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Part 3 of Dragon Lore chronicles

A Water Horse sat upon the water, enchanted by her, until it saw the Death Dog. The Kelpie dove quickly beneath the water and disappeared

Elan sang again, the haunting melody coaxing it back! A pair of Black eyes broke the pool of dead still water

The Death Dog stood forward, free of the Nights concealing presence. The Cat came out and stood by his side. They looked down at the

Elan sang the Water Horse up above the water, once again enchanted by her song. They waited to see what would happen. The Kelpie’s eyes never left the Death Dog.
I need a ride to the castle Elan asked in a voice that haunted the Dog.

the Dog and I will travel by wind The cat announced
we will meet you on the Banks

She mounted the Kelpie, and held her breath as the Kelpie picked up speed under water. She came up quickly for air, and again she speed under the water. Elan was in awe

She wondered at this path that ran so quickly opposing the crush of the oncoming waters. But she heard the Kelpie speak to her, it is the Slipstream. It is just like those used in the Ancient World to travel to worlds without bother.

She smiled at the image, Slip-Streams where like the camomile that grew on the Paths made by mens feet if they all start walking the same way! Then a Path becomes a Way.

Thank you, for the lift Could you
wait for me? I am going to fetch a ..Sick Friend!

I can guess why you are here The Kelpie told her
and we are all glad to help you,
but first let me dry your cloths and hair
or you will leave a trail of dripping water
even if you are not seen!
The Kelpie blew warm air through her bellowing lungs and she was drying her very quickly, but still Elan had her eyes and ears peeked for signs of the Dog! She knew the Kelpie was too!

He is different now She told her as they were up the banks drying off Elan’s Hair that tumbled wet down her back

No, he is still the same the Kelplie replied

But the Dog did not have slipstreams to follow. He had to run. There was no time to waste, she knew. He could be like a shadow on the wind and follow at unreal speed.

Buts she had better not wait for him, she knew! But she did not like the Kelpie’s idea. She implied that the Death Dog would be waiting for her inside ready to give her up!
She pushed it from her mind as she felt her hair only damp now, and that would work. She pulled a small case from her pockets. She opened it carefully. What beautiful workmanship. Polished steel blades with the geometric designs

She pulled her hair back and up into a ponytail, then swirled it into a bun. Then she held the swirled roll in place with her throwing darts. It looked like an elaborate fashion.

Then she opened another small case and put on the most unusual brass ring as she slipped the band over her knuckles. She was not interested in killing, she never was, but safety was the first rule of recovery, she remembered!

She hated this part. It made her feel as though she were dressing for WAR! She knew she was! No one could stop her from freeing her friend
I won’t be long
(if I can help it),

Good Hunting Said the Kelpie
My Lady! And with that Elan was gone. The Elves Cape passed from sight, as the trees were all that was left with the Kelpie who was a thinking Creature, and had thoughts of her own!
Elan ran on a deer path she knew to be there. She was picking up speed when she felt more. Then saw that the trees had changed. They were the same trees, but she felt a cold malice in them she had never felt before!
Her mind wandered to the Kelpie, noo hee isss the sameeee! She had said she was confident in that. Stop it do not doubt your own judgment now! That is Evil at work! The Cat was with him.
You where raised to fight
that curse, cast over Humans!
Fear Doubt and Loneliness
are not a Human’s friends.
They stop you from thinking
and doing what must be Done!
But still she knew she was surrounded by Evil, and that the Castle of Knelsolawn were no longer safe! Evil had come to the Lands of Aledon, It broke her heart, but Stiffened her Defiance

She felt a spectre like her shadow follow her. When she saw a smile, she knew it was the Dog!

She slowed, and they meet. She pulled her cowl up over her head, and wrapped the cloak tightly around her body, she took on the stature of a man. She looked and walked like a male Elve! A Death Dog Marshal
I will walk in as a Marshal
with you at my side,
just keep a lookout,
until we get in!

She walked like the Death Dog’s Marshal by its side! The Dog was impressed with the changes she had made, she no longer even smelled like her!
Myreal slipped behind her mum who was bringing up the last of the people baking to enter the Great Hall buzzing with excitement up in the Front there were people crowding to see a heated dispute going on. She quietly took a seat in the back out of sight, not her usual up front.

Tobar banged his mighty staff on the ground! The Alabaster Hall Rumbled. They all sat! All But Cayman, who was yelling to be heard above the din that had suddenly quit and disappeared, leaving him Yelling in the Silence like a Fool ALONE!

[ Cayman Was still protesting at the top of his lungs
You took the Ancient Tome when the staff hit the ground
before its Hour!!!
Tobar’s eyes searched for Myreal and though he was talking to Cayman everyone knew he was talking to Myreal
So you have said!

Tobar stood, head of the Dragon Clan his Indigo , midnight Blue to Purple Robes swirling. He looked like the Heavens! Stars Shining out! His Eyebrow up, He Politely ordered her to the Silver Podium
Myreal Please Join US!
She stood to her tallest Height, and took a good deep breath. She gathered her wits! She was ready! She was radiant, collected, and determined! With every eye on her,,, she knew!

She steadied herself and stepped out from her row like a bride. Everyone caught by her Radiant Beauty, her undeniable charm, as she sparkled in a teal and Aqua Gown that glittered, like watching moving water!

She walked up Front of the Hall. Cayman stood with his jaw hanging open, his eyes locked on his childhood friend, who no longer looked like a child! He no longer felt like a child. Caught up in the rare beauty she was!

She reached the Silver Podium and looked up. Tobar extended a hand in friendship, He raised her up to stand beside him

Elan set out, anticipating the Death Dog was right
I hope you are right,
and they saw you!
To think a Death Dog
can roam the castle
But if she was found She would demand a court hear her, and put on a show that Evil could not control or contend with! As an Irate Mum which she was, but if she is caught she had several venue left to her!

They passed the watch at the first gate. With every step she breathed a prayer! They walked past the century as the night skies darkened. The Guards had saluted the Dark Elvish Marshal with his Death Dog by its side. It made her feel ill!

She walked like a Death Marshal. she knew their ways! The Death Dog wondered where she had learned them! But he felt more than seen, what she had noticed.

She felt even the Trees of the March were watching them, with a menacing feel. Evil was spreading fast!
The Death Dog was sizing up the trees of the March, and wondered which was their leader? For the Dog had made it clear he was going to mark it with his urine . He was a Death Dog and knew how to behave.

But the hand signal snapped out before his eyes, and the Dog jumped back out of years of practice. For the Marshal had given the Marshal’s Signal,!

The Signal only a Marshal would know. The Dog was beginning to wonder, but held his questions for later and ignored the Trees of the March as ordered, and stepped back in stride with his Marshal, once again Just before the act was committed!

As the March Ended they closed in on the promenade to the Royal Doors of the Castle. She traversed more quickly, as though she was rushing, building up her steam to bully her way unannounced through to the Great Doors of the Castle.
She could feel every inch of the walk as she approached. The Death Dog began his smiling then looked them in the eyes, and a few small drops of saliva dripped from her terrifying muzzle!
let them pass
She could not believe the ease with which she entered the Castle! But she knew she was not yet below the Dungeons to the oubliette, a place to put those to be forgotten! A Vile, Dark Power at work all around her. She matched and pitched her mode to suit the Death Marshal she had become.

She snapped a signal to the Death Dog and headed to the Main Hall, then took a short turn. It was filled with Elves who looked like the were hiding! The Death Dog snapped and snarled. They backed up!

They had made it through the castle doors and she was heading past the Main Hall. She needed to be on the far side, so she could make it down the Long Hall! She knew they could be safe from there!

Where are When she heard the call. The Marshal slowed, but had
you going? not yet turned to answer

A haughty sounding Elve was making it his business to see what they were about, showing off his importance!

She wondered at this danger, then she heard a Royal call. He jumped and waddled off!

Quickly she headed for the far end of the long hall and slipped into a secret doorway that was hidden in the niche

Inside the secret ways, she heard a snotty voice yelling.
Where are you?! She and the dog stood stock still. His voice Revealed that he was angry but would be giving up. She waited.

When she heard a young serving Elve, female she thought, offer the Toad a drink from her tray before she returned to the Galley.

And with a hefty swallow she heard her voice sooth him, as they floated off forgetting what he had seen, the voices trailed off down the Long Hall

Had the Elve seen them also? But why then let me go, she wondered, while she searched the walls for a tile of a Dragon that would tell her where to go. In the hidden hallway she stood with the Death Dog and the Cat!

She found the tile she was looking for when she leaned to listen! The Symbol of the Dragon, showing her the way. The Dragon was pointing its muzzle to the North, but the eyes of the Dragon where looking behind it to where it had been!

She headed south down the secret passageway. They were quiet as they went. hearing every whisper the Castle and its mignons made. The Castle was built to funnel sound into the Hidden Ways, so people could listen and hear the truth behind the smiles people in power gave you.

She travelled fast with the dog, as they travelled the length of the Castle. But Just before they came to an End, there was nothing! No sign to show her the Way! As she walked closer to the wall to look for a subtle clue, she saw behind the wall that appeared solid, there was a gap in the wall big enough to slide through!

The Dog quickly followed as she stepped from sight, behind the hidden wall, to a tight short passage that came open to a large spectacular spiralling staircase that descended into an inky darkness they made her skin crawl!

The Shadow, that was the Dog, went ahead of her, then the Cat on the Staircase that wound straight down into the bowels of Hell! If there was trouble waiting at the other end, he would meet first in battle, before it could strike her down!

Down, Down, Down they went below the floors of the Dungeons all around them and still deeper and darker the staircase wound, down into the Pits of Despair! Down they went!
Their eyes were startled by the presence of pale light. Someone had left a door open ajar! They stood stock still, listening for the sounds of someone there!

They could just make out the door from its shadow! The Death Dog knew what to do! He walked down the rest of the staircase like he owned it, looking for who could be there. But no one was!

But someone had brought them a Key of sorts. She picked up the tool she knew so well. Someone had left her a tool to take the door off its hinges! She thought of the Elve who served the toad strong drink to take his attention from them! She felt she was right, and knew she needed to hurry!

She got to work! The Dog made the rounds. His eyes missed nothing, amazed at what daring and knowledge she had of the Castle. She knew how to get to the Anti-chamber, even he could not have found it!

The Cat spoke to the Queen inside, waiting for Elan!
We are here Elan explained
hold on, I am going
to take the door off its hinges!

Elan worked the hinges with the small tool she had. She was quick as she could be, but she was having trouble with one hinge.

There was a small pop, as it gave. She smiled and pulled the hinge side open! She went in quickly to unlock the lead manacles around the Queen’s arms and legs! The Lead was making her toxic, she was weak and so slight. She was like a waif!

She rubbed the hands and arms of the Queen trying to bring the colour to them, back to life. How long had she been here? She was so close to death! She had made a quick decision, one she had told herself she would never do, if she did not have to! And she did! She wrapped the queen tightly and fastened the plate over the Queen to protect her.
Finsean had been talking to him but Squire had not hear a word. Finsean watched Squire intently. He saw patterns forming in his brain. He saw Squire’s mind ticking along! He became still,

It was the tune of a Rookery song, one the Roc had sung to him when he was freshly hatched. He started to sing along .

He sang along, adding new words. Ones Squire had forgotten. Working out exactly what each bit meant. It was the Riddle Song\

They had remembered all of it,
Every important detail

The Riddle Song – The Key to passing the Labyrinth of Fire and Ice Safely!
Anticipation raced through them.

Finsean was in high spirits, in a mood to tease The Roc
Can you hear that OLD BIRD?
I can hear him laughing at us.
His eyes are boring into my back.

Squire was laughing at himself. How foolish he had been. His Grandfather could not be there. Until now, he had not observed how similar they were.

Going over the Riddle Song until they felt they were ready for the Labyrinth – The Trial of Fire and Ice!

Together they started to sing The Riddle Song, doing what was needed To stay alive !
When Elan plunged her hand in another pocket, she brought a Healing Draft and gave the Queen 3 drops on her tongue to bring back circulation and life! She was praying she was not too late .
We will take a different path,
Then pointed up for him to move out!
there is a long tunnel
to the banks of the River
not far from where the Kelpie is waiting

She moved a large solid block. It swung out like it had just been oiled! Once again someone had been helping them. She gave thanks in her thoughts as she moved to let the Dog through.

She slid the boulder back into place and looked down the long, long tunnel! Perfect for the Death Dog to run full out, she thought!

It was not tall enough for her to run down, for this was only a wind shaft for air! It was not truly an escape tunnel, but it would work. The Death Dog was just the right size! He could run like the Shadow of Wind without bumping the Queen on any rock!

Hurry She gave the Dog his orders. “Get the Queen to the Kelpie then back to Hart.” She would be too slow.
Run like the winds
in the shadows, she pleeded with her eye. The Cat went to aid him.

His answer to her was not heard, as he had disappeared down the long air shaft, running like he was the wind itself carrying precious life! !

She knew this air shaft had never been used, and it would be filled with rats, spiders, and things she did not want to know what they were – the tunnel was darker than dark – knowing it would be filthy.

She had no choice but pulled off all her clothes, leaving her throwing knives in her hair!

She bundled them best she could, tucking them all in the hood of her apron, then tied it to her back as she got on her hands and knees and made her way as quickly as she could.

for there was NO light now the block of dressed stone had been shut! As her mind remembered all the small dark places she used to crawl, looking for the dead and dying after a world shake, or Fire, or some other holocaust. She was just so thankful no one was killed in the Fall of the Great MT

She gave special thanks for Squire’s and Finsean’s lives!

As they crawled out of the Labyrinth
How many times do we have
to face Certain Death ‘, Today? singed around the edges. Feeling half Roasted, dripping with a greasy Gritty Dirty Sweat, out of breath and gasping, Finseanstill jested with Squire.

Squire just wanted to lay down and Die! Bruised, and injured, frozen to the bone, now roasting and sweating scum from his skin, he fell on the ground, trying to breathe.
3 If this is all my doing?

Grand Finsean tried to laugh
Then by my count
we have fulfilled your 3 tasks.
Squire and Finsean stood quietly together. They were dehydrated, trying not to cough or make choking noises. Trying not to move, as they crawled out of the Labyrinth of Fire and Ice. They were no longer only battered and Frozen, but had added Broiled and singed to the growing list! Burnt on the outside, still Frozen in the middle, looking at the Hungry Dragon, they felt like jelly

I thought you said We were done
Squire teased Finsean
with the Certain Death
Squire stumbled forward on weak and wobbly legs, drawn in by its dazzling allure, the swirling mists in the Silver Glass were mesmerising

He could hear The words. Such a sweet sound it made. “Come closer.” He came closer. He came to the Edge of the Portal.

But He felt so awful, his one leg went weak, his balance lost for a moment, As Finsean reached to help him with an almost steady wing!
When Squire’s one leg slipped, he seemed to fall into a current, being pulled toward the Portal.

Before they could say anything to each other, Squire slipped from sight as his knee gave out and he fell through the silver mist! Finsean following fast on his heels through The Portal

They were in a swirling gray, a moving mist, a cloud so thick you could feel it. They were travelling. They could feel the rush of the wind, but they were so still. Squire knew he was not really moving.

Squire could feel Finsean was with him, but he could not see him through the mists. He was amazed at the light feelings he felt, as though he weighed nothing. No longer did he feel he was too heavy for his knee to hold him!

Finsean had found himself powerful! No longer did he feel at death’s door

Squire felt extraordinary. He felt like he could do anything. He felt he owned the World. He Felt his Grandfather again in the mist. The Mist cleared before Squire, and he stepped through the Gateway. He could not believe his Eyes. He stood in The Crystal Cavern.

Finsean came barrelling out, ready for War. He stopped short, in front of Squire, who was entranced by the Beauty of the Crystal Cavern
Blimey mate
Did you ever Think
We could be in such a place [Finsean said

This must be the Crystal Cavern [ SQUIRE said]
As the Riddle song says
I thought it had been lost
along with all that disappeared in
the mists of Avalon
7 ]
The Death Dog hurtled down the long and narrow tunnel. That was truly a large air shaft! He used his speed to aid the Queen, but he wondered how Elan was going to catch up. But That did not matter now, he had the Queen and Given Elan his vow to see her quickly to Hart! So that is what he did!

Elan was just wishing, as she stumbled along at an erratic pace, when her hand would come down on an unseen objets, like bones, or wonting flesh! She would halt her pace and pray that they were safely on their way to Hart to start the Healing! Then she would start up again!
Fear is not my Friend she said,
it stops you from thinking or acting.
To be still even for an odd moment
was a moment too long,
she told herself to hurry and be rid,
of this awful place!
For she could make it out, but she felt ill as she remembered all those dead bodies. Sadness came to her mind. All those people they were too late to save!
Enough of that Morbidness!, she heard the Voice!
You know Better than That!
You and your people were Heros to those who lived!
Could you have seen those mothers,
see their little ones and those they loved,
trapped in stagnant waters,
dead and bloating searching for them in the dark?
You did a kindness, child, that will never be forgotten.
Remember them in your words and thoughts
when the Time is right and you will know!

Yes the Way is Dark and cold and lonely,
Humans have Chosen this Path!
But you are not alone. I am here!
And I see light!

She saw the light and wondered if they had left, or if the Death Dog was dead or injured. What was wrong with that Kelpie, she wondered?

But she was sure the Kelpie would take the Queen to Hart, for she could trust her to do her job, when asked.

But again the vendetta with the Death Dog had her worried! But thought she would not betray her. She would take the Queen to Hart!

She hit her head on the top of the shaft, bringing her head up for a better look! But it also brought her mind back to what she was doing. She prayed they were already gone down the river to home. She was so excited to see light up ahead! She never thought of where it came from!

But as she got closer, she realized it was Night outside when she had started this venture, and was sure it was still night! Why could she see a Light?

Naked, on hands and knees, crawling with her clothing tied carefully to her so as not to get them dirty or damaged, she began to wonder who was out their with a Light? A Man!? For the shaft had been so dark – the absence of Light! She had forgotten she was naked.

Her hands went to her throwing knives she held in her hair for such times as these.

But as her fingers touched her hair, her skin crawled, her stomach turned over! Her hair was filled with spiders webs. She could feel them now. She prayed there were no spiders!

She backed up into the darkness to conceal herself her bare skin, only covered by her cloths tied up tightly abut her for their safety, she, knew the air shaft would be vile!

But now here she was moving backward, pulling herself away from the light that awaited her at the other end.

Someone is waiting with a light! She was naked! Are they friend or Foe? She tried to guess. Was there more than one? She thought not, but she knew to be cautious, for she felt that making friends while she was naked was an odd time!

Crawling naked through the pitch black air shaft filled with things she did not like, her hair felt like a spiders webs, though she tried to not think about it.

She felt an odd thing up ahead and did not know if she should fear it or not!

She was so excited to see light up ahead! She never thought of where it came from! Why could she see a Light!? It was the Dead of Night!

7 She used the sight. It was a Harpy. Her head stuck down in the tunnel like an Ostrich! Her eyes gave off such light Elan was surprised to see it. When she slowed, out of her reach, she stopped and held her ground!
I have been waiting for you,
I thought you might need the Light The Harpy said

Thank you said Elan, with caution, not moving.

would you like a ride ? The Harpy inquired

No Thank You,
your talons would
rip me to ribbons She was still holding herself back in the Dark. She had no want to fight a Harpy! She had no idea if she could fight one. She had never heard of it! But she was naked, and she was angry, and she did not want to set the Harpy Off!
I had seen you
when your were but a wee bit
and now I see you grown!
But you are still the same\
My Ladyyyyyyyy!

If you would like
to come out and dress yourself
we can get you home quickly
to help your sick friend
The Harpy was laughing now and it sounded odd. Elan and started to dress in the Dark, tight Air Shaft. It was awkward, but she was not going to be seen in the Flesh by anyone, if she could help it! Especially a Harpy that called her “My Lady” in such a way!


Squire’s eyes were seeking as much as he could see. Both Lads fell under the spell of silence!

Finsean wondered if this was the Dream again. Was he unconscious, or sleeping? Was he dead?

So he did something different than the usual Dream! He started to walk about and look for all those things he had remembered from the Old Stories.

It was all here like he had Dreamed of
so many times before !

But Finsean knew he was not Dreaming!
He was in the Crystal Cavern,
The Birthplace of his People

They say the First Sentinel
was created here, Mate.
Merlyn used a Raven and a Dragon
and mixed their blood
to make us the Sentinels – War Birds.

Finsean was so amazed. He chatted on to Squire, who heard every word and believed his story was true. For he had loved the Stories of the Changelings, all the Stories of the Wizards.

He believed the story, and he remembered something. Rollo had told him this one, he told Finsean.

But it was a bit different.
There was a changeling Squire
who looked like a Raven
when she was in the mood,
and a Dragon had fallen in love with her,
but they were not allowed to marry
outside their own kind,
even though they were in love.
Merlyn used both their magic,
and turned them both into large war birds.

The first of their kind,
and the start of a new people.

I have never heard it spoken in that way,
but that is what our story tells also!
Merlyn believed in diversity of life
as his Sacred Charge.
And he knew what they were Up against –
the Dark they all knew was coming!
He was ready to shield the light
and save what knowledge they could.

Squire knew their journey was not over!
The Crystal Cavern was the
Home of the Legend of Heros
and Stronghold behind the Wall!

9 ] É
With her clothing twisted all about her, she did not feel like a Lady! Her gowns crossed under her legs like a diaper, all tucked up tight so she could crawl her way out of the opening.

She felt like someone who could be ambushed, and she felt like someone who did not want to make a mistake!

She did not want to fight when she did not have too, but she was ready for action, the moment she had seen it. She was ready to throw her darts if the Harpy turned on her!

She felt no malice and she felt no anger, just curiosity! So she crawled out to meet the Harpy, dressed best as she could manage.

How she wished this could be a different time, when she was not abducting the Queen of the High Elves from the Oubliette!

She had always wanted to meet a Harpy . She had longed to touch their Wings! She did not know why it was, but it had always been that way. She had always been curious about them!

As she stepped out into the night, the light from the Harpy’s eyes lighting the way.

É She stood on the lip of the opening. Not even a goat path up the steep wet banks, slippery from none use of the Whitewater River!

Loose soil on the banks beneath her feet fell away, as Élan began to tumble forward. The Harpy’s wings came out and caught her, like and Angel’s, as she steadied herself.

Élan had quickly gotten to the solid ground above her, then started to straighten out the mess she must of looked,!

She slide behind a Tree to stripe and redress, always ready to grab a dart, or the skindue in her sock, or her knuckle ring, or the short sword she had tucked down in her back strap.

She was a walking arsenal. She noticed she had her trusty Cross bolt strapped to her forearm, but this was a Harpy! And no matter how badly she wanted to touch those wings, Evil was about! First rule of recovery: Fear is not your Friend, but do not be stupid! Never start a fight you cannot WIN!
And do not let your Guard Down – EVER – it could cost your friends their lives!
We have met before, you and I,
but you were too tiny to remember!
I wanted to see you again,
to see for myself that you had not changed!
Older ,yes, but still the Same!
a Daughter of Life!
She hid behind a Tree. Her gowns she pulled off quickly, and redressed. She was such a bundle, she felt like a fool, but to be half dressed before setting out across the lands to home would call for everyone to look, and she wanted not to be seen by anyone!

When she looked out from behind the tree and saw such a sight. The Harpy was confabulating (i.e. a fantastic style of communication) with a Unicorn! It filled her with awe, a vision. She held her breath, as not to intrude.
But they had seen her!

They were done with their confabulations. They both turned their gaze to the eyes peering at them through the trees

Come closer child,
so we can have a better look
The Unicorn will take you Home!

Élan felt odd being in their Grace, as her head came out from behind the tree, but still her feet did not follow!

She felt she was becoming younger in their presence, she felt like a child. As she made her feet do as they were told, she focussed on them.
One foot
in front of the other
look down,
do not look HER!
in the Eye!
Do not challenge her She told herself

She was not sure what spell she was under for she knew she was becoming younger with every step, until she felt she no more the Two! She was shy in their Grace! She felt like a wee lass! So the Harpy volunteered and spoke first
You wonder why I am here
and do I plan you any harm?!
Or ? is your wish
to touch my Wing?
what comes to your mind!?
She knew almost nothing at all about life she had suddenly realized in a revaluation of Love, How little she knew, about anything! It was amazing to her, the Passion these two felt! All Life is Precious, but until Now she had No Idea,! A Harpy and Unicorn!

The Unicorn, brought her head down over her shoulder and blew sweet nothings filled with love into her ears and cheeks.. The sweet breeze on a summers day, she felt safe and wanted and loved. As she heard the Harpy speak!

My attention was brought here by the Kelpie
This is not her waters, she was welcome yes,
but to wait, on the banks here was unusual
and as Unusual is the normal thing that now happens first
I thought I would have a Look!

Then I saw such a sight, I had
never thought I would see! A Death Dog came
out the tunnel and on the Kelpie back
before she knew he was there!

But things became interesting,
rather a Fight to the Death
The Death Dog told her to go,
he had the Queen strapped to his back
and she was fading fast!

As I watched this
I saw the Queen of the High Elves,
and she did not look like she would last!

This was the Queen, no one had looked for
put in the Oubliette! To be forgotten
now that her Heir had arrived!

so I stayed and waited for you,
I knew you would be coming
I felt your upset at finding my last Dinner
but if you would have told me you were coming
My Ladyyyyyy,

I would have cleaned the way for you!
And given you light, but you had not asked, so I waited!

Because I wanted to see you again, just as I had promised you
that next time we meet I would let you touch my Wing!

She Did!
Sit up here on the Unicorn the Harpy said
you look tired

The Unicorn went down on one knee, and bent her neck for Elan to mount she felt like a child sitting on the softest cloud!

Sitting on the Unicorn her vison sharpened and she began to remember!

She was here on the other side of the causeway, but she had just been here playing, as her father met with a maiden in private.

Which meant under cover of the Trees and the Forrest, to become invisible , if found

She had become frightened of the maiden and run for the cover of the trees to hide herself. When she found herself under the legs. of the softest and kindest Mare
you had impressed me
with your ways for being so young.
Not much more then a wee barren
Yet you found yourself safely
between the Unicorns two front legs
looking out from underneath her
like one of her foals,
a frightened youth

you had not seen
that the two of us had been talking
when you found yourself safe
She Remember!

She saw the Elven maiden scribble in the margin, Squire One of the Beloved the Queen of the High Elves
the Queen blames herself!

10 ]
Tobar spoke with a kind voice, this was the first Gathering Myreal had ever seen, he wanted her to know she did not have to declare tonight, or even for decides if or when she would invoke her rites.

You do know that you have to decide yet,
you do not need to start your Journey,
at this Gathering?!

Yes I do know! She could not bear to look at Cayman now, she told him nothing of her plan and here he was still there by her side she tried to look at Tobar, she could get threw this, she knew!

Can you tell us why you wish to invoke
at this Gathering?!

No! Tobar looked down at Cayman, his pride grew for this powerful Lad, who stood so embarrassed before the Gathering, his eyes downcast because of Myreal
But still he stood!
Cayman could not see Tobar Implore him to speak
Can you shed some light on the subject?!

Refusing to look at Myreal Cayman glanced up at Tobar to read the eyes he felt boring into him
She is being drawn on a Journey,
of her own, or someone Elsies, I can not tell!

But I feel the Tension building, I smell the Danger,
that hangs about the air we breath
I can not let her face it Alone!
Tobar’s one eyebrow sat on his head like a Hat!

So she told no one of her intent!?
Cayman ears burned, his face stung.

She told no one, not even me
What she was about to do!
Everyone knew Cayman loved Myreal, more then just childhood friends. But Cayman had not yet seen this, until now!

Everyone talking, everyone with something to say. The Great Hall filled with Dragons speaking, and talking among themselves Tobar watched and listened and learned.
So that is why your name
does not come before hers
in the Ancient Tome?!
Tobar watched with curiosity, as two of the most powerful young Dragons he had ever known stood forward demanding they invoke, demanding their Ancient Rites, at this Gathering that had come

Great Hall filled with The Dragons speaking All ready to do their part
I will take these Brave Young Clansmen,
on their Journey to Truth,
for the Prophecy is at hand,
the Time we call of the Choosing
Known the Ancient Humans As The Reckoning
Hart had been getting ready, he knew the Queen of the High Elves would be in bad health, he wanted the Surgery ready ,, for when she arrives.

He had a Kettle over the fire, and a Caldron on the Boil, he was looking out the Surgery private entrance, he threw it wide, in case they came in a hurry, no need to wait to open a door!

He had the feeling he should go to the old gnarly Apple tree that hangs over the savage rushing waters! He felt he should hurry he could feel he was right

The surgery, was washed top to bottom, then he filled all the cabinets in the warmer with clean linen, and woolen blankets to get warm. He was getting ready for the worst. He went and got the backboard and took it to the banks of the savage and ruthless water,

he leashed tight the flat board to the rope so he could retrieve the Queen, when he felt a wind pick him up and it threw him, away from the river and the banks, as he tumbled back towards the private entrance he had left open

A Kelpei travelling at tremendous speed blew a massive wind to push Hart away from the edge of the water,

the Kelpi jumped up on the banks, with the Death dog, holding on for dear life,

And there strapped to the Death Dogs back under his chest plate worn backwards was the Queen of the High Elves who looked as though she no longer lived..

the kelpei was sliding all the way up to the Cottage. As close as she could get to the entry, Hart was close behind her catching up, Hear was running like the wind across the yard, on the Death Dogs tail!

A t the Cottage, the Kelpei could feel the Death Dog leap off Dashing threw the entrance to the warm fireplace

Hart unbound her from the Death Dog plating!
Touching and feeling for life , as Hart freed her from her bindings ,

Her cloths were filthy, she had been shackled in them! The signs were all there! Evil had been dealt the Queen but she Would Live!

Hart pulling the bindings away from her, and carrying her quickly to a warm soft bath, to clean and examine her many wounds.

he had draped a linen sheet over her
To peel her filthy cloths away
Even unconscious she was a Queen
with her dignity,

and he was a Healer, he knew how to bring back the soul to remember life! He got to work

The warm water to bring back her warmth
and circulation he tossed wet, filthy cloths in a bucket on the floor,

The Queen was washed, he dressed her wounds, she was cleaned, along with her skin and Hair ,when he lifted her like a tiny sleeping child, on the cot next to the bath.

Hart had placed the sheep skin fleece on the cot
for He had known she would be beaten and stricken

, he wrapped her in warm blankets from the Hearth! Set with warm rocks
He had given her an Elixir He felt for a pulse!

The Queen was alive ! But just!
As Hart watched her for signs of awakening
He closed his eyes, and with his hands above her felt for her spirit

The Queen was gravely wounded he knew,
but it was her Spirit, he could not reach,
he worried, had her sole been harmed!?
He felt she no longer had the fight left to Live!

Saddened His eye were drawn to her wet cloths
from the bucket on the floor. An inside garment fell oddly A lump in the fabric of her inner under garment

he picked up the inside garment
he felt an odd area over the small of her back
there was something stitched in between the fabric of the Queens personal under garment!
He looked at it as he held it up! It was the water that showed something between the layers like a stiffening but different!

He took a sharp instrument and tried to pick free the stiches, but there was an enchantment on it! This made it very interesting! As his ears perked up!

Élan had seen it all threw the help of the Unicorn, the Queen of the High Elves had written Squires name in the margin, and for that she had lost face, with Elan and Hart, she had put their son in harms way! Even thou the Queen had written it when she looked a wee lassie of 2. She was not sure the Squire she could see in her eyes would come to Eden..

The Heir, had stolen her parchment! But Elan understood more then before ,she had lost face, and could not look them in the eye! Elan was so pleased to have been showed this, with this knowledge she could help bring her back. She turned to the Harpy and spoke!
Thank you,
you have helped me
more then you could know, she smiled!
But we had better be off
if I am going to be any help!
The harpy laughed at her!
You are home!
And I will clean the air shaft
in case you will need it! And held her wing for the Human to touch!
To seal their bond of faith! For this Harpy would never talk orders from a Fury, no matter what colour it was

She slipped threw the open door, and was at the Queens side, where Hart was placing new hot stones at her feet!

Hart was so excited to see her, he needed her help! The Queen was slipping fast, he could heal all her savage blows and hateful injures, but he could not reach her spirit! Her pulse was such a thin thread, most would call her dead, but not Hart! He called for help!

Élan was still in the awe of those who had just left her ready to save the Queen filled with Love they had given her! She got to work!

She placed both hands about the glossy black hair that surrounded the golden brown skin of a High Elve. Caught by her stunning beauty she kissed her forehead as thou she kissed a sick child. To let her know she was there!
Circles within Circles within Circles
Life within Life within Life
my true name is Elan Vital
the Vital Life Force
and I invoke in YOU
the Will TO LIVE!

I know about the Parchment,
I hold you in no fault!
You took from me a burden, I can not Hold!
I am Elan Vital, and I am the Daughter of Life!

And I can not take the Rose Crown, and the Throne
with the Sword of the Covenant,
Ex-calabur strapped to my side
for I can not invoke Life at the point of a Sword!

We love you and need you more then ever before
the Heir is Evil!
Hart had a silver tool listening at her chest a mirror under her nose, When he saw a fine Mist, then a real Breath! Her Heart took up a rhythm She had come back to them

Hart checked and rechecked her pulse and vitals that told him so much! She was going to get better!

When he knew she was safe and out of danger he showed Élan what he had found. But not wanting to wake the Queen, they took it ti the study.

There she sat in the high back chair, the dog guarding the Door! Hart pulled the big kettle from the fire and made a large pot of Tea, then he lifted down a large bowl, the dog was on his feet as Elan played with the layers of fabric, it was an on place to put a stiffener, in her undergarment, but if it was a Vellum she wanted no one to see, her undergarment would work well!

A single candle shines alone in the dark
With the help of many small mirrors.
A single Flame becomes A Mighty Lighthouse
A single candle can save the lives of those in need

the Lighthouse
showed the way.
Squire yelled at his best mate, that shot a beam of light from somewhere

Finsean was reading the incaution out loud on a silver basin he had spied As he moved about holding the silver basin, and talking, a bit of light bounced off the basin’ then quickly shine on to mirrors ! It had caught Finsean and Squires attention

Squire encouraged Finsean!
try it again but slower
A Flash of light so bright
it was blinding and Finsean had to shield his eyes when he opened them to watch a beam of light direct them from place to place as it bounced all about the cavern. The mirrors in the Crystal Cavern came to life, and they could see many things that had not been there before

Squire followed the light from place to place as it bounced along Where it came to rest near a tiny pin hole in the solid rear wall!

The Pin hole was in the centre of a Geometric Design, the sign of Sacred Geometry.
We need a Key!
They both yelled at once, laughing at the other,
Squire looked about he felt enraptured, with what he saw, wondering how to find the key,
for the Crystal Cavern was the entrance to the Library of Stronghold behind the wall! And he was hoping they could find it! They had come so far!

Squire asked Finsean! to stand again with the silver basin ,to make it shin the light once again. But this time he took out his skindu from his sock in his boot, and caught the light on its very shiny blade and angled the beam of light into the tiny hole. It worked!

He could hear things moving and he waited, the centre of the wall
Rolled back to reveal Nothing!

Had it rolled back enough to show its secret Squire reached out to touch to push the wall back further when his hands disappeared

Wait for ME!
He pulled them back, they were fine, when he heard Finsean! yell
Together they stepped in to a space that was not there, with the use of mirrors,
And when they stepped threw they blinked and blinked, standing in Stronghold behind the Wall! They ran to look and see, and from the spy holes in the trees above them fitted with mirrors in ever direction. They could see forever. Then they ran from Chamber to Chamber looking at the most beautiful castle
They had ever dreamed up. Completely underground!

When they skidded into the Throne chamber. Where there was the Stone Table. Black Onyx, comply round, sliced into 12 pieces like a pie, with delicate groves in the stone. And 12 Chairs that looked like thrones. One form each area of land they keep Free! From Evil!

The Mystical Castle the World had searched for
Was the Magical Kingdom of Stronghold behind the Wall. Where Arthur ruled a Kingdom that all felt had Honour,.. Who’s service taught the way, it was spread threw the People. The Love of Life, with the 3 Gifts, would Free the World from the Evil of the White Fury

Does this mean that Camelot
was the Magical world of Stronghold
where the Pic’s ran court for over 4 hundred years
then one day they all Disappeared!
With out a Trace. The King of the Pic’s
was Arthur?
Finsean wanted to know? Squire just looked dumb found!
Just like those of
the Ancient Temple Mate!
Now you see it
now you don’t It was warm and inviting, and exotic. And the magic was still thick enough to taste it. The lads just looked at each other. Where they the first to find this!

Finsean looked out to the eternal symbol, and its unseen map. It was the Builders Symbol, the Protractor, as the Blade, the right angle on its tilt, as the chalice together like the Ancients Symbol of Life, but hidden in Symbols, of their own, The Builders Symbols for Educated Life, Enlightened Humanity! Stood over a door

They marvelled as they spoke at the detail of the Hewn rock in the Round Chamber.

It had Archways, Doorways, Gateways, Portals, Thresholds of every kind ! Each with a Unique Design, Each told a different story

They stood in a massive circular structure, with its amazing doom roof . Hewn from the Living Rock. The craftsmanship was like nothing he had ever seen before! Except in Rollo’s Tome.

He had seen these same walls a system of Geometric Designs that represented ideas! Marked the walls, as thou they were directions, for in the circular chamber. in Rollo’s Tome!
This was the Legend of Heros!

But as they looked they began to notice something odd, if this was the Library!
Where was anyone!? Where was
the Brotherhood of Builders?
It look’s as thou not even
they had been here! Finsean said
They walked about as thou they were in a crypt! Carefully walking as to not disturb the dead, the place felt too still! How long had it been since anyone Had come, yet there was no dust to speak of?. The Library had been empty so long the Halls had a forgotten look to them. A saddens he could feel!

It looked to Squire as thou he and his mate were the first to find the most amazing thing he had ever seen!

The Lost Legend of Heros!
Squire wondered what had happened here.?!
the Deep Magic he could feel here was Puzzling so complex so arcane! It had the mysterious and hidden Quality he found so profound so enigmatic!
There was a Heavy feel of Old Magic, Squire could almost taste as thou this place had been Sacred long before The Library

The old Spells, must have been very powerful for the Library showed a glimpse of the Greatness it was once was! But still the Lads were taken with its ancient Magnificent!

But strangely Squire felt a wave of relief as thou the Library itself had waited for them to come!!
Did He feel the Old Deep Magic Reawakening!?

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