fury their expertise with such things.
And did not want them to notice A THING!

It was Magnificent. No stray wanderers on their lands,
no more Hunting for the Queen!

No One Crosses the WALL!

It had room for 2 Guard towers
and could hold a legion of the Demon Horde.
To be sure no one came down.
As Merlyn chuckled to himself,
or let anyone up!

And when the Great Wall was Built
and all could relax,
Merlyn and the Queen of the Change,
who was now called the
Queen of the Fay got to work with:
the Second half of their plan!

A place were Humans could go in secret
And share the simple Joy’s of Reading
and the Magic and Freedom it brought

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
But they had been betrayed
for Gold and Power before!
By one of their own,
their most Beloved of children.
Had become so Evil he turned
on his own People for Power, and Gold
he turned against the Planet he Lived

And they could take no chances
the stakes were to high
if they would be caught,
Evil would Rule the World

Queen of the Change, now
Queen of the Fay still held the Honour
to keep safe the 3 books of knowledge
which has come to be known
as The chest of Power, The Ark
And she had hidden them for safety
as they Began to Build the Crystal Caverns

Hidden behind the Water Fall,
In the Forrest of the Fay
In the Mountains of Caledon
Some still call Stronghold today
All called the seat of Avalon!
Home of the Beloved
And the seat of the
Lyon’s Court of Builders Free Men

Cut Deep into the Great Mountains
Like massive Tombs of the Nile
carved out in secret hidden from sight
mirrors hidden all around Never to be seen
by anyone who did not know The Way!
To what was well hidden!

And well Guarded Built Ready for Intruders
like the Pyramid s, with entangles to ensnares
to catch all those not wanted

Merlyn built The Crystal Carven
for the Humans who will be born
for the next 1000years and more
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page
Generations who will be up against Evil
And Without their Human Magic,
he knew they could not win

Merlyn created the Crystal Cavern,
the Entrance to Library of Stronghold behind the Wall!
Home to the Seat of Avalon, and The Lions Court!
The Court of Free Men!

Safely behind the Wall
that Emperor had built!
Merlyn’s Wall that he tricked Hadrian into Building
Protected by the Queen of the Fay
With the Sword of the Covenant! Ex -caliber .
As the Waterfall Guarded the Antechamber the Crystal Cavern!
Waiting for the Humans Merlyn knew would be coming,
humans who wished to fight Evil and Win!

once again my Brothers, and Sisters most Beloved
threw you the Oldest Brotherhood of Builders
shall reawaken in the Hearts of Men
and why we long for the Stars
and live in the Light
in time to Save
the Living Planet of Eden!
They just looked at each other!
I did not know that Eden
was in Trouble
did you?
Finsean looked puzzled

What an odd marker,
but I see why its gold
who ever Built this place
knew no one would come
for a long time and wanted
his words to last?

You do not look so well
He told his best mate, who was looking very oddly he was just starting not saying a word, or reading or anything just that look that always
Meant something Big!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Manley Mt. Fell Remember?
I hear her last word!

When my Hammer hit the steal
to drive it in, I heard her last Death Cry
I heard her Last Word!

What was it?
Finsean could see he was deeply moved by this place he too was amassed
She Cried out
They both had to turn away from each other it was the saddest thing they had ever witnessed, the Death of the Great Mt still to raw to speak much , both fighting back Tears.
Men do not cry
they told themselves.
Be strong!
Squire had started to look about ,he felt he was being watched again, and he thought he had felt his Grandfather!

They both knowing they had been set up, By Evil!

Finsean was entranced he could feel power all around him, he was a War Bird, finest of his race, and he desired the power he had heard of! Finsean looked about him he had heard of a Supreme Power that had been lost
We the younger generations
of Sentinels have heard of this
power of the Golden Imperium’s Legionaries.
The Power the army of darkness ,possessed
the Strength the Kittem held
Do you think that it is written
somewhere in here
how to Get that Power?

Finsean eyes glistened and twinkled with desire But what Finsean had seen in Squires Eyes was not laughter! He saw for the first time Loathing and disgust! And he saw Hatred,
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

But Squire could not believe his ears!

When his eyes locked onto the Portal, the one He had heard so many tales of it, the one he had Dreamed of it often. It was pulling him in he could feel it!

Squire could hear the Portal calling him?! Making his way over to it he thought he saw his Grandfather on the other side calling him! Squire bolted!

Finesan was crest fallen !His heart was broken,
After all their adventures they had taken, as best mates, it was Over! for he had made Squire for a moment think him of Betrayal?!

He knew this was true as he had seen betrayal in his best mates eyes

Finesan knew Squires Family Faith,
Fear is not my Friend!

Fear, Doubt, and Loneliness were Evil’s curse over Humans to make them forget! To give up and Quite! To fall to slavery, before they returned to the light and becoming World Builders once again

And the Distrust in Squires eyes he knew they were no longer best mates But before he could ask what he had done, Squire was gone, and Finesan was left standing Alone!

As Squire ran, he thought of the look in Finsean eyes. his desire for Evil’s power, Squire was so stunned By what Finsean had revealed in a look

They had a lot of sorting out when he returned from his chase. Did Finsean even know what it was he was seeking, he thought not! But still he had to be sure for he could trust No one who thought Evil, was Usable ,
To watch his back!
But right now he was finding this Grandfather!
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

The Roc stood before Finsean, visible and concerned He wanted to know!
What was that about?!

I do not know,
I was talking to Squire
I had asked if he thought
the Lost Power of the Golden Imperium’s Legionaries
could be found here?

Then he looked at me
with his eyes that said Betrayal
as thou Iwere Evil and ran!
Fear is not my Friend
is his family Motto
I know we are no longer
best Mates
Finsean was crest fallen his eyes held a tear.
He had just lost his best mate! And he had no idea why!

The Roc understood the Problem.
But how to be sure Finsean understands

You had wondered about the Power
that made the Golden Imperium legionaries so powerful!
That they could conquer the world?
And you believe as many young do today

that the Power was no longer known
to this world!
Finsean was quick to agree! such enthusiasm it made Roc quite ill!

Yes I had just wondered if that Power
could be found scribed in a volume here.
Finsean saw this and became confused! The power to win against your enemy was good a thing in his mind!

The Roc understood this about his people they were War Birds. He was going to try and explain
not all Power is Usable or to be Desired
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

the Power you seek
what Power you Desired.
It is not lost or Stolen!

Just guarded!
For the Power you seek
is Evil!

As you could see
from the look in Squire’s eyes
he understood the Power
you asked about
The Roc placed his wing over the lads shoulder, as he lead him away, from where Finsean had stood alone.
Let me tell you a quick story
while we go to where
you can read for yourself !

To understand
the true Nature
of the power You Desire!

And why this Library was Built
To Fight it!

The Dark Power you wish to posses is here.
And Squire may know this, as he also knows it is
the most hideous and vile power there is!
Pure Evil!
Finsean had begun to think his curiosity was wrong!
Not your curiosity lad,
but your Desire!
Can you feel the Difference? He could!

Now I believe it is time
that you truly understand!
The Nature of the Evil
that has seduced you
an the young of this day
For the Roc could smell War coming and he did not want Finsean on the Side of Evil! Or his other people either

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

They walked in a companionable silence down the long hall. Finsens heart was broken at the lose of his best mate.

The Roc knew this was the very moment to show Finsean the Dark Power he had Desired, even before he had known what power it was, or understood it!

They turned in to a Archway that lead up to winding stairs that come out in what looked exactly like their Rockery in the Castlegurad. But rather then filled with the Sentinels belongings it was filled with Volumes, Scrolls, parchments of every kind, it was the Library of Their Peoples! The Sentinels War Birds

The Roc went to the far wall and pulled a volume forward. The wall slide open the Roc went threw and disappeared!

Finsesan stood frozen in place as a wash of Heat come out the hidden chamber, that made him think of Hell! He had No Wish to Enter! An arm reached out and pulled Finsesan in out of sight!

There was a heat in the chamber he did not understand, and the creepiest feeling he had ever felt! It made the Thing that lurked under the Old Stone Bridge feel like nothing!

Not Even the falling of the Great Mt on them, or the trail of The Labyrinth of Fire and Ice had he felt this soiled and dirty! But the foulness of this chamber was so intense, he felt Evil just by walking in this Chamber

The chamber was small and crowded with one table with perches around it for reading. And on shelves on the walls where only a few books! But it smelled vile, and there where buckets and mops waiting for someone to be sick when coming in 0r not make it out in time
I had desired this power
before I knew what it was!?
he could understand Squire
If had felt this before

The Dark Power you seek The Roc pointed!
is in that Book!
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

But Finsean who had been ready to take it, could not touch it. The Roc showed him were the Dragon scale gloves were kept.

Finsean spilt on the gloves and went to the book, he lifted it quickly and tossed it onto the Table. Still he did not want to touch the Book! It made his flesh crawl!

Then spied a stick to open it with he did not want to touch that book agin even with gloves. He opened the book carefully

He understood he had desired this power! And now he was seeing it he wanted out! He now wished he had never heard of it!

The Roc looked at Finsen, I think you are right to think Squire will forgive you , you did not know! But now you are here! Would you like to guess why you can not touch this Book!?

Or why you no longer wish to read it!?

Finsean shook his head NO he did not want to know, he was feeling worse every moment he was there, he wanted out! Then He felt the fear of betrayal!
As The Roc held his gaze, and spoke

Those who would bow to Evil,
Became Flesh without Spirit
Leaving the Body empty
to be possessed by a Demon
that is the Power
of the Imperial Legionaries,
the Army of Darkness,
the Demon Horde!
Zombies passed by Demons

That is why it was ordained into law
by their Great Corrupted Senate of the World
the Army of Darkness, the Evil Kittim,
Golden Imperium’ Legionnaire could not marry!
It was Illegal to marry a women by Law!
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Or have any children.
For the Fury Consumed Humans
he had taught them to do the same

so if they could find any children
they would do their Nasty Evil Rituals
of Killing the children to consume them
and take their sparks of life to give them

Any offspring forfeit by Law
would be illegitimate
to the Golden Imperium
for foul and vile rituals
that involved sex and violence
between only men
that ended with death, of children,
performed for their God,
so he could eat their Hearts
and consume their power!

If you were a Golden Imperium’ Legionnaire
you were required a male Bond mate
for Battle to watch your back.

But to weed out the week
in ritual sex threw dominance
and violence and Death

the White Fury named Caesar!
Then set lose the Demon Horde
upon the World!
To eat their enemies hearts

they ate their own!
Flesh and blood!

In the time of Squire grandparents
and My Time when the Beast known as Mine Fury
had risen once again!
To Try to take control of the World
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

The Hag of Hagoon put inside this book
the Ritual’s used by the White Fury,
two thousand years before
when he called himself
Caser, a God!

He Imprisoned Humans
Slaves, in Death Camps
With the Golden Imperium
and its Imperial Legionaries
took the Humans body
and removed their Human spirit!
until the Demonic Beasts in Human form
A Demon Horde that the White Fury
had once again set upon the World!

And she bound books from Humans skin
she tore off their body’s as she butchered them for
the White Fury’s entertainment!
find the real name of the lady who did this in the book from the servialval guy who haunted down Nazis and put it as her true name

The Hag of Hagoon was eager to oblige him,
she used the Humans skin, to make gloves for her hands,
shades of Humans skin to block the light!

She used the skin of Humans soaked
in their children’s own blood for a truly Evil Power
that only a Hag could crave!

And the consumption of Humans as food,
became Evils most powerful device,
to straighten the potency of Evil over it’s Demon Horde

When our people,
Our people,
the Mighty War Birds
went to the Great Lands
to stop it THIS EVIL!
Storm Troupers they called us
War Birds unpaired
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

WE fought this Evil
you and your mates had desired!

Evil must be Seductive, My Lad!
For you Craved and Desired
an Evil Power
that had Lost!
More then Once!
But Trice the White Fury,
has tried to control the World,
and it seems that

He is on the Rise again,
As you have just shown me!

What?! Finsean Yelled

Finsean wanted to know!

You have much learning to do,
for this is the Evil,
that had seduced you!
The Roc took the stick and closed the book.
Finsean looked like he had seen a ghost!
There on the Binding of Human skin
was a single closed Human eye
It looked like Squire’s

The Voice that does Not Speak was trying to help
This Evil, Seduced You
This Evil, was eager to
oblige You !

And those like you!
And the Heir!
To get you caught up
in the Desire for Power,
you do not Yet know!

Then when you find out
what this power requires of you ,To late
the true nature of Evil is shown.
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

She was a Human! Just Like Squire
Evil will consume you, and those it needs,
and where your skin like cloths!
The White Fury is Back!

The Roc used the stick to put the book bound in the Human flesh back on the shelf. As the Human Eye OPENED

It starred at Finsean taking his measure.
He wondered what it saw, a sick fool, like she had been, another to make a book? he shuddered. Not if he could help it!
Evil has found its way
into Lands of Aledon ,
Finsean not just threw the Heir,
but threw you!
Finsean threw up!
But the bucket and mop were ready,
they had been hovering around his feet waiting!

The Roc was sure he was getting the point, but best to do it now, when he truly understands, not when he can make exquocess until its to late!
You Desired a Power
you did not know
or understand!

And still you do not truly know
what is written in those pages.
But you know you
no longer want to read them!

To Desire a thing
you do not understand,
is not just Foolish
but Dangerous!
No one could ever
trust you again! The Roc looked at Finsean he was a new man

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Squire saw his grandfather, he knew he had. He bolted threw the Portal

Squire running full out, chasing a shadow he saw him agin turned a corner he rushed to catch up

Squire saw him walking down a long hall, he raced to see him ,Just as he turned another corner

Getting angry he bellowed out to him
As he chased after his phantom
Running as fast as he could, still following his Grandfathers ghost

He followed turning sharply into a dead end
Where he crashed into the solid wall
Alone and angry he yelled
It has been a hard Journey
If I am not to see you
What am I to see?
A Solid Round Mahogany Door with a large ornate Brass Fittings appeared just were he had hit the wall

There carved into the Wood The Ancients Symbol for a Gathering under the Symbol of the Power of the Life under the Light

Squire turned the large Brass handle and pulled He knew this is what his Grandfather wanted him to see!

He peered in at a cozy study, filled with shelfs everywhere s large writing desk with parchment and quills ready!
As thou someone had just left.[?]

A cozy chair near the small Hearth, And a Brass Podium of great craftsmanship! It felt like home!

But The sight of the Podium moved him , it had taken him off his guard! Disarmed by his Eagerness to see what his Grandfather had left for him, He moved in for a better look
The moment he had reached the Podium, he felt like a fool! E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

When The heavy door slammed shut! He stood bewildered A Solid Round Mahogany Door with large ornate Brass Fittings Then Disappeared he had just been Sealed In!

Do not Panic he told himself
Look for sources of air!
The air was still fresh! He could feel a breath of air coming from the unlit hearth.

His mind relaxed He finished looking about!

His Grandfather did want him to find this place, so he should be safe, As he advanced to the Podium for a better look

The work of a Master Craftsman he had near seen before, even in the Vail Folk smith crafts. The workmanship Attracted his eyes to the Brass Podium

But the single Scroll Addressed to Squire from his Grandfather sitting waiting !

His breath caught in his chest!

Squire looked at the Scroll

Squire looked at the Scroll again

It was addressed to him

but very Strangely?

He began to look for a Trap!

To Squire
From your Grandfather
his last thoughts and wishes he had for you
scribed by me Una as he left this world
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

To Squire
From your Grandfather
his last thoughts and wishes he had for you
scribed by me Una as he left this world

Who Hold the wRite of Eternity
have chose to leave this Scroll here
In the Library that Merlyn had
built for the Queen of the Change
for this is the Library of Your People Squire
The Lions Court The Old Guard
This is the one place you truly Belong
here in Stronghold Behind the Wall

as Rollo’s Rightful Grandson
Who’s mother is A Daughter of Life
Who’s Father Is the High Priest of the Ancient
Welcome New Hero of Eden
The Reckoning is about to start
Get Ready!

Who was this Una?

and where was she
that she had not shown her self
with the letter?

She had some explaining to do,
leaving a note that looked to him
like the Ravings of a Lunatic
But worse he told himself
was the Mule Kick to his stomach!
It had a Ring of Truth,

He did not like this feeling,
that the Magic was somehow leading him on.
For what Reason, he had no idea
and were where the Builders?!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

The Brass Podium was an old and a very sophisticated design, not one he had ever seen on Eden. Not even one the Elves or Dwarfs brought.

They where unique but somehow so familiar, he felt his grandfather laughing!

He unrolled the Scroll carefully, clipped it into place the Brass podium read the Scroll aloud, in Rollo’s own Voice

.He had not heard his voice threw his ears in so long since the day he left this world. And until then he had not realized how much he missed him!

He heard his Grandfathers voice !!! As thou he were talking to Squire Directly!! Just to hear his voice speak to him was so amazing! Almost hypnotic as he had thought he would never hear it threw his ears again!

He just listened to the sound of the Voice he had missed, the rise and fall of the cadence that rumble and rolled along in a good broken Gaelic that worked for most speech. not really hearing the meaning of the words. He had time he was going NO Where Now!

Squire rooted listening It was getting harder to hear the Voice he loved coming from the Scroll, he was getting upset that his mates where being to loud!

Then he realized they were the Sentinels
they were calling a warning,
he told himself several times,
Before he realised what he was saying!
He needed a way out !

This could be a Trap! the Perfect One
He thought

He had missed hearing the Scroll,
but he knew they were in Danger, a Warning Yelling!

He looked about for a sign of a doorway None appeared He felt the panic in The Roc and Finsean
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Now A small archway opened on the far wall.
Squire sprinted out, into a Main Hall of the Library

A large circular Desk, freestanding Bookshelves set like a star burst from the centre of the Domed Great Hall.
Filled with Scrolls, Valium, and chronicles of every kind. Even Maps and Ledgers could be found.

When he saw the Roc and Finsean running from the opposite directions both talking at the same time
‘You alright Squire?’
‘I heard you calling!’ The old bird said

What s wrong? ‘Squire’ Finsean yelled
They meet at the large circular Desk
Baffled by his friends talk, he became annoyed He told himself he did not even know where his Grandfathers Chamber was!?

Finsean was anxious to speak to Squire. But the look in Finsean Eyes said it all to Squire

What happened to you? Squire asked

I have seen the Book
that tells of the Power
I sought! It was bound
by the Hag of Hagoon
Both the Roc and Finsean had shuttered, as he said the words. Squire went dead White.

A Hag!? Squire said with loathing, he hated hag’s!

You read a Hags book?

No wonder you were calling me.
He said in disgust.

The Roc laughed,
Ney lad he did-ney read it.
He could not even touch it.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

The three friends stood in wonder, for only a moment when the lads realized Neither had called the others(?!)

The Lads started to talk, to figure out who had called them, when they both turned to look at The Roc, Finsean asked
Who else is here?

Una! Squire yelled

Who is Una? They both wanted to know!

Before the Roc could explain who Una was ,
and why he had brought them here!

A Gateway began to form,
The swirling mists of silver glass,
gathered and thickened and came to life
before them as their eyes growing wider
in total a untied surprise!
The Roc most of all!

It was a most wondrous and enchanting looking Gateway, they all became caught up in watching it form.

With its unique Celtic Design detailed all about it, and an ornate Silver Frame, to make it look like a vision from a Dream!

Then Roc ready himself for Battle, as the Lads were thinking the SAME, who would come here? Friend or Foe?

A large and majestic man In a robe of Indigo, midnight Blue and Purple with diamonds that Danced like Stars, the constellation of Leo! He looked like he owned the Heavens as he sparkled!

The Lads thought he was a Wizard at first look, and SECOND it was not until the third Squire who could no longer speak, realized it was Tobar!
When Squire was accosted

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

A Beautiful Maiden her face was like an angel! Jumped Out from behind Tobar

The Angel exploded with emotion when she saw Squire! Heading for him like a raging Bull!
Trying to catch him and yelling
‘Squire!!!!’‘Squire!!! Squire dodging her with tremendous skill, The Roc and Tobar were impressed

.It made Squire uneasy. Who was this beauty who was trying to hug him like his Mother!
It gave him the creeps! Was she a Hag!?
He hated Hag’s, they still scared him!
For their Evil was beyond compare!

A quick faint to the left as he spun to the right,
got him out of her reach ones again.

When he spied a Strong Large Young Man who looked like her Body Guard, came threw the Gateway watching!

He appraised the Raw Boned Lad, who had the nose and Eyes of a Hawk! Those eyes missed nothing the Body Guard, had guessed.

But when he saw him evade Myreal ,
not knowing it was her, he fell into the most Joyous laugh Squire had ever heard.
There could be no malice
in a laugh as warm as that! Squire thought

When she stuck her tongue out at Cayman, and said
Oh Shut Cayman, you try!?
Squire is not so easy to catch
and he has been practising!
Everyone fell into stiches with laughter at her not being able to catch Him
Squire stopped dodging her, he stayed his ground. His face was set as he said the nane he knew

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Everyone but Cayman knew that look!
Myreal laughed, it was filled with such simple Joy at seeing a young Lad she had taken under her wings, they had grown up as Kinsman,
no matter their kind or kin and Myreal was so Happy to see her lad, she became exited and exuberant she exclaimed
‘Squire!!!!’You capricious
wart It is me’ Myreal

No you are not.......
Myreal, His face was set
........you’re a Maiden

yes here I am
and I see
you are now
a Man! She Giggled as Squire turn bright Red!

But the look in his eyes he knew she was her!
For when he looked into her eyes instead of seeing himself, he saw her as her true nature, a beautiful Teal Dragon!

He turned to the Body Guard
You must be
the Famous Cayman!
With every word Squire spoke Cayman filled with love and pride at Myreal who made him sound like a Hero, and not a silly love struck Dragon, which he was!

Squire was reaching out to embrace her in a hug! When Tobar’s massive hand came out of no where and clamped down on Squire’s shoulder, and lifted him so quickly from the group without a word

Squire had a soft red glow, starting to show.
His mums seeing stones?!
The Old One thought
But something about them
was not right

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

The red glow was building, The Red Light was growing in urgency! Tobar seized Squire about the shoulders quickly and rush walked him away!

Everyone watching They disappeared in to a small chamber not seen there before.

The smooth round Marble Walls was a small chamber that felt like he stepped into tight tube as it glowed Red! They stood in silence both wondering what was going on

Squire wanted to tell Tobar
it was his mums seeing stones
Tobar put his finger to the side of his nose, he signed the signal,
I know
Then moved his finger to his lips, where he made the symbol to
SHHHHH without noise

Tobar Disappeared in the Marble Chamber The Red Glow swirled and pulsed to the beat of Squires Heart As Squire stood alone
Ba-boom, Ba-boom, Ba-boom
Unseen and unheard He felt Tobars mighty hand reach out to his shoulder to remind him he was there! It gave him comfort, because something was WRONG!

These were his Mums Seeing Stones, but this was very odd he could not feel his Mums presence anywhere!

He did not feel her using her stones?!
Who was trying to reach him?

He felt ill watching the swirling and pulsing intensify with the quickening of his pulse he had never seen that before!

The Swirling and pulsing, were keeping time to Squires beating heart, as it banging wildly on his ribs to be let out
Ba-boom Ba-boom Ba-boom!
Who was trying to reach him, he hoped they would soon for he was feeling sick!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

He felt ill , and almost alone watching the pulsing of his heart beet on the marble walls.

An Ice Cold, Wave of Fear Gripped Him as Massive blast of blinding Darkness flashed before him!

He found himself in a large dark closet Filled with cloaks, good suits all hanging on hooks his eyes were straining to see in the dim light
Of the soft scones at the base of the walls

He had no idea where he was, Just a small dark chamber filled with cloaks He knew his mother was not here He knew not to make any noise
Watch, Listen, and Learn! He heard the Voice that Does Not Speak!

For Squire felt danger all about him! And he could n longer feel Tobar, had he not come with him to this crazy place!?

A slip of light appeared at the far side of the cubical and widened as thou someone coming in was blocking out the light with his sillowete

With the light behind the person coming in, he could not see him well. But someone was coming in,

The light Vanished-- darkness took over the cubical. As the door shut, blinded by the dim light Squire was alone in a dark chamber with a stranger His pulse quickened!

His eyes adjusting again, he saw a jaunty fellow, His hat at a foolish tilt A Dapper Gentleman in riding habit Looking about to see if he was alone!

Squire felt cold droplets of sweat on his upper lip. Did he know Squire was there?

The Dapper fellow walked to the empty hook Squires heart caught in his chest He stopped breathing it made to much noise.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Terrified the fellow could hear him breath, or hear his heart banging out a tattoo, on his ribs he calmed himself as he had been taught, Fear is not my Friend, it will stop you from action when action is called for Flight ot Fight! Action all the same.

Fear leaves you caught unable to free yourself and move!

This fellows Dapper habit fit loosely, he noticed the Dapper man was not so well dressed as he had first thought! He looked rather rumpled and baggy.

Then he noticed there was a strange thick dankness that oozed out of the mans cloths

The mans face went slack His body drained the jaunty man Decreasing in size, as thou he was Deflating before Squire as he watched!

Squires mind was screaming, he wanted to run, yell, cry! The Jaunty man, hung up on a hook, DEAD ! Empty and Lifeless! The hollow eyes of the Dapper man made Squire fell retched!

As the Dank Ooze slid away leaving a hollow and limp corps, Squire knew the Dapper man was dead!

His bones, and muscles gone, his eye sockets empty! This was a Powerful Dark Thing , This was No Ordinary Demon,

This Demon consumed people devouring them, then they wore people skins like clothes

His Dead Body hung like clothing! He was only a facade, his skin and cloths just trappings for the thick Dark Oozing. That filled the shape of a man.

The Dank Ooze came closer Every part of his body screamed; Run He held his ground!
Closer, and closer it came the bleak empty Face of the dank ooze was looking right at him
Still he held his ground!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Closer and closer heading for where Squire was hiding! Squire looked out to see he was not as tall as the Dank Ooze, he came up to about its chest When Squire caught sight of a mirror on the other wall!

Looking Squire could see, He was in the Pendent hanging about the cowled and robbed empty figure, that Hung like the Dapper fellow! Waiting for the Demon to fill its empty space

The Dank Ooze funnelled into the cowled and robbed empty body as the Dank Ooze filled up the Robes from the hook Squire was hiding

The cowled and robbed figure Turned to the
mirror on the other wall it and twisted the face to fit the eyes and nose, Squire felt his knees buckled
In the pendant hanging about the cowled figures neck! Squire controlled his breathing as they slide along the floor. Squire watched in horrid fascination As the Robbed and Cowled figure slithered out a passage way

Hanging over the Robes in the Pendent it wore.
they stood unseen protected by a wall as he looked out over A Council Chamber

Squire understood he was hanging about the neck of a Demonic Consumer!
why he was seeing this
threw his mothers Seeing Stones?!
What had it to do with his Mum!?

The Cowled Figure looked out over the Council
He seemed to slide along the floor .
Taking his place at the Head of the Pentagon
The Council was convening

He no longer felt like a Man, These were Demonic Ghouls, Evils most hideous, Spirit without flesh on Eden, They Steel Humans to consume them, then wear their skin!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Why was he here? It was an Eerie Chamber, he wondered if any of these cowled figures were truly men?

The Image of the All Seeing Eye, as all about him, as it was on each of the ornate chairs they sat that looked like thrones the most powerful men in the world, if they were still men? He wondered

But when he looked closer he saw the whole image that was ornately done. It was Not the Symbol of the Procreator, over the titled right angle, they used the Symbol of the Knights of the Double-Cross,& symbol The 1st Pyramid

He remembered the, story about this Symbol of The 1st Pyramid; Imenhtep when he used The 3 Books of Knowledge To make himself a God!

Rather then Freeing the People, from Slavery to Death Cult of the Nile. He spread Evil turning on the Brotherhood as their God!

He showed off his Power over the World by making the 1st Man Made Sacred Mountain
his stairway to Heaven,

Squire remembered Rollo telling him they called him The 1 inch Ruler it was a great story

In the Legend of Hero’s he was Worse then Evil. For he knew Better but did not care, he cared only for himself. It was when the Brotherhood went underground, and in secret taught the Way!

Both Symbols were of Traitors to the Brotherhood was this Council all that was left of the Brotherhood? Is that why no one was here?

The Cowled Figure lifted the pendent from around the neck, of the Body it was wearing,!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

His view of the Black Onyx Table was different now! He could see all around him in the Dim light, it was as thou he was on a Temple On High! Standing at the Top of the Stairway to Heaven the first Human Mountain made he was in 1st Pyramid the Capstone

The Cowled Figure snapped the pendent
into place with a profane snap he watched as a very dark meeting was about to be taking place
And their surrounding him. The distorted Image of the All Seeing Eye

Squire eye attracted to the table , this was no Meeting of a Brotherhood he knew or wanted to know.

As a Gail force came from behind him, There was a blast that came from such force, he had to crouch Quickly in hopes not to be found, as he watched he understood!
The Hypnotic Voice of the
White Fury came forth
They did as they were ordered!

But Squire felt the All Seeing Eye, say
Be still and
Watch Listen and Learn!
The Talisman
the All Seeing Eye, released the Power of the White Fury! It was THE WHITE FURY in charge of The Council of Shadows

For over 500,000years The Brotherhood Builders their Symbol, Educated Life, Enlightened Humanity!

These were no Brotherhood of Builders he saw and felt they were feigning. That they were
Why was he here?

Let the World
come to Order The Hypnotic Voice
as The Council of Shadows

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Give your reports
let us start
at the left hand
of man Squire was sure the man at the left point of the Pentagon, was a man, he Could smell the sweat mixed with fear pouring from him!

Squire could smell the odious little man, who was speaking to the White Fury Personally.

Squire could feel the Magical Talisman The All Seeing Eye had been almost completely corrupted by the Toxic Evil, leaching into her heart by the White Fury trapped in her, but the Un-dead, do not die!

The odious man that smelled fishy was talking
Mine Fury,
Your plans has been carried out,
to the last letter and it is going
ahead of schedule.
His oily voice sounded so slick and smooth,
it made Squire feel the need to shower!

He remembered the story when the Temple Fell, and all the writing of James, who told the world, about Traitors of Humanity who were lovers of smooth things! This would have been one of those men, he was sure
We have given each Warlord
unknown to them all a
very deadly gift, a weapon
of such lethal DARK Power
that only they alone can Control!

Each Warlord believes
they alone have the Power
only they can use this Evil
to their own gain!

Then all is as it should be?! The Hypnotic Voice pronounced
What of the Nation of Builders
those who value their Freedom!
those who rule in the Builders lands
the Free Republic for which it stands.
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Those with the Power to rule the world?
What do they say to this new gift?

It was the Black Bag, that drove them to write
their Constitution has its time ran its course?
Or do we have the Knights of the Double-Cross
working for us once again?

Mine Fury! A cowled and cloaked simpering voice
do not even yet ,
suspect to what level
Humanity has fallen,

Terror rules the free lands now
Fear at every turn. Anyone and everyone
could be the enemy

Men who seek power
Fight among themselves
at the peoples expense
private armies fill their lands
Squabbling over what is left
of their Worlds Dark Power

In the dead of night Gone without a trace
Vanishing Humans
The Black Bag,
Used by the Bushy Headed
1st Citizen of the Freedom Council
he has become caught up
in a vision of Terror
he can not escape once
the Black Bag has been opened!

Aye Yes, all as it should be! The Hypnotic Voice pronounced

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

A cowled and cloaked pompous voice
The Dark Shroud of Evil
tightens its grip.

Cutting off the Realm of Dreams
soon it will be to late
and they will be bodies without spirit
ripe for the Demons waiting for Human Body’s

Humans have all ready forget who they are
and have forgotten about the Gifts
As Humans do Evils work for us
Eden’s water, her soil, her air,
all turning noxious before their eyes,
and yet they will not see it!

their Freedom Council
Has began plans to destroy
what is left of their natural reserves
saved for the future generations to come.
But the decision has been formed
they need all the Dark Power

He has openly called for the land
to be destroyed for the Last of

Eden has fallen into a Season of Death,
as Humans Desire for Gold and Power
destroy their own world.
The Hypnotic Voice pronounced
And the Nexus?!
Do those out in the Heavens
still watch Humans destroy
their own Living Planet?
pompous voice replied

Yes, they are waiting until the Nexus to call the Black Hole,
to remove the contamination before it spreads.
The word Human is spoken like a Plague threw out the Stars!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

The Hypnotic Voice was shaking
The Item that I seek?
No one has mentioned it?

Mine Fury
We seek it
as we speak!
The tension building behind Squire felt like a hurricane ready to blow the White Fury is livid

Still NOT found
IT?! The Demonic Consumer in Human skin answered
There is No Man
on Eden
that can stand against You!
the Desire for
Gold and Power
to strong
The rage poured out the White Fury
I seek NO

I desire the Life Force itself

Time is Running OUT!!

Eden can still be SAVED!!!!!..
For the Nexus is coming!
The chamber Dropped into a Blackness so profound Squire wondered if he had died!?

Squire was wondering how long he had been there When he felt the core of the Talisman the All Seeing Eye trying to reach him, he stood in the darkness so still wondering why? Now knowing the White Fury was seeking his Mum, to kill her!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

The red glow returned with a flash

He was standing in the entrance to the study of Sanctuary like he had done a thousand times before He saw his family so clearly he expected to see his mum look up and talk to him, as she often does threw here stones.

But this time was different, she was not using her stones, the All Seeing Eye, had found her, he knew!

But why then, was, the White Fury still looking!?
His mum was in the study surrounded by scrolls and journals, his father quietly got up form the chair by the fire to get another Scroll.

His Dog was guarding them He could tell
He still waited for her to look up at him, She did not know he was there He looked for her stones No where in sight His mum looked warn out and tired There was something very wrong but from the small chamber he was in he could not tell what

She had the Rollo’s Archives out, Squire searched their scrolls This was serious, Squire wanted to yell to her ,Call out, he was there!!! but something was telling him;
Do not let anyone
know your there
the White Fury will find her! Blackness once again

Squire’s mum sat in a wingback chair She had felt something watching her! She looked about for Squire even the Death Dog who had been guarding them had pricked his ears to hear! She looked about again and again, but saw nothing, and Hart had not noticed!

She went to the mantel above the hearth. Then looked at the exquisite Silver Box, made by the Dwarfs in the Silver Citadel Guild. The Silver crafted box was to trap bad intent.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

That is where she had placed the slip of parchment the Heir had called The All Mighty Dollar, that had a disfigured Image of the Eye!

She had become trapped in the CapeStone

She could feel The All Seeing Eye, calling out to her! It made her skin crawl!

A Brotherhood who started with Adam and Eve, down threw Noah 500,000 years of Builders

Their Symbol, the Protractor in the place of the Blade, the Right Angle at a tilt, to take the place of the Challis, the Symbol of Life, but more, Educated Life, Enlightened Humanity

Builders, the oldest Benevolent Society
Any man could die building , no fear his family would suffer, they would be treated the best of the Tribe, their father, a fallen a Hero. His wife could earn her own way, and his children the best taught they could give. No wife had to take a new husband just to feed her children

The Call The Widows son. The Brotherhood
of Builders, the oldest Benevolent Society this World or any other had seen. For the Power of a HuMan’s heart can not be measured by anything On Any World

Evil, the Brotherhood had fallen, they were now
Big Brother who spied and sold secrets in the night unseen by those who still walk in the Light!

She could never forgive the Knights of the Double-Cross, when they had fallen to the Evil they spread,

First They turned on the Brotherhood, kept the Treasure to themselves they fell to the Desire of Gold and Power
They Stole the Copper Scroll, and returned to the Wall of Defiance and started to dig up the Gold, Silver and Jewels.
They shared with no one, Not Even THE WIDOWS SONS

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page i

Second Any one caught being a Brotherhood of Builders were to be killed. Making so many Widows Sons they became a mass number of embarrassment

The Knights of the Double-Cross stole the Treasure for themselves! Nothing Noble with the Splitting å Sacred Elm!
Vile men who had fallen into being murdering Thieves!

But they had done something so much more of a Betrayal then steal the Treasure for themselves, and forsake the Brotherhood,!

Fri the 13th 1307 the edict was given, by the Emperor of Souls who they had Double Crossed and had made him very angry, in one swoop the White Fury had caught them all up! All but the Brotherhood of Builders who went into Hiding Once Again!

But those who had kept the Faith and Freedom alive in peoples hearts, those of the Hidden Brotherhood who had been sent to spy on the Spy’s of the Double Crosser’s

It was the Hidden Brotherhood who Took back their Temple Treasure and the Copper Scroll just before the Claws of the Fury snatched it up.

To return to Stronghold behind the Wall! Just as they had done before threw out time, to keep Evils claws, from the Ancients Knowledge and Treasure

Now you see It Now you don’t! And those of the Brotherhood went home with their belongings

So once again When Evil swooped in,
There Was nothing to be found but men wanting !

When the Knights of the Double-Cross turned traitor
Once again and turned on their Knights selling their secrets.
But the Fury was building power as time clicked by it wanted the secrets of a Brotherhood they no longer knew.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

But still Builders came into the world. !

When the Knights of the Double-Cross ran out of secrets. They sold out the one secret no one ever thought they would.

But the Knights of the Double-Cross were no longer men, just Evil in Human Skin! With no more Care for Life then the Fury Had! For the Knights of the Double-Cross, where known to be Cannibals!

Now Pure Evil they sold their most Treasured, and Valued Secret They sold out the Sisterhood, The Queen of the Change, and Lyons Court

in one Fatal Weapon Man Made The Tome of Death
The Witch’s Hammer
Made with the Knights who had fallen to
Pure Evil revealed with the Fury’s Evil destruction of Life!
How to torture and kill Women and children
For the Crime of Reading,
to invoke Human Magic, and
Create their sons to be
Men, who can Govern Themselves! Heros

For the Cannibals known as the Knights of the Double-Cross, tried to end the world of Builders That Believed in Educated Life, Enlightened Humanity NEEDED NO KING

They sold out their Mothers, their Wives, their Daughters, Sisters, Aunt’s Even Grandmothers where killed as they taught freedom of the Mind and Spirit when they body’s were enslaved by the Emperor of Souls.
Those who kept the Spark of Life Alive!

For Evil’s haltered of Women who bring forth life was vast! But to find they were teaching their children to defend themselves from Evil
Evil’s Fury was unleashed as it feed off Children! And the Women who and Young Men who had not yet fallen who tried to save them
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

For Reading was the First Rule of Human Magic; Recorded in the Codex! Reading could take you to worlds you had never been!

Reading was the 1st Crime in
The Tome of Death The Witch’s Hammer

So when you went to worlds you had never been! you could do what you had gone to do! Free and Care for the People they loved! For Slavery was Heavy on the world, and the small Island stood against Slavery one more time! The old Guard, the Lyons Court stood for freedom on the World

For Even the World across the Seas where the Brothers found safe new lands. The Knights had come and turned them all to Cannibal. The Knights of Hell

Across the Great Lands Women died by the hundreds of thousands. All Across the Globe Every year new women were turned into the Golden Imperium, for Gold or Power!

In their arrogance, they had devised a Deadly Tome, to hunt down and destroy the Holy Grail, the Blood line of the Old Guard, Joined with the Queen of the Change, they had wrote a Book to Kill the Blood line’s
that had saved the World from Evil!

Cannibals !now called Noble Heros
Snavelling Evil Finds is more fitting.

She knew one thing, The Brotherhood of Builders had FALLEN! To the Knights of the Double-Cross

They were so confused she wondered if they knew who they were, or why they were here. Just to suck up life and DIE! As the Cannibals had done!?

Once again to put the Image of the Imenhotp’s
1st Pyramid the One Inch Ruler on their All Might Dollar! Has pulled all those who had been of the Brotherhood into believing they came for the Cannibals themselves knights who where were Demon in Human Skin. She wondered how any one could trust men, then she saw Hart.
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

And thought of her son.
But with This distorted image of the Eye was on the
Brotherhood of Builders, All Mighty Dollar,
And she knew they could no longer trust them the Brotherhood who spread desire and greed, turning people into consumers. Would it do the same to her

When she heard her name come from the
The Silver Box that held the vile thing called the
All Mighty Dollar?

She heard
to find all free thinking
Women who taught
her children
or Husband
to read!
Echoed threw time

Hart was watching her, She had an odd look on her face. Then ignored it! As Hart watched her from his chair She lifted out 3 Smooth Red Stones .Her Seeing Stones From her apron pocket. But to her bewilderment they were HOT.

Almost to hot to touch, as she dropped them back into the pocket, she thought her stones were vibrating? Giving off a kind of hum, like the sounds from the All Seeing Eye on the Dollar in the Silver Box!

Hart had gotten up to listen, but then did not hear anything, as he watched her slip the Seeing Stones onto the table. He watched her watching them .still to hot to be touch

They had a strangeness to them that gave her a feeling of forbidding!

A cat came in threw the closed and latched shutters. She sat and cleaned her paws and waited for her friend to notice she was there,

The Cat regarded the agitation Squire’s mum was showing, she was not happy with what ever was going on.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

She was talking to Hart when she saw the Cat
This is a strange thing, She smiled
I have never seen before!
Could my stones be damaged,
their power tainted somehow?
Squire had just heard
the Shadow Council talk of the end of his world and his Mother!
I had heard of your courage,
your bravery! But this day, lad,
you have done what no other man
could have done.
Tobar had never seen anything like it!

Demons Lad, you faced the worst sort,
those that suck the Soul from a man
then they wear their skin like cloths

Consumers, send a sain man running
and screaming for their lives.
You lad kept your cool.
You have metal lad that you have.
I am a proud to stand
by your side in the battles to come.

Welcome to manhood,
what do you think of your first days?!

Not Funny! Tobar
do you know
what they are after?! Squire was sure he knew what the White Fury was seeking! Deep in his Heart, he hopped he was wrong

Tobar was serious
No! lad I do not
But it warms my Heart
that without
The Item the Fury Desires
they can Not Win!

No Man is my Master
No Man is my God
I Vow to STOP this Evil Before it can harm you! Squire had made a private vow
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

But Tobar, listened in!
You?! Tobar thought

Watching, those things
selling secrets in the Dark,
where no one can see they have fallen
to worse then empty,
they were now Demonic Ghouls!

Is this why the Library and the Crystal Cavern are empty?
You No Longer Trust the Brotherhood do you?

Squire the past is something
we study to learn from
we do not want to repeat it
to see if there are better ways
to do what is needed for Eden.

We come here in preparations for War,
because we need to see what Evils nature is.
Not what it tells you,
but what it has truly` done
and for 500.000 the Brotherhood
had been a stable force among World Builders

But no one is Building, Squire
only shabby work covered with a nice facade
Jobs, by Brother’s broken by the whip
Now is the Time to Face the Evil and Say NO!
But How to do this!

We do not come here to repeat the past
we come her to find the New Ways
to Fight Evil and Win
to be sure these days continue
for the Generations to come!

Could it be Squire that there
is a Deep need for a Brotherhood of Good!
A New Brotherhood, of New World Builders
Builders Brotherhood of the Future!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Your here! You are a Builder
With what you know
and what you can learn
here Squire You could call
on many who are waiting
we will talk again!
They ended their talk as they were coming near their friends, Squire had a lot to think about, and he was feeling so soiled from the chamber with the consumer
He began to think about a good long soak to get the filth of Evil off him. Even thou he was still covered in Frozen Broiled Dirt had not made him fell that soiled before

Elan’s mind reeling as she walked!
as she watched the Stones Pulsing
Returning to her chair, When she felt Them!

Sitting in her chair she tipped the stones in her hand for a better look. She felt them burning her skin but her skin was still cool to the touch!
She had not felt them since that Cataclysm she was small. She remembered it was the worst time she had ever witnessed, the aftermath
sent shivers down deep into her bones

She remembered this feeling :
Evil feeding off terror, dread, and panic,
the fear that came with the carnage left all around them! Spirit without Flesh! Doing Evil’s will! Night Ryders

It was the time she was small and the earthquake that had shaken a large community some distance from them to rubble and kindling!

It had been just after dark, and their evening meals were being cooked. Every hearth in the community had been lit; every cozy fire had been started; and every oil lamp had been burning.

The shaking ripped and tore the stone like paper, and the massive wooden trestles like twigs, knocking loose large stones, smashing the buildings of the community as they came shattering down on themselves.
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

As the world crashed in on them from all around, the fires started and spread! Fear and terror everywhere they went.

A storm whipped up like none before, quickly filling the broken and shattered buildings, blazing as the winds fed the flames, making them come to life, consuming all they touched! The shaking stopped as the tempest took form and shape.

The rain put out the flames, but the rain kept coming. A torrent poured over the community, filling the broken buildings with water, and the flood quickly took on its own deadly power, drowning everything in its path

It had been over by the time they had arrived, finding the community destroyed,

She did not know of anyone in the community that had not been badly hurt Those who had lived closer ,had already started the search through the dark and murky waters, pulling out all those who had died!

All they could do was to join the search for the stinking and rotting and bloated bodies stuck under the water by stones of trees of those that had died. And brake up the dams of water.

She remembered crying every time she found some one her own age. Why could she have not hurried!
She always wished they could have hurried. But they had not been told till it was too late. By the time the small child (who had been sent for Rollo) had come, he was exhausted and dying! The community so far away it had taken him two full days in the saddle to reach them! She remembered hurrying!

She had been washing the dog and had to change. She had gotten rather wet. She remembered Rollo hurrying around the room do this and that, odd things, like getting out all his possessions ‑his private ones.

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

He passed across the floor silently, as he called out to the old quiet man in the corner. The old man that sat in the corner by the door. The one who sat with his dog. The dog she had been washing at the time. She loved that dog, and he her. The old man said nothing, he just put out his hand, like he was waiting for Rollo to toss the keys to him. And he was.

When he had caught them, he had said, "Ya had better Fly, 'Man'! For this be bad laddy, not good at all. “Ah Charlie dog”,” get over here, to yer spot. “”Dog, be watch‑en the door.”“ It be an order."

The dog was there, dripping and smiling, showing all his teeth like he was rabid! He smelled like lilacs, Charlie Dog thought, and loved it. The old man had thought the dog daft, grinning ear to ear, but smiled all the same.

She remembered because they had flown. Rollo never took any chances at being seen as a Dragon!

It had to be serious! And she had not seen the lad who had come. Another sign it was BAD!

But it was still too late. She always remembered thinking she should have dressed faster, but then remembered how far the little lad had ridden to get to them.

She remembered now, the wisps of Evil that had come and hung in the air all around the living at night, feeding off their terror and dread, feeding off their misery. They were insidious things ‑ Night Ryders. She had thought they had almost disappeared! It had been so long since she had felt them, so near

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Tobar could see Squire knew something !
But as yet unwilling to tell !
Couscous that was Good!

Let us join the others Squire ,
but should we keep this between us
or shall we tell them?!

No For now
I would like to think on it!
Later we can talk
when we have something to tell

They left the small chamber Returning to their friends Squire’s heart was Heavy But Tobar saw Hope in those Hawk like eyes he had seen before, and was so pleased to see again! Thou now they were sad eyes, they would glow with Human ingenuity soon!
Squire, Tobar
Are you alright?! Myeal yelled

Myreal rushed to see them, upset by what she saw, Such anguish in Squires Face, but she knew his backbone was made of the Strongest Metal
She looked deep in his eyes

Know this Squire
I pledge myself to your cause,
No Matter what it be.
We will save those You Love!

I know we will
We have no other choice!

She could see the Evil that had Haunted Squires eyes!
He could never keep anything from her.
She hugged him like his mother as she kissed his forehead. And she began to smile!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

It was infectious.
No matter how bad Evil was his Friends had the Faith to smile, at their small band of misfit Angels.. His heart filling with Love surrounded by Friends who vowed to Fight Evil, by his side, And Win!
But Tobar had a more pressing matter
How do you know
this lad? As Tobar used his most humble voice
Myreal grew embarrassed
Squire was finding it amusing
As was Cayman,
Well , um,
Now Tobar
do not be angry with me.

Angry about what? Tobar he asked

Squire took up her cause, after all Myreal has been my friend!
Well first you have to understand
I did not know that she was real!
I had met her when I was so very tiny
and they would put me down to sleep
but I never wanted to sleep, and Myreal came alone
to tell me tales of the Hero Cayman, and other such storys
of she would take me on flying adventures to other worlds, and lands

But I never thought they were real!
I never thought I would see her
when I was awake.

You have no Idea
how glad I am to see you both now!

She was the picture of innocents So sweet and smiling But Tobar was not fooled !
I ask You again!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

She knew she must tell them
,there could be no reason not tell them,
not now she is older
She bravely spoke

When I was younger,
I wanted a wee brother,
like Cayman was to Gavlin
The Gateway was so beautiful,.
So when I stumbled across
a wee babe in swaddling cloths
Who had no wish to sleep, I said
I would come to the Gateway
and sit and hid,
not going threw
or into it, just looking
Then I saw him!
And he saw me, threw new, half sleeping eyes
he called me His Lucky Dragon!
And we had been such good friends ever since.
Like a wee brother, thou he is no kin or kind to me.

Tobar very impressed asked
you reached him
threw the Gateway
with out going threw?!

Can you reach others?
She did not know?

Tobar’s watched as they talked freely
What he had just witnessed, was very odd?! Unexpected, strange and most peculiar

He knew the worst that was coming, but there were to many questions that needed proper answers

And he knew It was time to ready themselves Watching them all so eager to Save the World, it filled him with Hope

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

I can not believe I am meeting
The Magnificat Cayman,
what an honour this is!
the Storys, she told

The Honour is all mind!
It is a pleasure to meet you, Squire.
Her story’s of your keeping her on her toes!
So enjoyable! I know of none Squire
that has brought such joy to Myreal as you
Her Wee Bump, Her capricious Wart,
Her own we brother no matter your kin or kind
But now I see you are a Man, So we shall fight as One
I will teach you the Dragon Clan Ways
To Fight Evil and Win
for the Love of Creation,
that burns in all our hearts!
They made the sign of the Oath but their heads could not help but Turn to look, as Tobar, had Myreal marching out the Archway! And without any prompting, they both broke out laughing! Hands on knees with a joy only those two knew.

The Roc came over with Finesean to see why they were laughing, he saw nothing funny. And he told them as an Old One.
Tobar is Serious.
Squire tried to straighten to speak.
We knew,
But so is Myreal!

Poor Old Tobar said Cayman as he smiled at the Roc.
They were all enjoying themselves

Has he met his match?! The Roc asked in amazement!

I had always believed No one Finsean said
could win a battle of will
over Tobar

A Battle of Wills from the
two most willful people I love!
It should be good sport! Cayman smiled
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

But my wager is on Myreal! He laughed
any takers?
But no one would bet against Tobar, it would be bad form, even if they all thought Cayman was right!

Threw the Archway they passed The round chamber that had Doorways, Archways, Passageways, Gateways All the ways were possible in this chamber Her eyes shot about looking for something

They walked in an odd quiet She hoped this was not a learning when no one spoke She had so many questions just bursting to come out

Tobar knew she was powerful
He could see she was ready

But he worried she could be Lied to, Deceived or Betrayed?! Manipulated ,into doing others will, no thoughts her of own considered only her actions to contend with, and if she was wrong it could be devastating! This Young Dragon, was something Special but he did not yet known what!
You have demanded
your Ancient Rites,
Your Journey to Truth,
and we are Here!

As Your Guide,

I tell you
to remember always
Watch, Listen, and Learn!
Think for yourself!

Remember the Storys of the Evil’s portrayals
How Lies, and Deception, are its tools

Powerful people make Powerful Mistakes!!!!
Do not let yourself be used!

E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Do you nettle, believing I will do something in Hast?
Something I can Not Undo!?
Tobar looked at her with Pride, Then in a serious mood he told her
This is no game child,
I have seen the Evil you will face,
Cunning, Ruthless,
lurking in search of its prey.

Evil has Conquered Humanity,
The Dark Shroud is wrapping Eden
in a Season of Death.

Evil feigning goodness
has brought this about
Judgement day ,if Humans do not awaken,
the End of Eden it will be .

Humans and Their Vows as Keepers,
Their Honour as Guardians,
Their Gallantry as Edens Champions
All those that took their Sacred Pledge,
Every Human that has come to Eden

Under Evils spell IS Failing
All duped into using the Dark Power,
when they know deep in their hearts
it will bring only death and ruin.
For the Desire of Gold and Power,
Men destroy their own world!
Humanity must reawaken
to the Power of the Light! Myreal!
The Nexus is Coming! But when they thought of the
Nexus they had a smile on their Faces

Her heart beet a wild rhythm on her rib cage
Are you ready With a Burst of light a Silver Door appeared
to give this matter your
Fullest attention?
And always Remember This
E. M. S. Cohen © 2005 Part 4 Page

Myreals face burned, He was right She had no idea why she was here she only knew she had to come.

But know that she knew Squire was Here, and Eden was in Danger, she was Ready! For Squire to her was like her own child! Now he was a man!
I am Ready! The Silver Door became Illuminated
The Silver Door Gleaming, brighter and brighter as Tobar clapped his hands like Thunder Tobar’s voice rang out like a bell!
Let the Ancient Rites Begin!
together they walked in to the Light

The Roc glowed with Pride, his full healthy Crest was in full bloom, this was one of their finest, this was Finsean, it was good to see! Squire thought

As the old one, took the young one off under his wing a special lesson was coming! He waved them off, as they said good by to Cayman.

Cayman set himself down at a main table in the Back of the Great Hall, Being young and curious Dragon he liked to keep track of all the comings and goings of everyone! he was a young Dragon who had changed his skin.

His curiosity was vast For He felt the danger all around them! He knew Evil wanted in!
He sat behind a tower of scrolls, the table lay filled with those he came to read first

Since Humans had fallen to the Dark Shroud, forgetting why they were born on the Living Planet and why they had come! Or even Where the 3 gifts had come from, and where were Eden and Humans going? TRAVELLING THREW SPACE They no longer knew!

He was going to help, Someone should write the History of Man on the Living Planet, someone who was not a Man! He laughed! Then he looked at Squire: Ingenuity, was the word he used to Describe Squire. He wondered how he would describe the others?.

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Where you He yelled and smiled,
off to by yourself, Squire

to take a bath
Covered in bits of Frozen Broiled mud and roots
He had never felt so soiled as he did in that small round Chamber of smooth marble, the Dandy fellow that deflated like a Balloon! To puff up some other poor dead body! after the time spent that close to a consumer He never felt more grimy Even thou he was still covered with Frozen, smashed broiled dirt..

Squire found his chance. He went to the back entrance, and made a sharp turn, then another, and another, he wondered why he knew where he was going? But He needed a bath to much to care how he knew!

When he turned into a vision he had never expected. it was a massive Lagoon! he thought there would be a wonderful crystal tub of some sort

But when he walked into a chamber that was over 50 feet high, its doom in a hewn detail he had never seen. Who had made such a place and why?

Warm water bubbling up form the melted snow
off the lava exchange. Squire could not resist.
He was frozen to the bone and knew the water was hot. As the steam called to him, he quickly got ready and jumped in.

His frozen and numb body started to come back to life. As the warmth gently made its way back into his limbs, he could feel them tingle and laughed as it spread through him. It felt like clean magic to wash away his cares for a short while, while he took a moment to enjoy being alive

Letting his mind start to wander, as one often does when one is at their most relaxed and comfortable, he listened to the thoughts that popped up. He had witnessed this for himself, the White Fury wanted the Life Force, though he did not seem to realize it was a women.

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Even Tobar had not guessed it was her! And he vowed then and there to tell no one! He could take no chances with his mothers life, she would take none with his! He knew her!

He felt like such a small being in this great expanse of caverns. There had been some master carvers here, to be sure. As he swam in the basin looking at the walls and archways he noticed something in the wall on the far side. He swam over to have a better look.

The pool became deeper as he got closer to the wall. He was sure that the water nearest the wall was nearly as deep as the cavern was tall. He had a silly thought Nessy might come here and visit Una!
He felt smaller yet

As he came up to the wall, he could see faces under a clear layer of crystal. He came close enough to touch it.

He could see that the faces were carved horse heads, by Craftsman of the Highest and in each was a different jewel, in the shape of a star in the middle of their foreheads.

He brought his hand up and touched the cool crystal wall. Under his hand was a face of a sweet, young filly. Her star was a brilliant cobalt blue. As his hand touched the crystal wall just above her star, the most beautiful music played. It had an almost haunting quality about it, bringing feelings up in him he did not understand.

He touched another horse –a very old stallion with a star the colour of indigo – and bubbles, the size of tangerines, began to bounce upon the water. In no time at all, he watched the bubbles fill the tub till nearly full, then magically stop

Noticing that the whole wall was filled with horses faces, he could not help wonder what they all did. Some were so high up he could not see them, though he was sure that they went all the way to the top.

Who could reach them?

This ancient, sparkling, bathing chamber was so mesmerizing.

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Who could reach them? This ancient, sparkling, bathing chamber was so mesmerizing. As his gaze was drawn in by an elderly (very elderly)mare with a bronze star, he wished he could reach her. nearly 2 feet above his extended reach. As he looked longingly at it, he could have sworn he saw the horse wink at him, just before the lights dimmed and he heard the starting of a story.

The winsome lass was screaming
her heart out as she bolted towards the village.
"Liam has fallen down the old well!
Liam has fallen down the old well!"
she was screaming. Why was no one out?
Where was everyone, she wondered?

Why had she not seen someone by now?!
She needed to find someone fast!
They were both in trouble now,
but that would have to wait.
She was going to have to save Liam again!

Rollo had been opening up the public.
He had just put his key in the lock and
had turned the dead bolt open within its tumblers
, when he heard the breathless voice,
carried on the wind: "Liam has fallen into the old well!!!"

Rollo left the key in the bolt,
as he quickly turned to follow the sound.
He traveled on his way down the path to the old well.
Rollo had seen her running
like a Banshee was on her tail. Rollo said,
with a laugh on his lips as he passed her,
"Wait at the public!" He was gone.

Liam had been standing in the bucket now,
holding onto the old frayed rope that held it,
as it was slowly sinking into the water.
He knew the longer he stayed dry,
the longer he would survive. Rollo
had told him that the last time he had rescued him.
At this rate, Liam will be as talented as Rollo when he grows up
, he thought to himself.
He wondered what he would learn from him this time.

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He knew he was in trouble!
The 'Old Well' was off limits!
No one was allowed to go there, not even Rollo!
The folks in these parts are afraid of the "Old

Well.' Though Liam had no idea why,
he knew that no one was allowed there.
Liam shook his head, to rid himself
of the Heeby‑Jeebies he was having down there.

For there was a cold raw feeling an ill will
that had put fear in him, though he did not know why.

It would be alright, he told himself.
Rollo was coming to save him, and Rollo
would never let anything happen to him, or any of the children.
He had always felt it, always known! He had become a hero to Liam.
In his heart he thought he must be the Blue Knight ‑
the avenger of the night that fought the injustice in their land,
feeding the poor and injured. T
hey had come to see that Rollo was not what he appeared!

Liam had really been in trouble the first few times he had been rescued.
But in each rescue, he noticed that Rollo was the one who had come,
and as he watched closely, he learned that Rollo was Special!
He started to think about all the things he had already learned from Rollo.
Every time he saved him, he learned something new.
It made it worth the risk he was taking, he thought.
So did Edna, though this time she knew they had overstepped their bounds.
Now here again Liam was calling for help as he had gone into the Old Well
that was off limits ‑ not just to children, but to Everyone!! Even to Rollo!

He heard his laugh before he could see him,
but he knew it was Rollo. It was always Rollo!

He stood looking down the Old Well at Liam, who was now holding his hands above his head as far as he could, for the bucket had been sinking and he was now standing in the bucket up to his shoulders in the water. The old tattered and frayed rope was pulled taut by the strain of his weight.

Rollo laughed. "Hello Liam," he said with amusement. "Having fun yet?" Rollo was enjoying himself.

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Liam was definitely overstepping his bounds,
here in this place. Liam had become entangled in testing his limits.
Rollo had made the mistake of trying to help the poor lad
by giving him a few helpful hints. The lad had gotten to the point
where he would place himself in danger to be saved,
knowing Rollo could come and rescue him,
and give him another instalment of valuable knowledge.
Liam was also trying to trick Rollo into revealing he was the Blue Knight!

"All Right Liam," Rollo said with a seriousness he had never heard before. "We are changing the rules here, and I am not bringing you up till you agree."

"That is duress!!" the young lad complained defiantly.

"YES, it is!" said Rollo, with his most charming smile.
"And this time, young Man, I am serious.
So listen well! I will save your sorry bum and

I will now give you a weekly lessen in the things you are trying,
unsuccessfully, to teach yourself.
But if I have to come and save you,
even once, after I take you on as a Page of the Word ... "

Liam was abuzz. He spoke up before Rollo could finish.
"I knew you were the Blue Knight!"

"I am not the Blue Knight, Liam!" Rollo said with exasperation in his voice.

"But, you are going to take me as your Page to the Word?"

"Yes." said Rollo, with his wry smile.
"Yes I will take you on as a page of the Word, and when you are ready,
you may join the Order."

"So I can be a Knight too!"
Liam said with such youthful charm.

"If you work hard, and stay out of trouble,
you may become one of the Order's Knights ‑
a 'Champion of Eden ‑ and pledge on your life,
to serve and protect the children of Eden.
I have the feeling you will be in enough trouble
when you get back to the village, so I thought that, if you work hard,

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I will teach you, though you must swear . . .
swear an Oath of Silence if you enter the Knighthood and the Order of the Word!"

With this news, Liam totally forgot himself,
let go with one arm, and swung up on the tattered rope,
hand over hand, the one he was hanging desperately to just moments
before Rollo's offer. Now, no longer desperate, he was climbing up hand over hand, swinging up and smiling as he went. "Wow, wait till Edna hears about this!"

Rollo reached down and cut the frayed rope, dropping Liam into the water like a stone.

Liam, in shock, and soaking wet, looked up. "Hey," he said with scorn. "What was that for?"

"Edna," Rollo said, "must never know!"

"Oh ... well, I ... oh ... well . . . um ... but . . ."

"No buts ~ No lessons."

"All right," said Liam, as he reached his hand up to his mentor and friend.
Rollo swung his special rope down into the 'Old Well.'
“What is the Word?” he was awed Rollo smiled
“The Word is LOVE”!

Rollo asked, because he knew he had too,
"Liam, what are you doing here?
I know that you have been doing these feign rescues to get lessons, so lessons
you will have, and I mean lessons, young Liam,
but you should have known better than to have come here!
You know how everyone in the village feels about this place."

Liam looked down sadly, then looked up and said.
"Well, that part was not really a trick at all,
but I will tell you before we go back.
There is something you must know,
and I do not know what to make of it!"
Liam started to take off all his clothes and wring them out.
Rollo listened to Liam tell the story of why he was now standing naked
at the 'Old Well,' wringing out his clothes.

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People started arriving at the public with cheery faces,
looking forward to Rollo's "Plowman's Special."
The men had been looking forward to it all morning,
working in the hot sun, cutting hay.

All they thought about for hours was the "Plowman's Special."
The youngest lad, sitting on the top of the hay cart,
pushing down the hay, making room for more, yelled down,
"this time of year
they should call it the
'Hayman's Special.'"

Everybody laughed.
One of the old men
winked at the boy from the other end of the cart,

"Good one,
wee Geordie.
We'll tell Rollo
what ye said
when we get there."
They all cheered the good‑natured lad.

Edna was in the Public,
waiting for Rollo to bring her best mate,
and trouble making partner, safely back to the village.

As the men came in for lunch,
looking forward to their "Plowman's Special
," they found Edna alone, with no smells of food.

She quickly got busy behind the counter,
cutting bread for sandwiches and slicing up the meat to go in them.
She thought this would keep them from asking any questions, but it didn't.
"Where's Rollo?"
asked the wee lad, named Geordie, smiling all the while.
She said quickly to him,

"Rollo went to the 'Old Well' to get Liam."

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Everyone was asking about Liam,
not because Rollo was saving him,
but because he had been to the 'Old Well.'
Edna would not betray her friend's trust.
She said nothing more about the old well
and started serving up wonderful roast beef sandwiches,
with sides of fried tomato, onion, and potato.
Everyone was so busy eating, the place fell silent.

"Edna has had the same dream for the last fortnight,
" Liam told his mentor. "In it,
Edna's grandmother had repeatedly told her
there was an item there that she needed to retrieve.
Edna's grandmother had become insistent in her request, relentless.
For they were no ordinary dreams!"

What Liam had not known,
her window to Edna was strong now and she could reach her so clearly,
but soon that will be over.
The opportunity will have passed.
It would be too late, forever lost to the ether. Now,
as Edna was coming into maturity, she alone could undo
the Evil that had been done here. She was still a new one,
with the innocence of youth, but mature enough to be coming
into her own potential. Edna's grandmother was telling her slowly.
She did not want to frighten her, but she so desperately needed her help.

Liam continued to tell Rollo:
"It was to do with her grandmother's disappearance
and why the villagers are afraid of the 'Old Well.'"
He had gone down there on purpose.
Liam had found the item down the well when he was there.
"She did not tell her what it was or what to do with the item,
just to bring it up."

What Liam had found was a small wooden doll,
carved to look exactly like Edna's grandmother when she had disappeared,
including the look of horror on the doll's face. That bothered Liam.

What she had not told her granddaughter,
was that her spirit had been trapped in the wood doll
by an Evil Phantom who had taken her body and left.
No one would ever say anything about it to Edna or to anyone else.
It was taboo to speak of, even to each other.
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When Edna's dreams started, she had tried to find out about her grandmother's disappearance. She had learned that no one, especially her family, would talk about it ‑ only an old woman who lived in the forest, alone in her tiny hermitage with the wild animals, though she did not tell her much, just wisps of knowledge she passed to her through insight.

WoW! This was the best bath he had ever taken. Not only was the water the perfect temperature, but the bubbles made him feel like he could do
anything ... not just the water, but the scent in the air, the haunting sound that vibrated in his soul, and the story if you work hard, I will teach you, though you must swear . . . swear an Oath of Silence if you enter the Knighthood and the Order of the Word!"
His Grandfather!

Squire swam and cleaned his hair by diving deep and scrubbing it with Tangerine Bubbles, clean and felling so good he felt he owned the whole place, silly as it was he loved it! It was Ended perfect. just right! The connection he felt to everything. The joy it brought him. He felt like he owned the Realm and all its bordering lands and seas. “How childish,” he thought to himself, but he enjoyed the feeling all the same. He found his clothes and dressed

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