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Part 2 of Dragon Lore chronicles

A Gathering had been called!
Preparations were underway as Myreal Wove between knots of people, with a large basket on her head. The warm smell of fresh baked buns, filled the air

The Alabaster Hall glowed a warm and welcoming, blush of colour threw the opaque stone. The glow from the blazing Fire that burned in the Hearth, shining threw the walls of such beauty In and out of the Great Hall. Life Was abuzz!

Friends Gathering standing in clusters to speak of times to come. But those who had come early were Talking of Life that had gone by since they had last met, Love filled the Air, as families reunited

Others with projects in hand smiled as she passed , their gaze drawn in by the inviting smell and the smile of a most Beautiful Lass

She made her way smiling and carrying, the basket wrapped in warm linen, to the The Alabaster Hall , for the Gathering feast. Always watching for her chance, and Cayman.

Myreal was on her toes, the mood was good, ! The love was so thick in the air, she could taste it like smell of fresh baked bread she carried
But she had other plans as she went in and out of the gathering crowd. Her eyes missed nothing, as she searched for Cayman

She was Going! She told herself, thought she had no idea why ? That was why she told no one. Not even Cayman, she could not explain.

She had known she was going? Even Before the Gathering, had been called. Searching for what she needed to go. until now she could not find it

She had seen it near the High Table. When she was sent to count the incoming tally, her mother did not want to be short on baked goods for everyone. So Myreal had volunteered to be their runner for the Day! Always watching for her chance, and Cayman.

She felt the Danger, she was young, not mindless. She could feel the Danger all about
Her, and as of this day, The day of her birth. she was old enough. She could make her own choice.

But she wished she knew why, and if it was her choice? In true she told herself.

She felt the need to go, like The Living Planet needs the Sun, she could feel it burning in her. She felt the pull to her Will, like the moon pulls the Tides, it had its grip in her. But still it was more!

Her will to Protect, had sparked, and it grew.
she would not hear the word No from no one, not even Cayman,! Fire twinkled in her eyes

Where was he? She felt the need of his endless courage. Then she thought of his eyes, and knew, it was better, she not see him.
She did not want to put those she loved in the Danger, she felt hover out of sight

But until she could find the Tome, she was staying, for it was the gateway she needed
And the Dragon Clan kept the Tome quite hidden. For she had looked, and looked and looked.

Her heart had quickened when she had seen it,
It was on the Silver Podium but the Great Hall was filled with People. It had been all day. Her eyes were searching for a way to sign it before the hour they take it back to its hiding place.

She entered the Great Hall As she had done a hundred times that day But this time it was Empty! No one about, No one looking She slipped threw the air at the speed of light tossing the basket on the High table like a stone

There it was. The Tome of Ancient Rites It had been brought out for the Gathering, she knew this was her only chance. She sprung up to the Silver Podium, where the Ancient Tome lay open to an empty page

Grabbing the quill like it Would save her life She filled the quill with ink Myreal quickly Scribbled her True Name In the Tome of Ancient Rites

She wondered what it was that made her so pleased to see the Gathering called. She had never been to one. Scribbling her True Name
she knew

Since her birth there had been no Gatherings, and the Dragon Clan kept themselves to themselves.

Now something was happening, she had felt like a fool, as she felt the driving need to go. now, the Gathering had been called. And the Tome was within her grasp! She signed it

Before anyone could see her she darted from the Silver Podium out of the Alabaster Halls Grand Doors Out the Great Hall, to the large Hedge bordering the Village, She stayed to the long shadows, Hidden and out of sight

She knew The Carillon the Ancient Tome Bell would ring out, The whispers would start! Whispers turn to chatter! Charter would turned to talk. She was not interested in talking

Myreal slipped behind her mum who was bringing up the last of the baking people to enter the Great Hall buzzing with excitement

Love is not week! Love has endured threw all time. Love is the Heart of Creation, and it burned in her heart! For there was a burning that had ignited into flames! She was going!

Squires mum stood outside, in the glooming looking up at darkening Sky’s. She had goose bumps on her goose bumps. As a feeling of dread rose in her.

She felt eyes boring into her back she felt they were burning threw her. She was about to turn to face it, when the Shadow slipped by her un-seen hidden from sight. Suddenly she was facing Massive and deadly fangs. a large savage snarling muzzle filled with wicked teeth.

The shadow had solid teeth she thought. As her heart skipped a beat. A cold chill swept by her and she had a moment she thought she would be sick!

“I wish you would not do that!
You gave me such a fright!
She scowled then relaxed knowing it was Gamorg, though she knew she would have to wait for her heart to stop banging, and her stomach to turned right side out.
The shadow de-cloaked from the shadows he had been, but the smile was still on his face.

She looked at him, the massive Death Dog, Squire had carried home believing it had been a damaged Bear Cub, who had fallen off a cliff. He had never seen a Death Dog up close. Nether had his family who had healed him. It was his mum that discovered he was a dog!

He put his cold nose into her warm palm, to remind her he was a dog, the dog who’s life she saved. She petted his head and scratched his ears. He was sorry to have frightened her.

But he had followed the lad, and he was still alive! He could not stop smiling!
She could feel his cold nose pressed to her hand his life pulsing into hers, he was a dog she remembered at that touch, and Mans best Friend She watched as he tried not to smile, but he could not help his heart. Squire was well and he knew it. He was smiling
Its alright,
you can smile for me The Death Dog sat very close to her as
I feel like I want to cry! she searched the sky

Squire is well he told her.

For he had not forgotten how the lad had lifted him up, and brought him into the Light and his home to be healed. Nor did he forget that this women saved him with Hart as they had reset his broken bones and knitted his wounds, and pulled poison from his blood.

And when the time came and Squire had named him. A man from Afar had come! He told them All , he was a Death Dog, razed with malice and spite. They had never seen any mercy, so they gave none! He was a Death Dog came the cry, he must Die! Squire mum said No!

Now he felt the trouble, Evil wanted her dead, he could feel the danger she was in! She needed help! And he would see that she got it. For Evil wanted her He knew , But why he could not say, by her side he would stay. And he wanted her to know that if Evil came, it would have to get past him. If Evil Came HE would be Evils DOOM!

He stopped smiling and looked about him He looked to the barnyard friends who had gathered, Keep Up the Good Work, I Had Trouble Getting In!
Lets go inside
Quickly he said!
They are coming
He could still hear the voice of Evil, his old master whispered in his ear. But here he had No Master, here he had Humans that he loved, and he would protect as a Dog’s Sacred Charge

Hart who had been pouring over scrolls and volumes looking for something that would help! Got up from the chair in the study, he was angry, he was tired, he was livid beyond belief! When she came in with the Death Dog, and told him what the dog has said!.
Let them Come !
Let them Explain!
why a Mt has fallen on my SON!

His voice was pitched into the winds and carried! Back up the gorged out valley of the rushing waters, Amplified with the Pixies help, Harts grief and anguish was sent to the Castle of Knelsolawn advancing as it went! The Pixie wanted the Castle to think the Lads truly were dead, and nothing said it more then Harts Grief!

The Pixie could see his pain was for the Great Mt that had died! And his anguish over its fall on his son was real! And she used it!

Nestled down up in the Sacred Oak! Where she observed Harts wailing cry! The pixie had sent the winds that carried Harts Grief to the Castle She was a clever little fairy creature, even if she looked, as a wee lad-dy, of 3 or 4.

Then Quickly to the Castle of Knelsolawn where she knew the Heir was holding Court! She watched with intensity working her Pixie Magic The decision of who was to escort the Heir to Sanctuary?! To Arrest Squire and Finsean was becoming very amusing!

The Pixie made Harts wailing cry, caught up in the Wind! Building As the Lands of Aradon cried along with His grief, for those whom they had Loved were gone! As was their most treasured Mt!

Harts wailing cry, was heard by the Elves in their Court! As The Lands of Aledon cried along! No Elves would take the post,
But the Heir was demanding they take him until Now!

The Elves in their Court heard the Heart felt cries of a Man they had known! It sent a fierce chill down into the Merroo of their Bones! The decision was made the Heir stood alone!
None of them were going with the Heir to the Sanctuary, to arrest anyone!

The Heir could see them all back peddling He no longer wished to go to Sanctuary, Or see the Lads family face to face, and Alone! Or to try to seize them for Questioning
They must be Dead the Heir pronounced, with his Royal seal

And in the shadows was a wee chap, no one had seen or noticed ,the Hoydenish Little Pixie! In a fit of silent Giggles. Though she had never been more pleased, she did not tarry long! She was a busy little Pixie ,and she had work to do! She vanished!

Tobar stood on the Scared Shadow Mts as the mists rolled in the Glooming, a curtain of privacy held, as he became lost in thoughts the Heavens filled with stars all tucked gently out of sight. He could not help but smile!

Tobar stood leaning against his old friend and asked what he thought?!

His friend was the silent type he knew, most trees had a thick Bark, but his friends kind had thin skin! And not much Bark at all But Tobar could feel a surge of Hope run threw him. Then heard
The Old Guard,
those of the Ancients
those who had more names
for Trees then trees themselves.
I had thought The Ancients,
were gone!
The Tree Was filled with Hope he was
Feeling something he had not felt for a very long time. As the Darkness grew, the Tree had begun to trembled at the thought
Evil has entered the lands of Aledon! And an ill wind blows for No Man, whispered in the Dead of Night. Manley Mt has fallen!
Dark Power now taints the once pure air. The scent lingers. They can taste it in the wind, as it carries the poison past their eyes. They felt drained unseen in the night as the Dark Power steals their Will Some feel uneasy, others quit ill! in the Dominion of Fear they pretend not to see Evil is Here!

Evil had breached the Boundary’s of the Dragons Teeth! How long would the Dark Power take to Destroy the Natural beauty that were the Lands of Aledon? Before it was to late!

Or was it to late already?! That is how they had felt just a fortnight before, when they Called for a Gathering

Or so we hope said his friend. Tobar who was as old as he was. Agreed Tobar did not have many friends outside of Dragons that could live as long.

He had a sad moment when he thought how short Human Lives are!
But the Strength of their Love
is Boundless, And I Felt Human Magic
Like I have not felt since
the Days of Merlyn!
Tobar had to agree! With a Wicked Smile
Humans were amazing. The Human Magic he had felt he Aided without thought Feeling the Love and the Will to Protect
He could do no less!

Tobar had missed his old Friends, The Old Guard! And like all Humans of this time, He had, thought the Old Guard were Gone, passed down to Legends and Myths, No Heros left in the World, Just Men, who want it all before their short time is up! For it had been but a blink in time, that Humans were killing the Living Planet, their Home!

But his friend had felt it too, Human Magic, that was formed with the 3 Gifts of Creation to Humanity! The Old Guard! The Tree Could Feel the Love! he told Tobar!
This is no mistake

Humans had fallen to the Dark Power
I know if a Human
caught sight of ME,
their eyes would glaze over with Desire,
as they Cut ME down, chopped me up,
and sold me for Gold or Power,
for I too listened to the winds
as they share’s the worlds news
I know that I am Now
the last of My Kind!

But that was Real Human Magic
the Power of Love, the Will to Protect!
And That was unexpected!
But Much Welcomed
the Sacred Mts can still feel it!
The Rock about my roots
tingles and twitches with the excitement of Love!
For they felt the Great Mt Manley Go,
Evil Tobar Evil!

But the wind told me a secret
that only you had known
On the Marker there were Wings?
Old Friend? The Tree asked again, hopeful!

Yes ! a Beautiful Set of Wings
to Match those of the Sword! Tobar Said with a wicked Smile!
Hart had felt Evil pressing in all around them. In the Lands of Aledon , Edens last refuge. Hart could feel it! Evil had found its way here.

Born High Priest of the Ancients Everlasting~, he saw the people stumble in the Dark Power that was growing, lost to the Void that the Frightened them to give up their Free Will!

Hart was a Healer, and knew without the Will to live, Humans Die! Lost to the bleak Void of nothingness

Trapped into following a Prophecy that been altered
He heard in the back of his mind, Rollo, who would laugh, and said

“Remember the Trojan Horse.
Be weary of Greeks bearing Gifts!”

Hart remembered When Rollo had taken him to the People of the Sands. Where he found the crack in the wall just big enough to squiz threw, and deep under the ground he found the cut rock chamber.

He remembered the first sight of the painted walls they filled him with awe and wonder. Painted to move in the flickering light of the dancing flames. As he saw things he had only Dreamed of! There he saw what he had been seeking The Prophecy The Ending was missing;

The Reckoning, when Humanity awakens from the Evil curse cast like a Black spell over them . To Save the Living Planet!

The Nexus, The Next Us! When Humanity Joins the Heavenly Host, those who live among the Stars to a Celebration of Life at the End of the Heavenly Procession,

His eyes had been opened! He had found what he had been looking for all his life! The answer to why the Prophecy was so disturbing, like threats from an angry Man, not the Heralding befitting Life, Love, Creation, and the Human Spirit.

Hart Felt it So Profoundly The Reckoning was coming. The curse Evil cast upon Humans to forget, who they were. World Builders! Keepers Guardians, Champions for the Living Planet Evil could hid the 3 Gifts from Creation, threw the Dark Shroud that was growing.

But Evil could not take the 3 Gifts AWAY!

The Voice that Does Not Speak ! The Voice of Creation within us all, will never leave the Human Spirit alone to fight Evil . But together with The 3 Gifts

1) The Power to Know Right from Wrong!
2) The Power to Dream
3) The Power of Humans to
Build Everything they Dream
(Humans Build Even hell, if they are not in control)
The responsibly of Power
Hart needed to Re-Awaken the People of Eden to the Knowledge of the 3 Gifts in Humanity!
But How he wondered?

As he watched Elan as she closed and locked the Shutters then turned and latched the doors, He knew!
This was a Council of War!

√Član went to the Hearth and picked out the largest teapot! She swung the Kettle’s arm back over the flame to boil, it was already hot, she pulled down a large bowl and 2 cups. The Death Dog broke out in a massive smile, they all winced even the cat!

The Death Dog was so excited, Squire was alive and he loved Tea with Milk and Honey!
He thought if he started his account now, he would be done just as his tea would be ready. He started

I am So pleased to report!
Squire is Alive!,
he has flown off with the Roc,.
Thou I thought I saw
them go over the Wall! ?

They are not in Danger
I can feel it!

I was on the far side by the Castle
I had followed,
Squire and his best mate
as they Flew off!

I can still hear the Voice of Evil
that called itself my Master.
I could smell the Evil taint the Air!
Following the smell of Evil,
as I heard my old master
talking to someone!,
I wanted to know who?
When the avalanche occurred,

I saw both lads
with my own eyes,
they were righteous
They set the Safety markers
for the fast moving Coaches both sides
Before they left
hidden by the mists
that came for them!

But since I was so close to the Heir
I thought it would be worth a wee look!

The Heir will be coming!
To see if the Lads are here
to Ashamed to show their faces
after Killing Manley Mt!

Not any more Purred the Cat, with a look of Satisfaction of one who knew all! It made the Death Dog angry, even known it was not truly a Cat until he told himself she was on Squires side! He listened, and began to smile wider!

The Pixie used Hart’s cry!
She pitched him Grief on the Winds
it grew on the way to the Castle!

Voices of Loss rang out over the Lands
the winds pitched the,
Wails that began as they turned to Blusters
Whimpers turned to cry’s of such Anguish!
Mewls Moans and Sob sweep up into a Squall
Blusters turned to Screams
A Storm Howled as the Voices transformed,
Shrieks, Shrill on the Winds
fired Squalls, at the Castle Walls

The Elves in the Castle heard the Warning on the Winds,
Not one would come to Sanctuary to Arrest the Lads.
Or take into custody
his Family for Questioning!

There was not a Elev who was not stricken to the Bone,
the cry’s of anguish, from a Human!
A Man they had all known,
As the Quiet Healer.

The Cat Gave Hart, an odd stair, as thou she saw him Dawn his Formal Robes High Priests of Ancients standing before her for the first time!

Then she laughed. With the Knowledge no one else had yet known! Hart felt suddenly exposed, and Naked
NOTE The full story of the Rock cut, is big has the Evil returned 1st Mummy made, Osiris the un-dead Not sure it goes here or later?

Tobar remembered waking as the Ice Age was over in time to see it all! How Humans defeated the Evil, that Humanity faced. His friend was there he remembered,
The Queen of the Change, with such Love

Tobar knew this to be true, and until then, he would have said, that his friend had been right, Humans had fallen to Evil. And so quickly too! The Desire to take it all or destroy what the Living Planet! Was pure Evil

The two old friends talked with such hope in them, that neither had seen in long time! They spoke as old friends do when excited with a sudden event until it was time for Tobar to start the Official Council of the Gathering. But instead of feeling he was up against it, as he had. He had a grand thought! And smiled!

Evil was feeling strong It had the upper hand But Evil Must forgotten about the Dragons, for why Evil believed Dragons would live under ANY rule was Humorous! It seemed the Dragons would be helping the Humans after all!

Tobar leaning against his old friend stood His scales of midnight blue sparkled like the Heavens that were clearing behind him. The Dragon Clan had Gathered!

Tobar looked out among the Stars his grand and noble head thrown back as Thunderous and Savage Roar that sounded like a sudden storm upon the winds Rumbling as it cracked like Thunder across the Lands .

A Call to Life his Old friend had not heard since the day Merlyn had Tobar and Rollo plant him here on this spot,

And the Call to Life was Answered! He had declared War on Evil, to save the last of the Old Guard the Humans he had loved as his own, those who would Save the Living Planet. The Dragon Clan answered With a Sound his old friend had never heard!

The Dragon Clan had Gathered alive with surge of life, they were ready for War!
Dragon Clan Style

The Tree was vibrating with anticipation!
An Old Guard ,he hoped, and preyed. To bring back the Voice of Humanity, before it is too late!


I had no trouble near the Castle.
I felt it worth a try I showed myself
The Death Dog had said.
I showed myself to 3 different Elves.
They were uncomfortable but tried not to show it,
so they looked away.

So I tried my hand and walking in the castle!
But all threw the castle I heard of only the Heir,
not the Queen of the High Elves!

So I walked down to the Dungeness!
There I did not see her,
they have placed her in the oubliette
I could not find a way in to her,
she has been placed there to be forgotten
but I talked to her threw the floor!

I told her I would bring help,
and told her to hold on.
She sounded so week!

But on my way out
I stopped off at the Heirs chamber,
and pulled one of these
from a pile he was hiding!
It is in my chest plate reach in and get it.
The Heir called it a Dollar
How can a Death Dog
walk into the Castle? Hart was broken hearted

The High Elves had no
use for something so Evil

Elan reached inside his chest plate,
when something shock her like lightening!
She pulled her hand out quickly her fingers were scorched!

Hart picked up a pair of tongs, from his tray of silver instruments put on his rubber gloves he pulled out a slip of parchment.

Her fingers still felt scorched! Her hand numb!
She watched as he placed the parchment on the table
The image of the All Seeing Eye! Sprang out at her

She became aware of nothing at all but feeling warm and hazy, then she felt it. The Evil dark creeping, as her consciousness was pulled to the Magic Rune’s on the back of the thing the Death Dog called the Dollar

We have our own Currency
Why would he value
foreign Currency Over our own,
that could topple the Lands in Chaos.

And in ancient rune’s. above the image of the EYE

Below the image
Hart was speaking but she had not heard, as her heart beet against her ribs, drum!

THE MAGIC RUNES CALLED FOR HUMANITY to forget about Eden, the living Planet and why they had come. It used its power to separate Humanity from the Lving Planet using doubt, fear, and loneliness;

Promising that if Humans gave their REVERENCE & allegiance TO THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, the power of the money would be enough to keep them safe, happy, and whole. They could not see the Dark Power in the magic runes at work WHAT A DIABOLICAL PLOT!

But who had put it there? Rollo had promised her he had removed The Eye from Humans reach, for he knew better then anyone, its Evil power, and it wanted her Dead!

she had an odd thought. What was wrong with THE EYE?!

When the Eye drawn to her like a moth to a flame,
The Eye had found her! But so was the Fury inside

She ran to the hearth, and grabbed her silver chest she tossed her seeing stones in her apron pocket. Fear was not her Friend, she thought but she felt it!

The All Seeing Eye had found her! Hart dropped a large Volume over the sinister thing to stop it from seeing her!

Hart grasped the tongs, and slipped them under the Volume, and clasped the Dollar, pulled it quickly, then slipped it into the box, and slammed it shut!

He put the silver box on the table near the large volume They sat in silence for a moment taking stock before they spoke! Hart spoke first

We know the Queen of the High Elves
is in Trouble, we know the Eye
is behind this Evil that has come.

And I know things will only get harder! Elan agreed

I will go to the Castle, She told Hart
and free the Queen,
but I will need your help Gamorg! . He agreed

She had sent the Builders codex of the Castles true design, with the Hidden ways that showed the oubliette with Squire, but she did not need the Codex
She knew them by Heart!

She got up and put on the travel cloak the Queen of the High Elves had given her.! Elan filled her pockets with things she would need free her and to bring her to Sanctuary for Hart to help Heal her!

She had kissed Hart for luck When The cat pounced down ready to follow her out. The Dog waited at the door.

Elan slipped from the cottage and went out to the banks of wild and savage raging river. A large snake of a river, which was formed by the hundred rivers, in the days before, now a vast canyon of water, so swift, a fast running, rush of water, moving from the Wall threw the lands to divide the rugged peaks of such beauty

She slung a rope from the Tree Squire had used to dig clay from the banks But she hung dangerously close to the water! Even the Cat worried, not knowing what she was doing!

She began to sing an eerie haunting Whisper into the water it was a sound like nothing they had heard her

As she hung over the edge of the bank, so close to the rushing water, whispering an Erie song into it. When the water began to boiled and Bubbled

The Death Dog, watched from the shadows as the water broke with bubbles and froth as a Kulpi came up to see her. She had called a Kulpi a Water-horse! Even the Cat was supervised !

The Roc slowed he came to a graceful landing
not a feather out of place.

Squire fell from the Roc Laying on the cool smooth floor He wondered when he would die ! Covered in rubble, roots, dirt Bashed and battered Frozen to the bone He lay on the cool smooth floor unable to move for he had never felt so Terrible In All his LIFE!

‘Welcome’ The Voice that dose not speak greeted

Finsean had followed, Flying like he had never flown before, he no longer cared where they were going, he just wanted to fly but he saw The Roc had flipped as he spiralling down
The Roc slipped from sight.

The closer he got the more he could see the massive Ice Formation was a Frozen Volcano DOWN, DOWN, DOWN he went

Finsean had begun slowing Down past the thick layer of Ice that was a Volcano

Down past the thick layer of Ice that was the Mighty Frozen Tundra Down under rock .

Knowing that he must slow or soon come out the other side maybe? He watched with intense interest As he plummeted threw molten Lava.
It gave off a warm and rosy glow behind the thick layer of Ice.

As he continued to slow he wondered. How the molten hot lava, stayed behind walls of frozen Clear Ice . Wizardry?

There was a sickening smack as Finsean hit the smooth Ice floor. That came up out of no where He felt awful Every inch of him hurt ,he had never felt this poor Finsaen caught sight of the ROC Not a feather out of place Unruffled, unflustered he stood beaming ,like a Cheshire Cat

Finsean was irritated Until he caught sight of Squire His irritation soften to good Humour when he saw Squire.

Squire trying to wobble on all fours! His arms and legs in a knot his face bulging green Squire was going to be sick! Finsean would have laughed but he hurt to much.

Squire gathered his wits And take back control of his body He struggled, but it was coming back to him . After a few moments of composer, he tyred to speak. Hoping to keep in what was in his stomach,

Finsean Being a large War Bird he liked open spaces like the sky Not tunnels deep underground walls of Ice holding back molten lava
‘Fire and Ice’
‘Where are we?’

Watch Listen and Learn!
Was all the Old Bird said then Disappeared
Squire stood baffled the Roc knew
The Ancients Proverb ?

Bruised, battered and filthy, covered with ground-in dirt, rock and roots
Tired, Starving and, now Frozen
They stood alone In the Labyrinth
The Trial of Fire and Ice!

Squire heard his Grandfather he was humming the Riddle Song! he tried to remember the words. He perked up Then took his bearings. Humming he endeavoured to remember the words to the Riddle Song his Grandfather had taught him

Squire had become rooted to the floor His eyes darting about as he remembered the words that would allow them to Navigate Safely threw Labyrinth.

And looking at the Labyrinth of Fire and Ice, he began to understand as he kept humming along He added a word or two along with the humming

Finsean had been talking to him but He had not hear a word
Well Mate’
We better not drop this Mt
I can not swim in Lava’
Can you’?

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