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Part 1 of Dragon Lore chronicles

The Legend of Heroes
from Dawn of a New Age,
Vol. 5 of the Dragon Lore Chronicles
from Eden’s Story

Copyright © 2005 All Rights Reserved by E. M. S. Cohen
Movie Version Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved by E. M. S. Cohen

[ 1st image: The Vast Empty unknown Heavens]
Names and Titles twinkle on and off
during opening credits
“Deep, Deep into space, Past the Outer Rim,”

[ 2nd image: The Vast fantastic known Heavens]
Filled with awesome looking planets
Names and Titles twinkle on and off
during opening credits
“Wrapped in a blanket of Love,
tucked safely, out of harms way.”

[ 3rd image: The Vast fantastic known Heavens Closer Look]
Filled with awesome planets
Names and Titles twinkle on and off
during opening credits
The Living Planet’ called Eden
Hung in the Heavens like a Jewel’

[ 4th image: The Fantastic view of Our Planet]]
Names and Titles twinkle on and off during opening credits
But the Evil that Hates and Destroys All Life,
That hides in the Black Hole’‘ had found her!
Scene ONE

[ Image 1.1]
Scene opens in the Singing Forrest where there are no real Trees, only Divas, some call the En-wives. They have made a clearing about THE Great Boulder, the only boulder in the Forrest that does not move..as Divas caught up in a moment of anticipation sing with Hushed tones!
Our Tale, begins on the Living Planet
at the Roll-Off in the Singing Forrest’
‘As a fast and furious game was being played.’
‘But as we look’
‘There is no one in sight!’

[ Image 1.2]
A large Granite Boulder broke from the Trees
hurling through the clearing,
Heading to the Great Boulder
[ no one in sight]

[ Image 1.3]
The Granite Boulder unfolded
Expanding at deadly speed as it rolled!
Becoming a Rock Troll
Bolting to the empty Great Boulder
Still No one else in sight

[ Image 1.4 ]
The Rock Troll ready to leap up to claim his Victory. His large stone hand, still resting on the Boulder where he was ready to spring up to the top, instead he just stood, Froze dead in his tracks with the look of Loathing in his eyes! As he witnessed, the Heir appear before him
’POOF’ upon the Great Boulder, holding the Royal Banner from the Castle.

[ Image 1.5 ]

The Rock Troll was filled with Resentment. As he watched the Heir announce ‘Victory!’ And wave his Royal Banner, in the air, as thou he were King! And it was his due!

[ Image 1.6
But a surprising look of excitement advanced across The Rock Trolls eyes, as he watched, the Royal Banner, float up out of the Heir’s hand and into the sky, as a mud soaked familiar bandana exploded, leaving the sodden rag laying on the Boulder, as a matching pair of mud soaked feet touched down attached to filthy Human Lad who cried out
“Is OURS!”
with a sense of satisfaction in his voice. And grinning like a Cheshire Cat

[ Image 1,7
THE HEIR to the throne of the Castle of Knelsolawn where the Queen of the High Elves Sat. Appeared Dressed in his finest, like a Dandy from Court, now splattered head to boot with mud. He sent furious looks at The Rock Troll. Looks that could have killed! If the Rock Troll had thinner skin it might have!

[ Image 1.8

‘Good Try Mate’
‘Excellent Game’
‘keeping everyone on their toes’ Squire whispered to the Heir. He had seen the Heir cheat just below him [as he hung from his Rigging he had placed in the Diva standing closely behind the Boulder] The Heir had appeared out of nowhere. Showing himself a bold charlatan. not even making the pretense of caring for the ancient custom of touching his marker to the Boulder to Win

[ Image 1.9
Boulders rolling in, unfolding into Rock Trolls
As the Elves begin to pouring into the clearing. All eyes forward on the Heir

Squire the Human Lad covered in dirt, mud and leaves tugged on his rigging. [ He set up in what looked like trees above the Boulder.

The Royal Banner came down gently and clean
un-splattered with mud, as he offered it back to the Heir. Politely

[ Image 1.10
The Heir who-would-be-King, refusing to look at the Human Lad. Refusing even to admit he was there.

A Silence Fell like a Hammer Blow! As both sides gathered to see what was going on. For this was no ordinary game, the tension felt heavy in the air. oppressive harsh and onerous

Squire, the Human Lad, turned his eyes down to Gronk to see what he should do. For he dearly wanted to punch the revolting, pompous little git! But he held his silence, and his fist!

[ Image 1.11
The Rock Troll was angry, his eyes ablaze turned to The Heir to see THE Royal Banner slide off the Bolder down into the Mud!

[ Image 1.12
Squire felt something cold and icy slither past his skin as he had been looking to Gronk
[the Commander of the Rock Trolls siding]
Squire turned to see THE Royal Banner down in the Mud!His face went HOT his ears burn his anger grew

[ Image 1.13
Squire looked straight into the eyes .of the Heir A shudder runs through him one Ice cold bead of sweat trickle down his spineIce water filled his veins he thought he might be sick! He lost track of Time! How long had he been starring, as he felt shiver afer shiver, puzzled he wondered if he could stop?

[ Image 1.14
The HEIR pulled back his gaze He did not like A Human standing equal to him! Or looking in his eyes!
THE HEIR; He spoke like a Warlord A Tyrant
‘We shall call this Giving Orders
a Cat’s Paw’
‘No One will win!’

[ Image 2.0
With an arrogant swish The HEIR leaped off the Great Boulder like a Peacock. But He failed to notice that all eyes were on the soiled, and soddened Royal Banner still laying in the Mud, Abandoned, and not on him

[ Image 2.1
The Strutting conceit of the HEIR swaggering across the clearing, unaware he was. Alone! Was repulsive to them all! No one was following, not even his own squad!

[ Image 2.2
They were all looking at the Royal Banner laying there soiled and abandoned. To lose face before the others, was more then the High Elves could endure! their leader had soiled their own flag! Gronk leap up onto the Great Boulder standing proudly by Squire Gronk’s passion ignites

[ Image 2.3
Gronk’s rugged voice rumbled livid.but controlled. His hatred growing with every argent step the Heir swaggered alone across the clearing. his back to them all! The Tension building as he thundered .
‘Elve -who- would be-KING!’
‘WE, The Rock Trolls,
and once denounced
you may never participate in the Games again!

[ Image 2.4
The Heir slowed, Then turned with such contempt to find them all bring their eyes up from the mud, to see Gronk take up his Royal Rank as Keeper of the Great Game! He gave them all such an ugly look, they all knew was a threat! As the Heir realized he stood alone!
But he spoke only to Squire
‘ So, H-e-w-mann,
PUT YOUR MARKER on Mt . Manley
Higher then mine IF YOU CAN!’

[ Image 3.0
Squire’s face burned with Humiliation as his anger grew. But still he held his tongue. He knew this was now personal. But he knew not to add it to the Rock Trolls problem with the Heir As he felt a burning take hold, he had never felt before

A blue mood fell over everyone For they all knew trouble was coming. Everyone waiting for the other shoe to drop

[ Image 3.0
The Heirs Squad gathered in Elvish style
They were devastated be the Heir’s conduct

The Elves asked The Rock Trolls and Squire to stay.They performed a Ceremony Burning The Royal Banner
It was a dignified Ritual [the Heir who would be King
[Now dead to the Elves of his Squad

[ Image 3.0
The Burning of the Banner meant Trouble ahead, they all knew! Thought the Heir could never be in a Roll-Off He was still The Heir! Who would be King! as he barked orders to the Court like a Warlord a Tyrant! Making Everyone jump! Out of Fear!

[ Image 3.0
Gronk looked about him. The Rock Trolls, his siding were ready he thought they were on there toes He wanted everyone’s input when they got on their home soil, The Heir had forced this Roll-off then he had openly cheated without remorse when caught. What was he up to? Something was going on! But What? He needed to learn

[ Image 3.0
Elves sang of the history of their
Royal Banner 10,000.years
Squire was sure
they sang every year He thought

As he stood in silence, his mind was thinking , he had known of Gronk’s plight. That was why he was playing, he was no Rock Troll. But they were one man short, and the Heir was forcing them to play,

[ Image 4.0
The Ceremony was Over. the Banner Burned! Everyone weary of what was to come Even the Divas were singing a blue song As the Forrest mewled a lament, all life seemed hushed and saddened
But Waiting for the ceremony to finally come to an end a War Bird Known as Sentinel signaled for a landing
Elves could lament forever,
I have A better end
to their Ceremony he had thought

[ Image 4.0
He Circled Alive with enthusiasm The near 6 feet tall Black War Bird landed doing His impersonation of the Heir. .

[ Image 4.0
He was marvelous.an amazing mimic. Finsean was Squires best mate and he had a look about him, the one that meant Something fun is in the works It had lightened the mood for anyone, the Elves were smiling,Finesan all but made them a vow..He would convince Squire, to give the Heir the comeuppance he deserved

[ Image 4.0
The Elves had burned the Royal Banner as is proper, for High Elves, it had been soiled but the Heir was now dead to them. There was trouble brewing in the Elves camp Squire could tell, but the High Elves held the Thrown and the Castle of Knelsolawn, it was starting to smell fishy. Not just Gronk had trouble with the Heir The list was growing quickly

[ Image 4.0
Gronk had come up to Squire Concerned for his Safety
Do not take this challenge!
There is a nastiness about the Heir
and all of his dealings!

[ Image 4.0
One of the Elves came in private to say Goodby
They had not known each other long, but there was a friendship building And the Elve felt the need to warn him as they were readying to leave,
‘This challenge feels Odious!
Squire, do not take it on!

[ Image 5.1
Finsen flying Squire home sailing threw the cool clean skies, cooling the burn with the wind on Squire face. Flying free Squire relaxed Heading for the Old Stone Bridge and home

Until he noticed they were circling Mt Manley
When he heard Finsean
Toss your soggy mud rag
OVER HIS marker ’[Finsen laughed]

Neigh’ Squire; retorted in jest!
LETS us Make One

[[ Image 5.2
Finsean still circling the Great Mt. sealed the deal


[ Image 5.3

weather Threw the Ages’
to plant it!

‘’IN THE HEIR’ THIS Pretender to the throne‘
He needs a Good Comeuppance Squire!
Who better to serve it up then YOU!!

Deal ! Squire said

Finsean flew like the wind was on fire, the deal now sealed, he wanted Squire at the forge, building a Marker!

[ Image 6.0
Nestled in Sanctuary Squire set the Forge
While his friend took off his Tethers putting them up on the work bench absorbed in what he was doing. Finsean got busy cleaning and repairing his gear.

[ Image 6.1
Squire went out to the banks of the Raging River of the White Water Runoff that surrounded the spit of land known as the Misty Village, home of Sanctuary where he lived.

[ Image 6.2
He set his rigging, about the ancient apple tree that grew strong and supple, at the edge of rushing water. The rugged beauty of the place always made him smile as he lowered himself over the bank. About half way down was a excellent source of the clay he needed

[ Image 6.3
Clay filled his rucksack, as he placed it on the stump seat, and took up the silver basin, on his way to the Pigeon Coop.
They all flew down to see him, cooing their warm thoughts. He greeted them with treats As they watched him measure their droppings in the silver basin.

[ Image 6.4
Silver basin in hand, rucksack slung over his shoulder, he headed to the cottage, ..... he placed the basin, rucksack, and items he needed outside the cottage entry on the bench

[ Image 6.5 his Mum making tea inside in the Galley

I see,’ ‘your making your Grandfathers
magic blacksmith paste’‘Anything special?!’

‘ Just making something’ he tried to sound nonchalant

[ Image 6.6
would you like me to mix the honey,
milk and flour for you? She said got out a jar of seed cakes, putting them in a basket

‘No, I think I had better do this all myself
’she looked at him with suspicion he always said yes,
And handed him the basket of seed cakes and smiled

[ Image 7.0
Back at the forge he inspected it with satisfaction, then he got to work
Finsean was watching him from the corner of his eye, as he mixed the flour, milk and honey, in the Silver Basin like an alchemist. Then he added the Pigeon Droppings, until a twinkle came to his eye, and he stopped.
Squire enthusiasm was starting to show.

[ Image 7.1
Finsean was watching him threw the open shutters now, he was standing at the shed, the front was swung wide, to show the lumps of metal stored there out of the weather, as his best mate selected the right piece.

Squire picked out a large lump of metal it had been left to him by his Grandfather It was a special lump of metal, he said. Made of a mix of things from this side of the Vail, and the other, Star Metal he called it a gift from the Heavens To Squire’s Young Delight
That would do splendidly

[ Image 7.2
Squire checked the forge with the skill of a master once again, everything going smoothly

Finsean was watching, pleased to see Squire was taking this challenge very seriously.

But what amused him most was the way, he best mate, kept turning to talk to his grandfather Who was not there as he worked the forge, and selected his metal.

[ Image 7.3
He heated the lump of Star metal in the forge, then beat out the lump to a flat rod He dressed the Star metal with paste
wrapped and baked it in wet sheep skin As he gauged the forges heat
Now to creat a design’
While I bake the metal’
this will make the metal shine
and be twice as strong [He told Finsean]

[ Image 8.0
Squire walked about collecting volumes from the shelves
then tools, charts as he layed them all out on the long table
his Nose hidden by parchment Squire studied the pages, his mind filled with idea after idea. They kept coming to him, as he drew one design after another Finesaen worked on his spotless gear As he watched carful not to disturb Squires train of thought

[ Image 8.1
Finesaen had jumped at the small chime set by Squire.
Time to turn the Star Metal wrapped nestled in the Forge
‘Your like an Sentinel
with an Egg’ he teased him

[ Image 8.2
‘Do not jest at magic
you do not know’
life is life, and if you want it
balanced even and strong
you turn!’
Squire was feeling a Bit unsure he had never done this alone Squire set the Chime once again, and went back to creating

[ Image 8.3
He doodled with charcoal, there was a Symbol at the back of his mind trying to work its way out he felt it pulling at his heartstrings.He knew he wanted the Symbol he just needed to get it right.

Or did the Symbol want him
Said his Grandfather. When he felt someone watching
His Grandfather? He wondered agin

[ Image 8.4
Squire rose and drew the shutters he latched them. He drew the doors closed and bolted them shut.

Finsean could not of been more excited Squire meant business
no one is to see!
Ready to Work the clay he had dug, he whispered to Finsean

[ Image 9.0
Locked away more then a fortnight, going on two. Squire worked the Forge. Baking the Star Metal, and folding the steel 300 times for strength, then forged a Marker
he could be proud of!

[ Image 9.1
The village had heard of the Rock Trolls plight They had seen the anti-Human sentiment in the Heir

Squire locked in the Smithy for long over a fortnight had developed a rhythmic hammering. A pleasant sound, it gave a smile to all, and a light heart.

As they hummed along, doing their work with a quick and smart step The Peaceful Misty Village glowed with pride Looking forward to the comeuppance the heir deserved!!

[ Image 9.2
Pickels’ had never known her lad, to be shut away for such a time, even when he was very ill, he always sneaked out to see her! Or unbolt his shutters so she could keep her head inside with him
She bumped the doors with her back hoofs Just to hear him- yell for her- to stop
I am still alive’
Stop knocking’
I will let you see first Picekls’
‘If you , would let me finish’

[ Image 9.3
But the tiny the village fell back into step, to a warm and cozy feeling of home, wondering about the marker As night came on Everyone Noticed The hammering had stopped! Squire had finished!

[ Image 9.4
Squire put his finished marker, upon the workbench. He could feel his Grandfather again, checking his work

A knock came from the back door Squires Mum bearing gifts a hamper of goodies and their favorite foods and a gallon of fresh pressed Apple

[ Image 10.0
‘Can I ?‘come in?’ she said nicely, as she came threw the door breaing gifts Squires horse right behind her, she whinnied with pride as all the creatures tried to come in behind her

[ Image 10.1
Inside the workshop she felt at home breathing in the smell of hot steel she loved the Magic of the forge, and the workshop.

[ Image 10.2
She was putting the large hamper on the table. turned Frozen in place as her eyes Caught sight of Squires Marker
Hand Tooled between 2 wings the Symbol to call a Gathering
Did he know? She wondered

[ Image 10.3
She felt her father in the workshop, But she knew he had passed on. Still she marveled at the Marker But she saw Squires Grandfather ‘s hand in this and she knew her father was somewhere about!

After all he was a Dragon who had changed his skin, and who knew what powers Dragons had

[ Image 10.4
The Symbol to Call A Gathering
And the words he engraved by hand she read aloud
Squire only Human
It was a vision to her eyes,
But did he know, the Magic he would invoke?,
Did he know what he was doing?!

This Magic was so strong, something was about to happen, and she was not sure if she was ready for what was to come!
She felt a hint of Foreboding

[ Image 10.5
She turned to look at Squire, she looked deep into his eyes as she asked him
Do you know
what you are doing?! Not surprised to here him say

But I am going!

[ Image 11.0
Squires Mum unexpectedly Walked over to the Marker
And looked at it so carefully, as thou she was listening to it speak then touched it!
Finsean was watching he did not know why ,she had done something to the Marker.! Some kind of protective charm, he was guessing if it came from Squires mum! Then he realized she was gone!

[ Image 11.1
Tired and hunger, they quickly washed up, to celebrate. As their barnyard friends held a small parade just for them, as they were leaving. The two lads watched with joy that grew to excitement, they were feeling ready and strong! Thou it left Squire wondering

[ Image 11.2
Finsean was putting on pompous airs for fun
Well ‘my lad,’
It seems to me’,‘ that this very night’
is a monummentus occasion’
‘ toast I say’

[ Image 11.3
Finsean holding tankards High in the air to touch]
A toast to US this night, using a pompous voice
Well Remembered Down thru the ages,
Sung generation to generations to come.
The Night Squire and Finesean
set their battle plans to give the
nasty Little Villain, the Heir!’
His comeuppance
with Humans’Ingenuity To us! They sang out in Triumph,! Yet won!

They sang songs told tall tails of how they were Heros in the making They were Legends to come! Squire looked about him he was getting an odd feeling! He was getting that prickly feeling, he knew something was wrong !
Then he heard
The Voice that Does Not Speak
Do you really want to do this?
‘ Think again!’

[ Image 12.0

Squire had known that something was wrong not just because Gronk, or the Elve had warned him !

No, he had known the moment the cold slimy hand brushed his skin when the Heir had knocked the Royal Banner from his hand.

It was the empty pools of nothingness that were his eyes it made him shiver just thinking of it. It was like looking into a Black hole, a mans eyes are the window’s to there soles, he knew , and the Heir his sole were empty. There was no light on!

It was thou he was a walking , talking body but No One was there No Light in his eyes, No Sole in its home! Like a zombie the Empty pits of pure bleakness, even the thought of it, made his blood run cold! And shiver! in his minds eye, it made his skin crawl! He knew this Heir was Evil! But his anger had grown and his Pride had been hurt, so when he heard his best mate, bellowing!

On the morrow Lad’
We fly’

[ Image 12.1

Squire did not even Hesitate,
very much
as He tried to ignoring
The Voice that Does Not Speak
In his mind he spoke to the Voice,
The Marker
Has Been Made!
But to his best mate he Yelled
On the morrow ‘We fly’

[ Image 13.0
Later that night ,alone in his quarters, he put his head down on his pillow to sleep. Again Squire heard
The Voice that Does Not Speak
Think Again!
Do you really want to do this?

It was the 2nd time he had ignored the Voice
He did not like the feeling. But He knew he had to be up and ready before the crack of Dawn to go .

What was he doing? he asked himself
He could not turn back now, plans were made! Deep in Squire heart he wanted to give the Heir the comeuppance he deserved
On the morrow ‘We fly’

[ Image 13.1
the Misty Village happily fell into a pleasant sleep they knew Squire and Finsean were up to something they approved of

[ Image 13.2
Squire had a restless night, he tossed and turned he had argued with his Grandfather all night in his dream
Squire kept trying to explain
He had no way to back out now
The Marker was made!
But he thanked him for the warning
He knew he was walking into Trouble

[ Image 13.3
Squires Mum had been in the study all night Compass, protractors, angles Chart, maps, scrolls, parchment
quill in hand She was looking for something!
She felt the Danger, that Squires Marker would bring!

Squire woke in the predawn He felt cold in the dark. When he crawled out of his warm wool blankets The moonlight had faded And the dawn had not yet come Squire put on warm clean cloths hung out by the hearth to warm

[ Image 14.0

He was not He thought, He had heard the Voice say Danger,
a complete fool .
Be ready !
even if he was ignoring the Voice
Better wear the suit of Armor
his grandfather had given him
and be ready for anything

[ Image 14.1
Squire sat to latch the ankle plates Remembering his Grandfather who he had been Missing. When he had a vision; his Grandfather working the Magic of the Forge , as a wee Squire watching.

The steady cadence of the The powerful old man hammering out a rhythm for Squires Heart to fallow watching the Magic of the Forge come to life ,with bright young eyes eager to learn

The old man, smiled it filled his face with such joy to give a Gift to the Lad His first Hammer and Anvil Made for his size!

The small lad, took the tools, they looked huge to such a tiny man His own Maccabe! The wee man said with such joy he had been given his first Hammer! And anvil!

[ Image 14.2
The Vision was over But his Armor started to glow tiny scales of metal so movable and light so unique, so strong was the Protection Finsean’s deadly talons could not cut threw But the unique Armor was glowing he looked about felling his Grandfather he wondered again at what was going on
Nonsense he told himself and finished getting ready

[ Image 14.3
Squire heard again for the 3rd time
The Voice that Does Not Speak
‘Watch Listen and Learn’
Your Grandfather’
taught you how to tell
right’ from wrong!’
DANGER he felt badly, he knew there was Danger and he was ignoring it

[ Image 15.0
Time to Deliver the
Heirs HIS Due!’
Finsean came in before the crack of Dawn Excitement ran threw him, he was ready to Fly, He was ready to spit in the Heirs eye, Finsean did not like this Tyrant giving orders. or his Anti-Human sentiment he spread

[ Image 15.1
But he realized staring at Squire Dressed in FULL BATTLE Gear! His Best Mate, was Armored from Helmet, to Boot
Did I miss something
are we going to war? But he could see by looking at Squire, something was wrong,,! He did not look eager to start!

[ Image 15.2
‘Lets get it over with’ Squire tucked his Hammer in his boot and strapped it down to fly he threw the Marker over his shoulder by a belt he had fastened about it no longer eager

They walked without noise, waking no one as they slipped out of Sanctuary’s gates they wanted it to be a surprise The Marker Up when everyone awoke

[ Image 15.3
They slipped up the walk, that lead, to the Old Stone Bridge both looking about to be sure no one was watching
and like always they would get the hebbie-jeebees just before they were coming near the edge

Squires eyes were drawn to the left, to the old cottage of Tobar’s Finsean’s eyes were drawn over to the right looking for the Thing that lurked! The Thing that he could feel, wanted to eat them! Once again, he thought he had seen a glimpse

There eyes diverted to opposite sides While they waited 2 steps from the Old Stone Bridge Standing waiting for Old Tobar the Guard to come and let them pass

But their eyes were quickly turned to the Old Stone Bridge as Tobar was their before them, He appeared Looming over them with his one eyebrow up like an ancient Spawk.
His mighty staff in hand he stood ready!

[ Image 16.0 They were surprised to see Old Tobar looming down over them. Shocked to see him holding his staff like a sword!
Deeply disturbed to see Old Tobar did not want them to pass! A no nonsense look, about him neither lad had seen before! They felt uneasy! DID HE MEAN IT!?

Tobar stared them down! Defying even one of them to speak or move!
Tobar knew the Laws of the Land of Aradon they were clear As soon as Squire’s Marker was on Manley Mt, He would be a Man by Law

No longer a lad with silly larks, and games, they would be accountable for themselves! He doubted that either lad had thought about that!

The prank would be very Funny, Yes! And the Heir most defiantly deserved it!

Everyone would laugh, but when the laugh was over the Heir would have the last laugh when they found out! They were no longer lads they were not ready for manhood! the last laugh would not be sweet

And if there was anything Old Tobar did not ever wont to see was the Heir getting an other one over on Squire

He was going to challenge their manhood and put it to the test. If they could get past him They could place the marker at the top!

[ Image 16.1
But Squire had been ready for Tobar after Arguing with his Grandfather all night he flipped the Marker over his shoulder In front of him to show old Tobar he meant it I am going to Manley Mt.
To place this at the Top’

[ Image 16.2
Tobar Froze! The Marker was a work of Art, a joy to behold it was the work of a Master Builder from the old code! When he saw the Ancients Symbol hand tooled between the two wings! Did Squire Know what it was he had built!?

[ Image 17.0

The Marker was a call to Begin a Gathering And a Call for the Ancients Humans known as the Brotherhood of Builders to remember who they were

But the sign to call a Gathering had been called! This very night the Dragon Clan Gathering Begins Did this Lad know? He doubted it, but he did not believe in coincidence
No Dragon Does

The sign of the Gathering Hand Tooled On The Marker
began to glow before his eyes! Tobar heard
The Voice that Does Not Speak

Tobar pulled himself up to his fullest height swelling with power old Tobar no longer looked old, he looked wise and mighty as his Dark Brown good wool tunic began to glow before their eyes for a brief moment Squire had seen woven in Tobar’s Tunic The Symbol of the Ancients

[ Image 17.1

Tobar’s glowed with pride at the lads No longer an old man that guarded the Old Stone Bridge He was a grand majestic figure , standing before them His regal charm came forth
His Mighty woven wooden staff in hand! Tobar stood more powerful then a King Tobar once again, used his staff as a sword
Kneel They did!

I pledge my steal to your campaign’
‘On your Journey,’ ‘that has taken
the name of Manhood’
I Pledge my steel to you and yours
New Men of Aradon’ Arise

[ Image 17.2

New Men of Aradon’
As they stood making the sign of the oath
they swore the oath as one

[ Image 18.0
Tobar stepped back in a grand and majestic motion to let them pass ,both lads in shock, They walked ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER both expecting to wake up or fall while walking across Tobar had sworn an Oath to them was all they could think One foot in front of the other keep walking they went

[ Image 18.1
Stepping off from the old stone and mortar that was the Bridge They stepped out on to the Road Their silence growing Relieved to be alone, as they stood on the Road, in the dark of the predawn! Squire felt like a Fool, Finsean was thinking out loud!
‘Not as I had planned’
‘But STILL’‘ Old Tobar ‘Is on our side
‘did you hear him’?
‘Lets FLY’
’New Man Of Aradon’

[ Image 18.2
Squire was feeling apprehensive Already to many odd events had transpired As a Wicked Wind picked up and made it sound as thou he were Yelling
’New Man Of Ardon’
You had better get used to it’
You swore your manhood to Tobar’
no more Laddy for you mate’ You do know this?’
WE PLEDGED OUR Manhood to Tobar’

[ Image 18.3
In the predawn cold still they stood, on the Road! Bewildered What had just happened?
New Man’
‘I do know this’
Finsean was alive with Excitement,
‘But Tobar made and
Oath to Us’
‘Have you ever heard of such a thing’
‘ It is an Omen of the things to come’

‘I know’
‘ That disturbs me most’ Squire was feeling weary

[ Image 19.0
Never in his life, had he ignored the voice he loved! The Voice that had saved him over and over as wee lad,
the Voice of care and concern
Right from Wrong
When he heard for the 3rd time
The Voice that Does Not Speak
‘Watch Listen and Learn’

[ Image 19.1
Because of his pride [Not wanting to look week] he ignored The Voice that knew right from wrong
How many times now he had ignored it ?
That brought a sadness to his heart,
he was ignoring his friend,
one who had always had his best
interest, at heart

[ Image 19.2
the silver thread of Dawns light appeared in the East cresting Over the rim of the Shadow Mts. Finsean Took flight with 3 powerful thrusts of his massive wings they were off!

Finsean Flew North up the Deep Gorge carved out of the land when the Ice Age was over. As a massive Glassier thawed and broke lose, carving the Valley out and its Raging River known as The White Water Runoff. They flew in the predawn gloom as the morning light began to show Its Savage and rugged beauty!

They slipped threw the air flying like they had never done before , they flew between the winds at there backs pushing them forward, as thou someone was helping them along.

The Challenge of Manhood to all in the Lands of Aradon!
the Great Manley Mt come into view Squire’s heart skipped a beet ,when he caught sight of the light behind her like a hallow! It was a thing of such natural beauty the Great Mt. was The Promise of a New Day,

[ Image 20.0
But Squire felt the closer they came the more he could feel Something was dreadfully wrong! But he could not see anything that would make him feel this way, when he spied a small marker
It was made of tied knots, of straw ,tied to look like a wee man. As he wondered about it, so small, so close to the ground, the knots looked like someone was just learning.
Squire heard the Voice that Does Not Speek;
Surprised it was not warning him
See the small Human Marker,
barely off the Ground!
It was put there in support of you

[ Image 20.1
Pleased to know the Voice would still speak to him
Who had put it there? when he asked a question

They call him
the Widows Son!

the Widows Son!? He filled with pride at the wee chaps courage
he thought it was time to get to know this lad
He was far to small to have even thought of climbing!
Heart, brains, and courage he knew they were destined to be friends

[ Image 20.2
Then his eyes rose up, up, up to the Heirs Marker
He felt disgust run threw him as it turned to rage!

The Heir had purchased it from the Silver City, made by the Dwarfs of the Silver Smith’s Guild for 3 and 6!

Had it purchased? came the Voice

Squires anger erupted Squire reached down and unlatched his mighty Hammer he reached for the Marker slung over his shoulder His anger turned to rage
His Marker in one hand His mighty Hammer in the other
Finsean turned to see his best mate Squire jumped from his tethers Squire Flying alone with no wings

[ Image 21.0
We never planned that! Mate Finsean banking hard, as he was yelling at Squire in the breaking light Squire fell threw the air To the Mt below
Flying alone the rage poured out of him we never planed that! Ringing In his ears

[ Image 21.1
Finsean was going to bank and circle Then Squire would signal and Finsean would land But something went wrong!
As he found himself watching in horrid fascination as Squire Yelled Flying alone with no wings
This Pretender,
this Heir filled with Malic
and Spite Shall Never be King!
I avouch! The Neo Moon shot

[ Image 21.2
Squire came down from above on the marker The moment the Hammer hit the steal .His feet touched down. The Great Mt gave a shudder

Then, gave out a haunting groan of anguish an
eerie sound filled his ears. Squire could hear the sound of something very large had just died it Broke his heart.

The sudden pounding of thunder so loud as it Roared
In his ears, he felt himself enter a new Dimension, he was and was a speck, a bit so small it could not be seen. He had become an atom. So small no one could ever see him or find him, he was so small his world, had changed like the small atoms that roll around crashing into each other

[ Image 21.3
Finesean had banked and turned back over where he had just been ,with his mate before he had jumped!
He watched in Horror, as he fought the sudden wind currants and pressure of the Crashing Thunder that broke loose under Squire, as he disappeared in the moving rubble that had once been the pride of Lands of Aradon.

[ Image 21.4
Noooooo!!! --- Finesean screamed
But the noise of the crashing rocks was unbearably loud
no one could be heard above it

[[ Image 22.0
Finsean heard the pounding of thunder to match his own heart, as the Great Mt. became boulders, rubble and grit
beneath him covering his friend. As he watched for Squire down in the Frey. Grabbing for anything that could have him

[[ Image 22.1
Squire was Below in the Mt. of flowing rock crashing down on itself In a rage Finsean flew into the Frey
His eyes, ears and nose filling up with dust and dirt
Still he flew and searched

[[ Image 22.2
Dirt flew into the air, billowing darkness and Boulders crashing like thunder Still Finsean searched
Squire was lost in the oncoming boulders
rock and rubble, dirt and debris He could not yell over the collapsing noise Finsean felt a rage take hold

[[ Image 22.3
His lungs filled with dirt
no oxygen to feed the muscles or the mind
his feathers felt like lead
its not too late -he scream
its not

[[ Image 22.4
Fighting to breath and see, he raked his deadly talons
threw the oncoming Mt. again and again, moving further down the slide when something caught

How long could any one live in that’?
Even with his Grandfathers Enchantment Armour

He latched his talons tightly to it and pulled it out of the on flowing rock it looked like a boulder or a tree trunk

[[ Image 22.5
he came down quickly on a neighboring ledge
thinking he would have to move fast, sure this was some sort of boulder or rock he dropped the boulder slightly, coming down to land preparing for another take off
,it rolled a bit

[[ Image 23.0
The Crashing Mt falling ,dirt billowing in to the air, in layers, the sound deafening as the boulders crashed like thunder!
It rolled again Finsean become excited as the rock unfolded like a Rock Troll BUT on four legs
It appeared like something From the Black Lagoon
Then it stood wobbly on two legs Finsean went wild ‘Bloody Hell Mate,
you gave me a fright
I thought you were died.

he tried to whisper, he felt unstable, returning to the land of the Living
‘I though t I was dead’

[[ Image 23.1
Ripped raw to the core Manley Mt was gone
‘I killed HER!’
Squire filled with grief at the sound of the Mt dying haunting his mind

What are you talking about?
Finsean filled with Rage at the Heir but he worried for Squire, he thought his brains had addled by the pounding they had just taken

[[ Image 23.2
Squire quickly come to his senses
Hurry he yelled
Take me down there
Take me down there someone might be hurt!
Squire was serious and was going

[[ Image 23.3
Finsean thought that Squire was safer flying
So he agreed, heading into the Frey once again
Back and forth they flew, looking for signs of life, as Squire reached out to find anything that had died of worst, still down there alive. Nothing! It struck him as most odd. Where were the animals, the creatures that lived on the Great Mt. Not even bits of fur, or feather to mark the passing of a creature’s life!


[[ Image 24.0
Squire saw a glint in the swirling dirt and rock
He jumped! AGAIN! Running on the top of the oncoming boulders like He had wings, flying across the moving rubble looking for signs of life Finsean looking in wonder!

[[ Image 24.1
He was hoping for something living as he dodged and flew across the Frey Squire saw a glint of something he reached in ....and pulled up ....his Marker! When Squire saw a Massive Wall of sand dirt, and grit coming at him, no where to run from it! He could not run over the top, like he had solid Boulders[ he discovered ]but he could not rise above the Wall of sand and grit!

The sound of crashing all about him He was done for!
This is it! He thought.

[[ Image 24.2
Finsean pulled up in a dive flying across the Frey
he swooped down with his deadly talons and grabbed hold
Lifting him out again being pelted with the after flow
Finsean flew Squire to safety in time !
Squire had been relieved, but to Finsean amassment because no one had been hurt in the Destruction of the Great Mt. He had found no evidence of even one creatures Death, he was so pleased! But it was also very odd!
They both looked at one another! The Great Mt, had also been a great home, of so many kinds of living things, you could not count the kinds.
And Yet, None had been pummeled to death. He knew what it was like, he still did not know why he was with the Living once again. He had become so small no one could ever have found him.

Not True came The Voice that Does Not Speak

He looked at his friend, he was moved . Finsean had saved his life two times he knew!
Thanx He said, and he meant it, he was not ready to be that small he thought
But it was very odd,
why was there no life,
on the Pride of their land? He was back to the subjects at hand

[[ Image 25.0
The Gret Mt was gone, spilling over the land covering the only road, with boulders the size of cottages, and endless dirt overflowing past the road into the Forrest of the Bards!
As they stood atop a neighboring MT. ledge, Squire felt as though he had killed the Great Mt, with one blow! He had delivered the killing Blow, he was filled with such Grief.
Finsean was livid, this was not his Doing!
Powerful you are mate
I will give you that!
And Talent to boot!

But not powerful enough
to kill the Great Challenge of Manhood
In the Lands of Aradon

No! This is not your doing!
The Great Challenge of Manhood
Fell to RUINS,
on the Queen of the High Elves WATCH
Without a warning?!

It is time the Queen of the High Elves
has much explaining to do.

[[ Image 25.1
What a mess Was all Squire would say, he had heard his friendAs They looked down at the Road No one would pass thru there They needed to mark the Road for safety For unsuspecting Travelers ,as morning had come! They both knew that the coaches filled with Gold, and Silver, near traveled slow, their teams always running at break neck speed!

[[ Image 25.2
They worked hard and fast marking the southern end giving plenty of warning for Gold Coaches to slow and stop or turn and go back. They went up to the North, the side that held the Castle. They were looking for signs that those around had also known, the Great Mt, was unstable! But his mind was filled with the image of the Widows Son, what if he had been down there! The tiny lad, was so brave
They were finishing up the north end When Squire felt he was being watched He gave Finsean a sign no one could see While Finsean continued working Squire disappeared in to the trees

[[ Image 26.0
He found himself in a clearing with not just one pair but hundreds All staring at Him as eyes peering from the shadows but he could feel no hostility in them, where they from the Great Mt?

[[ Image 26.1
A Mountain pony came walking out she looked so much like his girl. He smiled at her, she was so beautiful, though not as good looking as his girl. He blushed at that thought, wondering if she read his mind, like Pickles did. She Could, she gave a sweet laugh,
She is my niece, she whinnied softly,
and never be embarrassed,
that you think her the greatest pony in the world,
you should! For that is the Magic of Horses!

My I introduce my friend Laddy, she is the Hoydenish little Pixie , you may have heard of she make the challenge difficult for those who defraud. She has much to tell you,

But i would like to Thank You
for looking for us, we have gift for you!

A large Bear came forward into the light ,Fear shot threw Squire but still did not run A rabbit hopped out, birds came,
Wolfs, Coyotes, Large Cats Deer Moose Elk Every kind of creator Naiads, Dryads, a Centaur came out they that had All lived on the Once Great Mt even the snakes had come
Squire stood astonished

She had a Gift, they had found it, and they knew it was close to his heart, they felt him search for it in the rubble as they marked the road. it was a small straw man, made by small hands, not yet practiced at making knots.
The Marker of the Widows Son
Thank You He said

[[ Image 26.2
The Pixie had a sweet face encouraged to see Squire and his friend Finsean alive .She spoke from the pony’s back
‘‘Felicitations’ Squire had been charmed

[[ Image 27.0 He Felt no malic in her as she spoke
We who had lived on the Great Mt
have all felt you’re Great Heart
and we will never forget! You looked for US!
you value life! We can see this
But now we need you dead.

What?! Squire told her, Her charm quickly fading

[[ Image 27.1
Now Pixie’s are very sweet and devilishly charming but they can cause the worst kind of trouble! and this Pixie was cleaver very, very ,cleaver as she quickly told Squire her plan they set their agreement in a pixie way parting gifts of Good Faith! Squire was given his Hammer they had found
Squire covered with rubble and rock Roots and bits of debrea standing among them Holding his hammer as thou he had gotten back a loved one
I thought I would never see you again
my heart broke to think you were gone,!
Squire who had no gift to give her asked
Would you like to borrow this?
Squire gave her His Marker ,for it was of some use to her he could tell . She did

[[ Image 27.2
Clouds came rolling in, a Fog started a mist formed and Squire could not see a thing. Another Gift from The Pixie
the weather acting as a screen of defense, for it was the Pixies plan, that the two lads play dead, unseen, until they got answers from the Castel held by the Queen of the High Elves

[[ Image 27.3
Finsean waiting his head filled with Questions as he watched the heavy clouds and mist came rolling in
What Happened?
Squire could not see a thing
We need to take off head
,start for home,!
I will tell you in the air
The cloud cover is for us
but we had better be quick
People are awake and rising
the noise must have woken everyone

[[ Image 28.0
Flying home the Heavy clouds and mist Hid Finsean from sight, as they talked over what had just happened and the Pixie’s plan
I Like her plan To see who will side
with the Heir
But Tobar will know
we are alive when we return
‘That is why the Pixie
will speak to him herself Squire explained the Heavy clouds and mist flying home

[[ Image 28.1
I Like This Pixie Finsean was pleased
Leaving nothing to chance
And keeping the secret between
just few that can be trusted
Smart very Smart
And she says all of Eden is in danger?!
Finsean had to use his radar, War Birds had the best
but it was built into every Bird.
They kept their voices to a whisper, as they flew with such speed. They flew along the ragging water below, knowing it would mask their voices they were sure no one heard! As their conversation was done for now.

Finsean’s Deadly talons touched softly down on the Road
The Heavy mist parted just enough to show them the step up to the Old Stone Bridge! They were surprised, to see they were expected.

[ Image 28.2
It felt creepy, something was watching them they could tell,
They looked about to see what gave them that feeling,
the Heebee Jeebees

Something over the edge of the bottomless crevasse tried to look at them, in the heavy cover of the clouds ,thick like pea soup. on the ground . But it stopped their view, even of the bridge itself, a few steps in front of them. It made what they saw only an arm. waved them over Seem like a trap!

Tobar’s Massive arm surrounded by the heavy mist as thou it hung in space alone! Without old Tobar’s unseen body,!
Made the lads think twice.

[[ Image 29.0
But the mist parted just enough to show them they could quickly cross the Bridge. They were on their toes, still feeling that this whole event was unreal! But Squire knew as they crossed the Old Stone Bridge, they were home and safe

They walked heads down and quickly trying hard not to be seen in the Mist They slipped into the gates of Sanctuary
Leaving the gates slightly open for a fast escape

But every creature Came running to see the Lads They had felt the Mt go, and were worried! Both still covered it dirt, but Squire, unrecognizable! His helmet, still covered with bits of roots caught in the tumble he had just had.

[[ Image 29.1
They slipped into Squires Quarters by his private back door
Squire standing at his desk trying to leave a letter for his Mum and Dad to explain. He was having trouble, his Quarters were filling up with all their barnyard friends
and his horse who wanted answers! As she stood by her lad, wanting to know All there was to know! She had worried ,she listened to Squire pleased
‘Listen it is secret
no one must knew
we still live!......
Finsean still trying to collect Squires emergency kits quickly for a fast getaway, felt they were getting harder to reach, Squires kits were hung in the corners already packed and ready to go. but the War Bird of near 6feet was having trouble getting about the small ones all crowed round fussing over him. it felt good , after what had Happened both lads felt better knowing they were loved

[[ Image 29.2
When all eyes turned to the door to the Cottage Hallway there stood Squire parents Trilled to see them both alive! His mum could barely see Squire under the layers of dirt, but the lads were alive that was all that mattered just then,
Finsean had felt sorry for Squire, who looked like a creature drug up from The Dregs of the Black Lagoon trying to look like nothing happened!
Hello’ He smiled his most charming smile,, they both did.

[[ Image 30.0
Until The Roc tapped on the door Finsean was Crest Fallen
We are in for it now mate!
The Roc’ was the Commander and Chief Of the Sentinels
He tried to walk in but Squires quarters where filled with life. He was Pleased to see how much everyone loved
Apologies for dropping by them! And pleased to see his horse was not too upset!

[[ Image 30.1
KEEP WATCH Everyone’s eyes on the Roc But Squire Mums, she looked about she felt something odd She whispered to those closest to her, and signal to Squires horse.The animals turned and left like a well train Melita The Roc watched them spread out He was impressed he was more then
This was, very curious’ impressed
he thought

[[ Image 30.2
The Roc had followed them like a cleaver old Bird and
seen every move they made and wanted Hart and Elan to know They could be Pleased For he too had spoken to the Pixie [unseen of course} with the lads skillThe Roc wanted them with him, and they had earned the right to see what was going on in their lands. The Killing of the Great Mt. was no accident, and the Queen of the High Elves who hold the Castle had a lot of explaining to do. Especially to the Lads

[[ Image 30.3
Hart and Elan overjoyed to see them alive beamed with a quiet pride that caught the Roc’s attention. The quiet smile of love and approval to know their son and his best mate were truly Men! As they listened to The Roc sing their praises. Love had filled the chamber, the Roc felt empowered to go on!

[[ Image 30.4 But the Lads could not understand They gave each other a look that meant HOW? how he had seen so much they had never known he was there
The Roc amused by the Lads look for their eyes had been locked on the Roc’s every word
Since the Lands of Aradon had began
The Great Mt the challenge of Manhood
has fallen to ruin in such a violent death
The Queen of the High Elves
has much explaining to do!

[[ Image 31.0
The lads Tone was Elated they were besides themselves with joy. They had been asked On a secret expedition with the Roc ! Their Dreams had just come true!
And I think New Men
you may find it very interesting!
I would like you both
To come with me
under a cloak of Invisibility
And Together we shall see!
What she really has to say.

[[ Image 31.1
The lads had everything they needed already, before he came in, and Finsean had lashed down the last of Squires kits as he looked up to see the Roc coming in!
When Squire mum went quickly running off, yelling back to them. Hart was talking to the Roc as they waited
You all look starved’
let me get the Hamper....
Hart was Hoping to find out more

[[ Image 31.2

Will you be able to The Lads were deep in conversation
be invisible when you get older?
No mate,
Sentinels do not have that power,
but it appears there is more to the Roc
Then we knew!’

[[ Image 31.3
Squires Mum Returned with packs of goodies and a very full hamper a Fortnight or TWO of good nourishing food
Let us
say our good byes quickly
To ensure your safe return she said But to Squire she signed a message for him alone

[[ Image 31.4

I will not ask you ,not to worry
for I know you , will be on your Guard
To a safe return!
All as One They Swore the Oath

[[ Image 32.0
Hart walked threw the Heavy Mists with The Roc.
Hoping to learn more, for he could feel Evil pressing in on the Lands of Aradon,.
One of The last refuges, of the Garden the world had. Lands still bountiful. Good air, Good water, Good soil
But for how long? The Symbol of Manhood had fallen. Was that an Omen? Was that a Sign?, He was starting to feel in his heart , Eden was in grave danger!!

[[ Image 32.1
The Lads were far ahead of them talking, pleased as they could be! They were going off with The Roc, on a Seceret Mission! They had forgotten they were dead. Squire was telling Finsean his mum had placed his Master Builders Hidden Manual he called it, When Squire received the gift from his Grand Father the one that showed all the secret passage ways, in all the Castles, and Fortress in the lands, they had to test it. So they already had known how to used the Manuel, to see if it was true! It was!! And his mum had sent it knowing they would be unseen, they could go in daylight, and listen in the real Throne rooms ! She signed
The one with all the hidden passages?
But better, we will be Invisible!

Invincible You Mean! Mate
We will BE Invincible you and me..... busy talking they did not see what happened next

[[ Image 32.2
Two massive hands come out of the Heavy Fog
Each hand grabbed a lad Hands So large They could have been Rock Trolls The Lads caught unaware could not breath They were suffocating! Panic shot threw them
The Roc’ cleared the mists slowly as he cawed a small warning Tobar had both lads so tightly pressed to his rib-cage. Strangling them

[[ Image 32.3
Tobar Quickly let them loose Then Cuffed them soundly about the head and ears Hart watching every move ,with a smile
What a scare you gave this old Fool
And that is so you do not forget!

[[ Image 33.0
Tobar’s eyebrow shot up as he looked down at the filthy Human, who should be dead And looked at his amour With a questioning look.Hart had been watching The Roc But now his eyes were drawn to Old Tobar who was inspecting his lads armor.
I heard you were pulled under!!
for quiet a lengthy Spell?

[[ Image 33.1
They beamed with triumph Squire and Finsean They could feel Tobar’s Power And he loved them! He worried for their safety! Standing on the Old Stone Bridge with Old Tobar, and the Roc, and Squires father they knew things would work out, with them on their side,
how could anything go wrong!

[[ Image 33.2
The Roc Stepped forward
I am going to the Singing Forrest
To Set a Guard
These two will be Under my wing
you could say Tobar’s Eyebrow went up again He parted the Mists. They walked up the center of the Old Stone Bridge the mists blocking the view on either side anyone who would spy on them could not see
.As the mist closed about them Hart waved a special sign, Squire knew it meant he loved him. And keep on alert!

The Lad smiled how could things go bad now, he thought to his father, , hoping he would read it in his eyes. He could the Lad was in Heaven! But he wanted his son to stay on his toes! He loved him, and he felt Danger!

[[ Image 33.3
Hart stayed to watch them disappear As He stood with
the Guard to the Old Stone Bridge, Tobar He had always reminded Hart of Squires Grandfather Rollo, so pleased to see old Tobar cared so for his lad

Tobar put his mighty hand on Hart strong shoulder for comfort Then turned to look at Hart. He felt the power of this quiet healer Tobar Always’s enjoyed this family but now wondered who these People really were?
That Lad of yours is extraordinary!

[[ Image 34.0
Hart was laughing to himself, and smiling at Tobar
Crafty old thing was just as inquisitive as Rollo too
As Hart asked him about their adventures to come.
,But Tobar asked more personal questions.
Does that grow in your family tree?

[[ Image 34.1
Finsean had already latched down Squires ready kits and was prepare to go but The Roc quickly told Finsean to get the climbing gear and hamper. He did quickly but he was annoyed, Squire was flying with the Roc. He felt like the 3rd wheel on a cart, not really needed any more.

[[ Image 34.2
Squire and the Roc had disappeared, and it was making Finsean feel angry and left out, until he heard the disembodied voice Of Squire
You look just like the Roc!!

[[ Image 34.3
Finsean Strutted and walked about like a Peacock
To be The Roc’s decoy was a huge honor, he blossomed before their eyes

[[ Image 34.4
He stopped playing about ,and fell into step as The Roc
He even used his voice incase any, spoke to him
The Real Roc was extremely amused as he and Squire were astonished how good Finsean was

For the 2nd time that morning they were back on their way to the Great Manley Mt but this time only the Roc could be seen flying

[[ Image 34.5
They were silent, as they flew in morning for the dead! Their minds trying to untangled what had happened, trying to make new plans They Flew slowly, to catch anything off guard, but nothing showed itself to them. As they searched below them, flying, low and slow

[[ Image 35.0
They flew North up the Raging River, the White Water, a savage massive snake of a river, winding down to the seas. But flying against the currants when they caught sight of the Missing Mt! Squire felt sick, he remembered her scream! He remembered her dying words!

[[ Image 35.1
Looking at the view coming up; the Violence, so crewel
With such destruction the Great Mt Manley Shattered ,destroyed, ripped raw to the core, The Death of the Great Mt Was so Horrific Like a Blade threw their Hearts.
Ruin lay beneath them as far as they could see they scarily saw the markers they had posted ahead for Safety
Squire felt sick, as ice cold shiver ran up his spine Their Symbol of Manhood crushed before them, to painful to their eyes to see again!

[[ Image 35.2
Rock Trolls were moving boulders the size of cottages
Almost Everyone was out helping, Vail people, of all kinds like the Centaurs, even creatures like the Bears were looking for Squire and Finsean! As they cleaned away the rubble

[[ Image 35.3
The Rock Trolls spotted THE ROC, above them!
They rolled into a Formal Formation The others made neat lines An Official Salute to Fallen Friends and Comrades
It was heartfelt and touching. Squire felt his chest get tight and his throat hurt, and his eyes stung
Finsean flew a wonderful pattern as the Roc to Honor The fallen Friends As they flew searching for the disparity they felt

[[ Image 35.4
But there was something very wrong
And, it was not, the missing Elves
It was something so elusive, and powerful he asked
Can you feel that?

Yes But I do not know what it is!
The Roc was very concerned it felt Evil they flew searching
For its origins

[[ Image 36.0
Squire talking to the Roc As they flew searching for the feeling they both felt!
I heard her dying Groan’
‘When my hammer hit the steel’

‘ YOU’
‘Heard her? He had not expected to hear that!

[[ Image 36.1
[Squire talking to the Roc
‘ Worse’
‘I knew better’
‘I had heard the Voice that Dose Not Speak
3 Times and I ignored the warnings’
‘I let myself be baited, by that Demon’

‘Do you always listen ‘? He asked The Roc

[[ Image 36.2
The Roc was listening, thou not to Squire. The Roc was listening to the Voice that Does Not Speak
but it was unheard of It was unorthodox
And he knew the Voice was right

[[ Image 36.3

What should we do? The Old Bird said instead

I Think it is time
to fade from sight

Squire answered without thinking he had spoken the motto outside the Family
THE ROC sent Finsean a Sentinels signal only the War Birds can hear Follow Me & Keep UP

[[ Image 37.0
The Roc picked up speed flying quicker and quicker over The Singing Forrest, he flew so quickly, they had come to the steps, then they flew over the Boarders of their Lands known as the Dragons Teeth. And still they flew faster. Finsean Followed Climbing higher and higher above the Mt ranges they soared.

[[ Image 37.1
Then they banked and turned into an ill wind, it hit them with full force, like a wall of pressure that no one can see!
A strange weather front had moved in. The War Bird did not like the look of it. He banked again as he turned back toward the Castle

[[ Image 37.2
The Roc no longer cloaked Finsean wondering what was going on The air was getting thin, and cold , Finsean had never flown this high When Finsean saw The Roc flew faster higher
Finsean began to feel tired The air getting Thin his feathers felt like pound waits pulling his body down and the Roc was still going up

[[ Image 37.3
The Roc picked up speed, flying up, up ,up
The sheer Ice cliffs taller then the highest Mts.; the Wall!
The northen Boarder of their Realm Tundra, the Lands Of Aradan. With The Mighty Frozen

[[ Image 37.4

A clear slick Frozen wall of Ice Standing strait and proud the glistening Great Wall of Ice .The Wall No Man Zone
was known as, the Mighty Tundra Finsean’s heart sank in his chest as he watched the Roc shoot over the Wall, into No Man Zone, the frozen Abyss.

What was going on?

[[ Image 38.0
Sanctuary, closed it gates, the Black Banner hung. Heartsick with Grief ,they mourned with lose for the Great Mountain of Manhood! The Misty Village had settled into a sadness as the day went on.
Every Village, and Hamlet along the only Road following the Raging River flowing from the North to South. The Great Whitewater River as it surged Coursing down into the Sea, . Black Banners Hung! Squire’s mum so pleased to hear about how Loved these two Lads are, from the animals coming and going with news to those at Sanctuary

[[ Image 38.1
But she was feeling an odd sound in the air. She has been working hard to try and find it. The odd phoneme she could almost hear! It stuck to her mind, like spun floss candy on a stick . Working hard to find it, she stretches out her feelings to see if she can put a finger on what it was ‑ that feeling that is just past her reach.

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She became aware of a familiar dark creeping trying to enter her consciousness. A familiar creeping, One she felt she knew, but not yet sure, as it was different too.
The Eye can feel her, like a Beacon in the Night, drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

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She came to realize this as she felt that the phoneme was seeking her! Pulling back her consciousness, she no longer wanted to study this very strange harmonic. She felt the malignant touch reach for her. She was repulsed by its indecency. Evil was festering out of it, like a deep wound gone bad! Ooze from open sores,

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she spoke the words:
"No man is My Master!"
"No man is My God!"
"Evil You have no power over me!"
"I will never follow Evil Blindly!
Free Choice and Free Will are mine to choose,
and I choose LIFE." With that she sent out her Love and Protection. Like a tempest gone wild! Strong, sudden, and fierce ‑ she blew away the malignant force that had been seeking her.

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So Repulsed by The All Seeing Eye, for she knew it wanted her dead ! She repeated the mantra of fear for comfort, she knew this was only the beginning, the Eye had found her! She Knew!
Fear is not My friend
Fear will stop or slow your actions!
the bodies response!
Fight or flight!
Action has been called for!
the Body knows!
It sends adrenaline!
thru your system for you!
to sharpen your wits!
and ready the Body for defence!

Fear, Doubt, and Loneliness are Evils Devices
to Enslave Humans so they cam mo longer
fight Evil and win!

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Tobar had added his own power to hers, not knowing what she felt, just feeling the Love and will to protect. He could do nothing less
He was thoughtful for a time, pondering what had just happened He had felt nothing, saw nothing, just the restless feeling that the wind had changed.
Had Élan been aware of his aid? He thought not.
He had been studying her, aware he could not read her. And what is odder still, is that he could NEVER read her, never knowing what she was thinking or, he smiled to himself, or what she would do next!

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He watched her return to the cottage ,the animals come to life Squire’s mount knew her lad was in trouble The Family unsafe, With Brains and Courage to lead she did! She called for THE BLACK WATCH

Tobar sniffed the air an Unnatural Foulness Lingered as He watched the weather bain spin like a top An ill wind blew, in no ones favour The hint of Dark Power hung in the air, why was Evil After Squires family?

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Tobar stood in amazement He looked to the Heavens He wondered about this quiet family with such Power!
A Gathering had been called forth from his own people The Dragon Clan! Evil has entered the Lands of Aradan,
And there on Squire’s Marker, the Ancient Human Symbol to call a Gathering!
But it seemed to Tobar that Evil did not want the Ancient Human Symbol on the Marker to stand before them. So it was pulled in, under the fallen mountain, as Squire had been
The Call for a Gathering had been foiled!
Weather the lad knew what he was doing, Evil did! Tobar stood in amazement that Squire had lived! Tobar gave a wicked laugh He would have to find out about this unusual family

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He looked over Sanctuary, The Black Watch had began
looking about ,he felt all was safe for now he went into
tiny cottage and Disappeared

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